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[[Private; hackable to friends and partially to Ministry folks]]

What could have done that to Jade? The Forest must be far more dangerous than I knew.... there was no sign of such dangerous creatures last week, though we didn't go far in. But if something could harm him that badly, then Shinji and I.... was a terrible risk to take. And I didn't even know it.

This is too similar to my seventh year. Even with all my training, there is no way to protect everybody... there would be no way, except to turn this school into an armed camp. And that.... that is no solution either.


FAKIR! Raimei! Out of the Hospital Wing yet? If so, it's time to show what you've studied while you were temporarily incapacitated! And everyone else: EXCELLENT work on the Auror Training practical! If you have any questions about the work, don't hesitate to ask!

*will be off to visit the Hospital Wing right after class*

[[School eats me for three days and the comm goes wild? XDDD OH YOU PEOPLE. BRB tomorrow night to answer tags. *ded*]]
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All this reminds me of when.... no, it couldn't be. The Hokage should have it safely hidden away. Besides, last time it only affected Lee and I..... that is, I think....



WELCOME to all our guests this week!!! It is tremendously exciting to have so many interested people here to observe our fantastic school! And if any student is harmed because of this, you'll have to answer to me.

Speaking of observing, I am thrilled at the work all of my former students have been doing since Noin took over the class. I've seen you out as I patrolled the grounds, and you've all been doing splendidly!!~

However, abandoning full-time teaching has left me with a gaping hole in my daily activities, and we all know what that means. Desultory inaction is not for the glorious, proud Green Beast of Hogwarts. As of today, I am now the Teacher's Assistant for the Pre-Auror Training class!!! Between myself and Professor Albarn, we'll make sure that all of you are fully prepared for the challenges to come!

[[Strike barely hackable (attitude more so). Whee!]]
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..This has gone on for long enough. It was a tempting job when I took it, but what's happened has made everything clear.

Filtered to Noin )
Filtered to Hufflepuff House, except Minato )

*may be seen, after hours, patrolling the grounds as he did last year, and heaven help the wrongdoer who falls into his hands*

[[Strike not hackable. This should have been up, and is thus backdated to, Wednesday, but Stuff Came Up. *bricks RL*]]

Voice post

Feb. 23rd, 2009 08:00 pm
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*ON THE SCENE* ..Who did this to Minato?

*examining him to see if it's safe to move him, eyes tracing the cuts -- this isn't any old accident, it's malicious and deliberate slow torture to a helpless student and heads are going to ROLL*

[[Gai's the first teacher responder back in that post, it seems, so I volunteer him to bring Minato to the Hospital Wing. Minato-mun, Ritsuka-mun, if that isn't okay, I'll edit/delete!
Oh yeah, and this is also backdated to last night.]]
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Make the most of this important chance to learn life skills that will be valuable to you even if you don't become a parent! You never know when you'll be glad not to be completely clueless about what to do when a weeping infant is placed in your arms. It may mean the difference between LIFE AND DEATH!!!

And to the students who took part in the flying test the other day -- you'll never know how proud I am of your courage and skill!! You have improved in leaps and bounds, but it is important not to become complacent. Flying is an art that will always serve you well, so keep up the excellent work!

Filtered to Noin )
Filtered to Fakir )

[[If Noin is unlucky, she'll have her journal on audio when she gets Gai's message. He means well; he's just HAPPY. XD]]
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STUDENTS!! Tomorrow, be prepared for a practical test of your abilities, from regulating speed to braking and sharp turns. And for extra credit, the quickest three people in each class who can properly strip down a broomstick and retie the bristles will get full marks! It's important to keep your equipment in perfect condition in weather like this -- the better it is, the less likely you'll stall in midair. See you all BRIGHT and EARLY, and if you have an questions don't hesitate to ask!!


*feels a parchment rustling in the pocket of his robes -- yet another missive from the Ministry's temperamental Auror program* To think, by this time next week I might be doing something entirely different... it just goes to show how important it is to live every moment to its fullest!!


*tucks his journal under his robes and strides out, grinning at all and sundry, for his daily invigorating run up and down the staircases*

[[Fancy house points? *SHINY GRIN~* Comment here to say how your character will do on the practical! Points will go from five (not so good) to twenty (very awesome). And don't worry, Gai's not going anywhere!]]
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*standing on a bench in the Great Hall* FEAR NOT, MY PRECIOUS COMRADES!! You will surely all turn back into your normal selves in due time!

[[That's right. As per this weekend's event, Gai has become a veela. ALL SHALL LOVE HIM AND DESPAIR<3 and pretend all his icons are like this because it was darned hard to do XDDDD.]]
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*this is Gai's journal*

*this is Gai's journal on the floor where it fell out of his robes while he was practicing walking up the stairs on his hands*

*it's a good thing people respect others' property around here, or someone might easily find it and scribble in it... or dunk it in the pumpkin juice... or hide it in strange places... or find it and hide it in other places... or feed it to the thestrels... or.....*

..*and there goes our hero, six floors up, striving to rise higher ONE.STEP.AT.A.TIME*

[[Starting now, Gai will only be able to comment in person until he gets his journal back. 8D]]
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[[Private; partially hackable]]

Hmmmmm. I wonder how the dueling lessons are going. Perhaps they need a helping hand.

Nobody could blame Madame Bones for being so angry -- that's what comes of letting the Daily Prophet run the investigation.... Nngh!! The head of the Aurors shouldn't let herself be pushed around like that! As it is, if they don't get serious soon, who knows where those evildoers will flee to?

..And when it all happened.... where was the Headmaster? I'm going to have to have a long talk with that man.



School break is almost over! Soon we will all be converging upon Hogwarts once again. Now, more than ever, this is the time for dedication and HARD WORK! I hope you're all prepared for the most intense spring term ever!!!

Filtered to Yamino )
Filtered to Misa )
Filtered to Jade )

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*walks into his temporary quarters after a heavy workout and a shower, a towel draped over his neck, glancing out at the bright Tahiti sunlight... he wants missions like these more often, especially when Lee and Tenten get to come along as part of his cover story*

*eyedart left and right, opens a secret panel and checks his journal, which is hidden away along with other proof of his identity*

..Hm, the students will be enjoying the beginning of their much-needed break this week, gathering their strength and TAKING PART IN THE FESTIVITIES OF THEIR YOUTH... I hope the presents I sent have all arrived on--


Wait -- casualties at Hogsmeade? Death Eaters!? WHAT'S GOING ON??

[[Gai's gift-list will be coming up soon when I manage to write it. For now, they are delayed in the owl post. And YOSH, I'm back! Will be posting with the rest of my characters within the next few days.]]
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*pant* *pant* Koushiro, your body is amazingly flexible, but you *puff* need to work on your stamina! And I thought I could simply go through my normal exercise routine as if nothing had happened.....

BUT ANYWAY!! For our last flying class before our entire company scatters to the four winds for winter break, it's time to practice... BRAKING!!! And for that purpose, there is now a huge pile of snow at the end of the Quidditch pitch! Younger students will combine turning practice with braking practice, while older ones will work on high-speed braking and power moves like the Filipino Flip! So, everyone get out there first thing tomorrow morning -- and don't forget to dress warmly; neither chill nor icy blizzard will keep us inside!!!
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IMMENSE THANKS to whomever sent me this emergency yodel button!! It will be a perfect way to send signals to my flying students -- much better than a simple whistle!

Hmmm.... with the grounds this icy, it's difficult to perform my daily run... but I will not be thwarted. If the ground is icy, I will simply have to work on my balance. And for every time -- no, if, by chance, I should happen to fall, I will do an extra lap around the castle!! That's a PROMISE!!!


..I'd better check the roofs on the secret tunnels again, especially the ones the students know about. Ground shifts in weather like this and those shoring spells won't hold them forever.


[[Not really quite back yet, three exams to go, BUT I PWND MY TORTS EXAM TODAY SO WE'RE GETTING THERE. XD And the button Gai got from the King of All Cosmos is a MAGICAL one, so... just imagine it's higher in pitch and much, much louder. \o7]]
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*trudges up the hill as the sun goes down, sharp winds whipping his hood back, a broomstick jutting up from the heavy pack on his back*

*pauses briefly to look up at Hogwarts, shielding his eyes from the glare as the snow blows around the turrets like golden dust*

*a smile creeps across his face, impossible to suppress*

..Has it been so long? Hah, there's a few moments of daylight yet. If my strength holds out... no, as my strength holds out, that will be enough!

*lifts off on his broom, flying straight up for Gryffindor Tower*

[[Hoi, Gryffs, guess who's out your window. ^___^]]
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What a glorious day! The sun gleams so brightly off the snow-capped mountains and the air is crisp and clear -- remember, kids, you'll need your gloves and boots for tomorrow's flying lesson! And guess what it's finally time to start?


That's right, you're going to be doing rapid acceleration and hairpin turns --so be glad the snow's arrived and you'll be falling off onto something soft!

..And did I hear something about a SNOWBALL FIGHT???
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[[Filtered to Hel]]

Let me know how your detention progresses. And remember -- don't set anything on fire!!


..AUGH!!! I don't know how I'm ever going to get this stuff out of my hair! It had better be washable, Zidane, or I'm going for a dunk in the lake AND TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!

I hope all of you had as fabulous a Halloween as I did. Flying classes will resume on Monday before breakfast, so everybody be ready. And be sure to wear your House scarves. The Quidditch pitch can be chilly at that time of day!

[[Gai was among those leading students through Zidane's Haunted House. The marshmallow slugs paid him extra attention.]]
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CONGRATULATIONS, GRYFFINDOR!!! Your courage and zeal won the day. But don't feel bad, my fellow Hufflepuffs -- with hard work, you will surely surpass your best efforts next time!!

I also have an ANNOUNCEMENT. For today's flying lessons, we will be joined by an able assistant who will answer your questions and grace us with the benefit of his experience. You know him as the Slytherin Quidditch captain, FAKIR!!!

[[Filtered to Lee]]

Lee!! To accomplish your detention tomorrow, you will check all the tiles on the roofs of Gryffindor Tower, and repair them as needed for the winter! And when you are two-thirds from the top, I SHALL JOIN YOU ON THE WINDSWEPT HEIGHTS, and we shall complete the work together!!!


[[Forward-dated to this evening, with mod approval, as I won't be online for a day or two. Fakir will have a full, busy day following Gai around. At least he doesn't have to stay in Hufflepuff House!~~]]
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Everyone's making such a confounded fuss....

Eh. It's probably just another of those curses that always happen at this stupid school.

I'd check up on you all, but... naaah. Why bother?

*sits in the staff room glowering at the fire and gulping Firewhisky to quell his inbuilt tendency to fidget*

[[It's after midnight. And Personality Switch Gai = Kakashi without the charm. >_>]]
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Hmmm... they still don't look so good, but at least they fly, and that's the important thing.

RIGHT!! Students, I will see you on the Quidditch pitch tomorrow before breakfast for your FIRST FLYING LESSON!!! Wear your gloves, for the dew will still be on the grass when you take your first soaring, death-defying flight into the skies!

[[Comment here to say how your character will do at flying!]]
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Yosh -- listen up, Hogwarts! It is finally time to reveal the AWESOME POWER OF THE SHAKESPEARIAN THESPIAN ..what... I mean, the news you've all been waiting for!

I, the wizarding world's GLORIOUS PROUD GREEN BEAST, am no longer your Charms TA. That post has been given back to Zidane Tribal, who SHALL BE KNOWN AS DARTH nonono, who just arrived from THE NEW YORK COMICON TO SAY... wait, is my journal acting up again? *sound of the journal being whacked with his wand* ..But never fear; I am not going away! Instead, from henceforward, I will START AND NEVER STOP ..well, that, too....

I AM THE NEW FLYING TEACHER FOR FIRST THROUGH FOURTH YEARS!!! *stares suspiciously, then draws a thumbs-up as he sees there are no more extraneous words* So you will all get to meet me on the Quidditch pitch BRIGHT AND EARLY next week for your first lesson!!

*throws open the door to his old quarters in the teachers' wing, only to find....*
..I see Halloween started a little early in my room, eh? AHAHAHAHAHAReducto! Reducto!! ..hah, that takes care of them.... come my mail wasn't forwarded again? So many letters -- hmm.... *shuffling paper* ..wait, this isn't addressed to me--


[[Cleared with Gau-mun. This is clearly going to lead to madcap hijinks. XDDD And all those very readable strikeouts are derived from HERE. *dies laughing*]]
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Hm... how could anybody have been so careless as to cut the bristles off so many of the school brooms!? Such awful pruning could serve no purpose! Fortunately a few good Reparos should serve for now, until someone can gather enough new twigs....

They've got to be tested, though, before they can be trusted with the safety of the students who will need to use them. And what better way to test them than.... BEATER PRACTICE!!!

Not!filtered to staff )

Not!filtered to Wolfwood )

Not!filtered to certain seventh-years )

[[A random number of the brooms that Gai has fixed will have responded less than well, and will make their displeasure known by bucking, twisting, turning upside down, and randomly spiraling down toward the ground or racing into the paths of various oncoming Bludgers. The seventh-years referred to are those who can be counted among Gai's particular friends, including but possibly not limited to Lee, Tenten, Osaka, Fakir, Rukia, and Tamaki. As it is, though, the whole school can see it. XDDD As, unfortunately, Wolfwood-and-Tenten-mun still can't be around, matters pertaining to her characters are mere stopgaps until she gets back.]]


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