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[[Filtered from Heather]]

The owls are leaving with Heather's basket this afternoon! So far we have:

      bread non-floating sandwich rolls, charmed for freshness
      a coloring book (since it came off so well last time)
      flowers and cards

If anyone wants to add something, let me know!!!!!



Sir Integra's new schedule is replacing two-thirds of my regular training regimen, and with Lee running alone in the mornings, I hardly see him anymore. Got to schedule some one-on-one practice with him before exams are upon us. And McGonagall would choose this week to hit us with extra Transfiguration work. The new textbook helps -- though I should have waited until the next Hogsmeade weekend. All of this worry and chaos is uncomfortably reminiscent of days when rule-breaking was a matter of survival. I shouldn't be resorting to that mentality here in CIVILIZATION!!!!

I wonder, though... that tunnel's got a dangerous reputation these days... so why were there fresh footprints before I went in???


If there's one thing this school's got right, it's breakfast. And -- ah, here comes the mail! *leaps out of his seat to intercept a small scroll before it lands on his pudding*

*pulls it open -- expression flashes from surprised to appalled to highly disturbed*

*lets the scroll roll up and bolts for the corridor*

[[Dreaded Evanescence caption whut!!]]
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*emerges gasping from behind a huge pile of books and parchment* Tamaki, I hear that your endeavor was a great success!!! Hopefully next time I'll be able to attend as well!

[[Filtered to friends of Heather Mason, and away from Heather herself]]

To anyone who knows Heather... she is currently visiting an injured relative at St. Mungo's. We're putting together a package to send her, representing BEST WISHES AND SOLIDARITY IN THIS TROUBLED TIME. If you'd like to include anything, contact me here.


[[Filtered to Heather]]

How is he?



If this goes on any longer, I'll have to speak with Oruha. It's possible she doesn't realize that Lee still wants to be her friend. She... she couldn't be ignoring him on purpose, could she?? And to accompany his own eternal rival to Tamaki's dance..... dratted NEWTS revisions, if I'd only been there.....

My application is probably arriving at the Ministry this very minute. By tomorrow night I should have more time to look for that artifact. Even Point Me doesn't work for that stupid bit of magical copper. The house-elves don't have it either. I'd ask the ghosts, but they've been oddly... smug about something lately..... *shivers*

Sakura wants candy. It may be time... to make use of that place again. *OMINOUS GRIN*


[[So many new faces!!!! Welcome, everyone! I'll be around sporadically this coming week because of finals.... hmmm, according to the HPL, Hogwarts exams are the first week of June, so Gai is also going to overwork himself more than usual preparing for NEWTs. Oh, and EXPECT PLOTTAGE this week!!! *OMINOUS... wait I said that already*]]
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*waving his bit of map* OI!! who else is in Professor Jareth's class??


That's funny, I... seem to be losing my balance more than usual today. Everything seems a bit... unfocused, as though my vision is doubling, but really it's not.... *grits teeth* This doesn't make sense. I'm perfectly fine. I'll just have to work through it.




Ah, this is marvelous! We have the whole train to ourselves, and now there's hardly anything left of this nightmare but a long, peaceful ride back to Scotland.

[[Private, hackable to Lee because he's right there, 40% hackable to everyone else]]

FINALLY! Judging by everyone's entries, the whole school has practically gone insane without us. It's so nice to feel wanted. *laughs, twirling that odd artifact between his fingers* And if that imposter's still lurking around the castle, I'll finally have a chance to root him out and find out how he managed to write in my journal!!


[[Back- or forward-dated to whenever the second Lee and Gai actually do travel back to Hogwarts. As I recall, the trip takes a whole day, so they'll arrive at dusk. Meanwhile, the temporal effects of the Mysterious Artifact are warping the first Gai's spatial awareness, so he's going to have a pretty rough time getting through Jareth's maze. ITACHI-MUN, GET ON AIM!!!]]
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*walking down the stairs from the new Illusions class, nose in the book Jareth gave him*

These mazes aren't so difficult after all! I was getting a little worried there. You just have to follow the outside walls around one at a time until there's one that doesn't stop short. Heh, that's a useful tactic to use in a real maze, providing one has the time.

*flips a few pages*

Hmm... This section... is a bit trickier..... *sweatdrops* ..wait, where did the rest of the staircase go? *plops down on the truncated steps to keep working on the puzzles*

*walking up to Lee's room in St. Mungo's, glances down as he feels sand crunch under his feet -- blood drains from his face and he dashes up the remaining steps, certain that Gaara's done something awful*

[[Hogwarts!Gai's classes take place during interludes in the Chibi-Gaara situation. LEE-MUNNNN!!! We need to plot!!]]
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Appended hereunto, and strictly filtered from either Gai, is a message from the Headmaster, with a strict directive against revealing Hogwart!Gai's activities to the Gai who is still in London -- on the pain of consequences too dire to imagine.

Private, thirty percent hackable )

Filtered to Kimimaro )

Lee, Kimi, Temari -- I'll be by later today, if you need anything.

Private, especially from everyone still in St. Mungo's )

Filtered to Professor Jackson )

If anybody needs me, I'll be down by the lake, training with Lee.
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What's this... whatever-it-is... doing in my jumpsuit pocket? It looks like... some kind of pocket-watch, but with a copper piece wired in the middle instead of the face, spinning slowly by itself.....

Wait -- this is the jumpsuit I took along on that last assignment!! One of the delegates must have planted this peculiar artifact on me during the chaos after the explosion. I knew that smiling warlock was up to no good!!

And who's been writing in my journal!? I can't have tripped over Jaggerjack -- I'm still here in London!

Madame Pomfrey, I'm escorting Angie down to the hospital wing and.... WAIT, WHO'S WRITING IN MY JOURNAL?!?!?!?

[[Yessss. Now you know where the Green Beasts have been all this time. They're in BOTH PLACES AT ONCE!! Green!Gai is in London, Azure!Gai is in Hogwarts, and that magical artifact is quite a bit more than it seems. Hooray for last-minute plottage!]]
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Well, look at that. It's raining. The sky is a beautiful pearly grey. And that's a MASSIVE puddle down there -- goes all the way across the street. I wonder how deep it gets.

[[Filtered from Lee and Kimi]]

Honey's sending Lee some pictures of Hogwarts!! If anyone wants to send anything to Lee or Kimimaro, bring them to Hufflepuff House and he'll send them along!!!



They're saying both Lee and Kimi will be released some time this week!!!! I can't wait to get back to school... but what is being done about Gaara? I haven't heard from Temari. Or anyone at all. What are the professors doing while we're stuck in London? I wonder if Dumbledore even knows the five of us are still here.....

Off to the hospital again. Kimi seemed... upset this morning. They should be done with the tests or whatever it was by now. Maybe I'll get to talk to him.


[[Doesn't even think of asking for anything himself. Gai's so noble!! And since he considers weather (and deep puddles) a CHALLENGE, he will arrive at the hospital

And hey, I updated his info: it now includes relationships. Egad, that took all DAY!!!]]
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I'm currently installed in small hotel near St. Mungo's. If the paint is peeling... a lot... and the dust bunnies are lively enough to gnaw my leg-warmers to shreds... and the splits in the insulation are too wide to block off even with The Big, Huge, Massive Compendium of Magical Self-Expansion.... at least it has a marvelous view of... a bunch of chimney-pots, or would if there weren't so much fog!!!! But the best part is I'm on the fifteenth floor, so I get a lot of exercise between visiting Lee and Kimi!!!! Why waste Floo powder when I'm only three doors away?

..I miss my common room. *lip wobbles*

Lee was able to sit up today. He's eager to get back into his regular routine! I've had to promise threaten extra stamina work next week to get him to stay still. His MAGNIFICENT RESILIENCE is TRULY INSPIRING!!!!!

[[Private to Honey, hackable by Lee's friends]]

Honey, your idea of sending Lee a stuffed animal is grand!! What do you think of a giant Chinese dragon, representing his heritage and magical ambitions? And speaking of which, I've ordered Eiji's present. He should be getting it any day now. *shiny grin*


[[Private to Temari]]

Temari, how is Gaara holding up?


[[Honey and Gai got Eiji one of these for his birthday. Ph3ar teh sparkly cuteness of the seventh-year Hufflepuff. Gai also ordered a tortoise for Honey's birthday, to go along with Usa-chan.]]
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Gad, I'm done in. This physical therapy isn't half as effective as the exercises I learned on the job, but at least my spine is back to normal. If I never see that brace again, it'll still be too soon.


[[Filtered to his other favorite Hufflepuff troublemaker]]

All right, Haruko, what's going on!?


[[Private, 30% hackable]]

Got about half my homework done. Most of the teachers are very understanding. But Lee... Lee's taking the bone regrowth potion tonight.

That Gaara. I've made little progress researching the Dark Creature that's sharing his soul. They say he's on the other side of the hospital, hardly injured at all.

I hope he's too far away to hear my poor boy scream.
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*Writing from St. Mungo's: scrawly, because they're still mending his right hand*

[[Filtered to professors and anyone else involved with the Lee-Gaara conflict]]

By now you've probably heard about what happened yesterday. I'm all right, but they won't let me come back to school until my spine regenerates. It's not supposed to take over a week.

If Lee's parents can't bother to come over from Japan to see their son, I might be here longer.

To everyone who helped... thank you so much. *defiant scribble* Hopefully we'll be back in a week to thank you in PERSON!!!


[[Private, hackable because his privacy spell is somewhat shaky]]

They won't let me see him.... rrgh, those nerve potions are disgusting..... why won't they let me see him? NO!! He'll be fine! There's no way that magnificent spirit could quit!

Kimi, Sakura... what did he do to you?....

Why is the room so cold?


[[Strike heavily blacked out with some ink spatters where the quill broke. OK, the fight is still going on in chat. Will post again when we work out exactly what happened. XD]]
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Someone was taking pictures when I returned from break a day late and met Lee for the first time in the castle halls. And they sent me doubles!

Visual Mementos of a Joyful and Fervent Reunion )

Light's basket has been dispatched to St. Mungo's! It took three owls to carry it! (Not filtered because he'll be getting it any minute anyway.) We've switched the crayons for colored pencils and added a Muggle sudoku book (Dr. Kurosaki), a chocolate cake (Misa), and a bottle of Sprite (Angie). Thanks to everyone who helped put it together. Such a wonderful show of solidarity will surely lift our school-fellow's spirits in this trying time.

All this talk about Valentine's Day... Must everybody pair off for this Masquerade Ball? Doesn't that defeat the purpose for those of us who have sadly not found our true soulmates?

..We're still having a party on the fifteenth, for anyone who wants to have a good time with their friends and avoid the romantic overtones.

Filtered to Sir Integra )

[[Original art is here. Feel free to say you took the photos or contributed something to Light's basket.]]
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[Filtered to all students except Light; hackable only by really persistent teachers]

Honey and I have been discussing what to send Light and his father at the hospital. (So far, we're thinking flowers. Big cheerful yellow flowers, to raise their spirits!)

It might also be nice to send him a book, so he has something to do in the hospital. What does everyone think of this one or this one?
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*scribbles madly* Man, this weekend has been insanely busy!!
--Honey, perhaps Usa-chan could help Osaka find Gregory?

--Haruko has a concussion! If anyone wants to send her flowers, she's in the hospital wing.

--Poor Light Yagami has received VERY BAD NEWS FROM HOME! He's currently at St. Mungo's, visiting his injured father. My House is having a whip-round to send them flowers or something. (Better suggestions, anyone?) Let's all take some time to sympathize and project good wishes in their direction.

--Professor Marik is... handing out enormous amounts of homework lately. *disinclined to contribute to TEH DRAMA here*

--We're having a mandatory Masquerade Ball on the 14th! That seems to crowd out Singles' Appreciation Day, but some people celebrate that on the 15th anyway. ^_0 And I know just what to wear.....

--That Uchiha character has gotten a journal. All the better to keep an eye on him.

--MY ETERNAL RIVAL KAKASHI-KUN HAS LIT OUT FOR PARTS UNKNOWN!!!!! Suddenly I feel awfully lonely. I wonder if he's on assignment or something?

[Filtered to professors]

Who can I talk to about starting meditation/self-defense/combat-ethics workshops for students of various years?


[[Gai is stalling; he has no idea what to wear. About that other thing, [ profile] truetensai, should we make a log of it? *really am getting AIM this week, that's a promise!*]]


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