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[[Private; hackable by Lee and maybe Wolfwood]]

This assignment will likely be the hardest yet. Undercover work is so... so... SURREPTITIOUS. Pretending to be somebody who is entirely unlike me.... rrrgh, I'm sick of it already! I can take it -- I can take TWICE that time limit -- but there are reasons to return as fast as possible. And for the sake of those reasons, I will work twice as hard and five times as efficiently, and bring this to a close in a third of the time required. That's a promise from Maito Gai!!

Lee... don't forget all we've worked on. I won't forget you.


*dispatches an ENTHUSIASTIC, CHEERFUL letter to Sophie's new location and looks around his London flat, which is almost bare*

Every beginning must come with an ending. But there isn't any reason to worry! Even if my new training schedule doesn't allow me to get back to England for the beginning of school, I will never forget my amazing comrades at Hogwarts. Students!! Make the most of your remaining vacation -- these are the best days of your lives!

[[And so Gai goes off on his most advanced Auror mission yet. DX Wish him luck!]]
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[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

Hey, Professor Wolfwood Nicholas!! I'm going over to tutor young Makenshi for a few days and help her with her summer homework. Is there a form or something I have to use to clear it with her parents guardian?

..And.... *hesitates, frowns, unsure of whether to ask Wolfwood what he knows about Chrona's home situation*


And the summer wears on -- full of blazing LIFE!! There's a London Quidditch team that needs a coach... a club that needs a bouncer -- hm, no, it's bound to fail; that trampoline isn't strong enough for everyone.... a security operation for the Blackheath fireworks.... a delivery run over the weekend, another mission assignment from the Agency, and part-time Auror training, and.... hahaha, it's unbelievable that one man's existence could be so full and rich. I haven't even been back to my flat for a full day since the break began. At least no one else is renting it this time.... How are the rest of you doing? Is this a MAGNIFICENT summer or what? *SHINY GRIN*
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Ah, to be in London again!! It brings TEARS to my eyes or maybe it's just the humidity! Tomorrow: summer training in Brighton -- that's the seaside, probably? Why Professor Bones is taking us to the seaside... it boggles the mind, but whatever it is, I'M READY!!!!

Assignments for today... hrm, California, Timbuktu, Tokyo, Hawaii, New Guinea, Holland, Norway... good grief, how many Portkeys am I going to need!? HEY, LEE!! What are you doing today? ^____^d

[[Plotless stopgap post in which, if you like, Gai unexpectedly shows up WHERE YOU ARE. XDDDD My computer's still in the shop, but they're talking end-of-this-week or early-next-week, so... hm. Miss you all!]]
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[[Very, very private]]

*nostalgic sigh* Not even an hour to spend here, and Hogwarts... I can't risk it until I get rid of... *illegible* rules about using journals *grumble* overseas classified business *scribble* of all the ridiculous convoluted....

*stares at calendar*

And I won't be there.....

NO!! Can it be said that my friends will move to their next year at Hogwarts -- and some on to the glorious anticipation of their future lives -- without acknowledgment from Konoha's proud green beast!? Impossible -- a TRAVESTY!! Let it not be said that Maito Gai allows the bond between himself and his friends to be broken by mere distance!!! My beloved comrades, though personal obligations may rend us asunder, I am with you in spirit wherever you may go!!!


*looms over the writing-desk at his London flat, and with a DYNAMIC flourish of his wand... well, let's just say he'll probably never get all the ink and shredded parchment out of the walls and ceiling....*

*and within a week, shortly after exams, each of his friends and comrades back at Hogwarts will receive a glitzy, shiny, eye-searingly flashy and utterly heartfelt bright green HOWLER proclaiming Gai's pride in their accomplishment in terms that will no doubt be heard in Timbuktu!*

[[Consider this a stopgap post as I find my way back into the game. The letters include upbeat personalized messages, can probably be muffled by Silencio if the spell is really powerful, and may come at any time and reach their intended recipients -- including staff members -- anywhere, so have fun picking just the right moment for your character to be bowled over by one~!

OOC note for continuity purposes )]]
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I never expected this....

BUT NO MATTER!! In fact, this is a positive development *BLUSHES* experience -- I shall have to take today's exam under unexpected and baffling conditions, which is an excellent opportunity to transcend my limitations and DO MY BEST!!

..and also practice Transfiguring clothing to different, uh, measurements.....

*stares in the mirror* Egad, I'm gorgeous. *SHINY GRIN*

[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

I hadn't looked at my journal the other night, but -- you say you need an assistant? Well, when I get back from my exams, I might have something to say about that

..but you should know that at the moment, I am, erm, female. For some reason. Which I will FIGURE OUT BY THE TIME I GET BACK, or... or I shall add an extra thirty pushups to my normal training routine because somehow, bafflingly, my arms currently lack their usual steely strength!!!


[[For once I'm taking part in a gender-based plot. *snicker* In today's episode, the part of Gai will be played by Wendy Hamilton. Lucky man. He She will also be returning to Hogwarts before curfew, so feel free to notice his her stunning womanly beauty~!!!]]
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*at the sparsely seated staff table in the Great Hall, writing a journal entry before his evening patrol of the castle*

HAH, my memory is coming back!! Good grief, I even remember those thestrels that interrupted my last duel with... with.... ANYWAY -- Hufflepuff won -- or was it Ravenclaw? And I was -- WELL DONE, HUFFLEPUFF, ALL THAT HARD WORK PAID OFF -- I was running toward the--

*briefly interrupted by the mediwitch*

..Yes. Loss of memory is a common side-effect of concussion; they said that in the first-responder course. How ironic that with all I have been through in life, I receive such an injury on a day when everyone is having fun!

And I can't remember how it ended.....

..gaah. If I can't have those memories back, I will just have to make new ones. Tomorrow's London exam comes first, but after that, if I fail to make a series of splendid new memories by the weekend, I shall scale every tower of the London Bridge without magic!!

..They tell me Uchiha graduated early. *snort* But where did he go? What is he doing? Does anybody know!? Not likely. It must be some nefarious--


That's what happened. Slime, why did it have to be slime!!!

[[Strikes illegible. Mwahahaha. For those who don't know yet, Gai patrols Hogwarts for three random nights a week as a public service requirement for his Auror course, so if your character is out after curfew, feel free to encounter (or avoid) him!]]
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*due to magical bleed-through where Reparo didn't do such a good job on Gai's ripped-up journal, a few words from his private notes are accidentally open to all readers....* the Apparition point knows me by sight!! And for good reason; it's been
                    waiting is the hardes
          mbledore said (but it was as confusing this time as


..I should probably use that charm again. In class. On the targets. The turning of the year shouldn't be dreary and droopy. Even Auror training and especially Professor Marchbanks needs a little perking up up once in a while!! >D

[[Hello, exceedingly vague can-has-no-details post. ^^ Just a placeholder for certain matters. Oh, look, something shiny!]]
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Filtered to Grimmjow )
Filtered to Sophie )
Owl to Lee )

My dear friends and comrades, vibrant associates and former classmates... this charade has gone on long enough. No secret can be kept for long in such a fervent, close-knit community as ours. Whatever you may have seen or heard in the past few days, it is time... for me to tell you.... THE TRUTH. )

Private )

Last but not least, to everybody who has run into whoever it was shooting off spells in the hall, I would just like to say: Finite Incantatem!! *SHINY GRIN*

[[Which may or may not work. XDDD Backdated to just after Yusuke's wand went haywire because I really should have gotten this out yesterday. Bonus points if you get the subject line! ^___^]]
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Well, I'm back on the job... wrapped snugly in the soft wool of my oh-so-fluffy brand new scarf and bright orange legwarmers!! THANK YOU, SYAORAN AND RINALI!!! Of course, Neji, I am saving yours for a special occasion!!!!

We have to do twice as much as usual this week, so nothing is left over for the New Year break and there's a series of special Stealth and Tracking lectures coming up and a rain curse flooded out a lot of rooms on the fifth level, so it's c-c-c-COLD in here and everyone is running around like headless chic MANIACS!!!

My youthful friends at Hogwarts -- EXPECT MY PRESENCE AMONGST YOU IN THIS COMING WEEK!!!!

Private )

*continues guiding a chain of hovering crates from one end of the Ministry to the other, unaware that the tune he's humming is registering on his journal*

No-eyed four-armed mutant ninja Santa monster,
No-eyed four-armed mutant ninja Santa monster,
No-eyed four-armed mutant ninja Santa monster,
Don't you touch that tree.....

[[Rose, Jen, poke me if I should change this.]]
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Hah, Jiraya's doing fine after all!! *lets the thumb-sized frog hop out onto his hand* Egad, you haven't half made a mess of your terrarium.... I shall have to do something about that....

It is strange to be back in London!! The fog is cold and wet, but all the snow has turned to slush under the wheels of the city traffic. How I envy my comrades back at Hogwarts, in the mountains of Scotland where the snow is still pristine!!! HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY, EVERYBODY -- REMEMBER TO THROW SOME SNOWBALLS FOR ME!!!!

Aaaah, I always forget the presents people give this time of year!! But I have two hours in London before the Portkey to Konoha. I shall have to make those hours COUNT!!!

..How is everything going?

[[Filtered to Emilia]]

Did you get home safely?? Give my regards to Sir Integra! I was sorry to see she had to go back so soon.


[[Backdated to right after the train ride. First strike GONE; second strike filtered to Neji, Tenten, and Sakura; and if your character is in London, feel free to run into him. ^^]]
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No Portkey available today. But I will not be late while I have a broomstick!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ..I saw the train while I was flying north.... what's it doing making a trip at this time of year? Supplies? A new teacher?? Good grief, I hope no one else got hurt....

[[Filtered to Neji]]

This is another new journal, so maybe it will actually work and you will be able to read this.



[[Filtered to TenTen]]

My journal blew up and I did not receive your latest messages. What is going on?



I should talk to the Counselor. The Ministry has pamphlets about depression, but they are too general to be any use. If it's this bad, I cannot fail him through incomplete understanding. I... as much as I care about him, I cannot do this alone....

This has gone far beyond poor Neji. Ah, my Lee... loss and rejection have ruled his young life. His foster parents, resenting his magical disability. His best friend... disappearing for years, trying to kill him, and then disappearing again after they'd reconciled.... other friends leaving, one by one... perhaps only his youthful spirit sustained him for this long.... confound the Ministry, keeping me back in London after the paperwork was in already.... ..does he think that even I will leave him? These wounds are so deep, so deep....

I can't lose him....


Only another week, then the winter break and we will -- but...

*swears blackly, then covers the words with a heavy strikeout when he realizes what he's said*

That assignment.... I had forgotten.....

[[Due to ministry work and his all too convenient journal malfunctions, Gai has NO CLUE what has been happening since he left Hogwarts on Wednesday. He will be arriving on the castle grounds as you read this, nearly frozen solid from flying all the way to Scotland in the dead of winter, visibly shaken by Lee's recent signs of major depression, and with his hair significantly shorter in front. Rose, Jen, Cella, Kris, EMAIL MEEEE!~]]
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*emerges from the Ministry telephone booth and throws a sheaf of papers up in the air with glee*


*darts around the square in a fit of excess energy, catching each page before it touches the ground; wipes away a few TEARS OF JOY, clasping the papers to his heart* Ah, Professor Constantine and Sir Integra would be proud of me today!! And the next section is Stealth and Tracking. With my training, it should go by like a mild summer breeze!!!!

*strides down the sidewalk, oblivious to the stinging rain, grinning at all and sundry, and pulls out his journal, which has naturally caught every word preceding*

Hahaha, now to get back to the school a whole day early!!! I can't wait to see Lee's face... and Hirako says it's snowing up north... I wonder if the Drama Club decided what they're going to do next... or whether Fakir found his stalker yet.... and winter break is coming right up.... in the snow.... I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!

[[Strike nearly unhackable, especially to Lee, because Gai wants to surprise him. ^^ He'll be walking back up the Hogwarts steps shortly before curfew.]]
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*sitting on a Muggle train, staring off into the rainy darkness*

*pulls out his journal and smiles at all the usual weirdness* Where did Gintoki GET that picture, anyway!???

..Lee's mother... after all these years....

[[Filtered to Hirako]]

Well? Did the Drama Club come up with something new yet?


... *uneasy and doesn't know why*

[[First strike hackable to Fakir, Ahiru, Mytho, and Gintoki. XDDDD]]
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Thank goodness I didn't throw it away after all....

[[Filtered to third-years and up]]


Did you know they don't let the Ministry screen a lot of the really great Muggle horror movies because the werewolf and vampire lobbies put the bite on them don't like it!? WHOA, WHO KNEW??? But here's the good part: our Muggle Relations professor is having some of us participate in a scary movie night before Halloween, and I got permission to leave my other journal in the theater so we can watch it from here!!!!

And what a movie it is, too. Terror! Horror!! ROMANCE! And plenty of RIP-ROARING ACTION!! Two hours of your day, and a memory that will HAUNT YOU. *creeeepy letters* For ALL ETERNITY. Come to the Defense classroom if you dare, and experience the horror classic of a lifetime: A ZOMBIE STOLE MY HEART!!!


[[Following the popular idea that journals can be used to transmit moving images as well as words, Gai has managed to arrange for a zombie movie to be screened at Hogwarts. 'A Zombie Stole My Heart' is not a real movie, but one can imagine it contains all the trademark zombie tropes we know and love. Oh, and the journal picture might be a bit grainy, but that's a small price to pay for the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME, right? XDDD]]
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[[Private, partially (and inadvertently) hackable to friends]]

AUGH. Training this week was more grueling than ever. I didn't even have a chance to work on tracing... well, Madame Vance has been looking at it. Maybe she had time.

Is it my imagination, or have some of the Hogwarts staff been acting a little bit... odd? Hexing one another in the courtyards -- they're supposed to be protectors and sources of inspiration for the youth under their care! What is this world coming to!?

Strange... how the world changes as one's youth passes by... Three years ago I would have laughed! But there's a point where laughter becomes cruelty. There was a time when I, too, took offense at the smallest slight to my honor. Sometimes, though.... sometimes the obvious answer makes things worse. I could get mad at him for being mad at me, but isn't it more important to remember that he's my friend?

Does that mean... I'm more mature than Kakashi???? *boggles*


Of all the strange holidays they observe in England, Halloween has got to be the best. Costumes, jokes, even more weirdness than usual, and a chance to face your darkest fears in a secure environment.... what's not to like? BE SAFE WITH YOUR PRANKS, PEOPLE! If it's fun, it should be fun for everyone, not just you. What better way to spread hilarity and joy?

Some of my London comrades are planning to celebrate with a scary movie night!! There's something I never did before! Ah, how I wish my good friends at Hogwarts could share this amazing experience!! Ooh, ooh!! Speaking of experiences, who else is helping with the haunTED HOUSE?????

*a few VERY LARGE scribbles, then something that sounds remarkably like a book being whacked repeatedly with a wand*

Gah, it's doing it again! My journal is JINXED!! JINXED, I SAY!!! Aaaaugh, why me? I thought I got rid of my journal problems when I THREW THE LAST ONE OUT.

[[Strike = absolutely unhackable.]]
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*walking toward the Ministry from his London flat; pulls out his journal and takes a few notes*

No answers yet. Practical this Friday. Hokage might know something. See you all next w--

*a few smears of ink and water*


*glances up at the sky, blinking as the rain soaks his hair; pulls his cloak tighter and walks glumly on*

[[Backdated to yesterday; strike hackable to associates. Didn't manage to get on campus today -- sorry! Mell, feel free to mess about with Bob's latest post.]]
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I'm back to my old self!!! The prank wore off this morning... at long last. I thought Madame Pince was going to kill me. It's not my fault that pile of books was such a convenient staircase when I was twelve inches tall!! And -- s-sorry, Professor Dwayne! I didn't know that was you!

Anyway, Professor Marchbanks is better now, so it's back to London at the crack of dawn. Lee, if you see another bottomless pit, STAY OUT OF IT!!!! Not that it's likely on school grounds, but you can't be too careful! I'll see if I can find out what's going on.

[[Filtered to Grimmjow]]

Jaggerjack, there's still a ban on student sparring, so I suggest we take advantage of the next Hogsmeade weekend or wait till the holidays when we're not on school grounds.



Another few laps around the lake ought to suffice for breaking my last rule. I'll do it this evening. Anyway, that... gives me a chance to be outside. I don't know... should I even.... But it doesn't make sense; he's never this touchy! Or at least... he never let on....

I thought... our friendship was stronger than that.

As for Lee... it's going to be hard to let him out of my sight. If not for his magic, he could've been... *clutches hair* Who put that hole there in the first place?? Madame Vance could analyze it, but that wouldn't tell me who was responsible... or whether it was meant for him or someone else.

If Sir Integra were still here, this might not be happening.

There's only one thing I can do.


*goes off in search of Neji*

[[Just messing with possible plot points -- it doesn't need to mean anything yet. Everyone please note that Gai is EXTREMELY broody and morose at this time.]]
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*showing off new knowledge of emoticons* >DDDDD

What a weekend!! It's wonderful to be back in the darkened, echoing halls of Hogwarts, even if it is three in the morning. Gad, who's awake at this time of night!? Auror training is... but NO, it's a NOBLE ENDEAVOR and I must MASTER MY WEARINESS and STRUGGLE ON!!!!

[[Private, 50% hackable to associates]]

But no food all day does not a virile warrior make!!! An Auror must get the right amount of nutrition to keep up his strength. Food, sleep, and an EARLY START TO BUILD CHARACTER -- and if I don't get up at five to catch up on what's been going on around the castle, I shall run around the lake twice before breakfast!!



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*as Tuesday dawns over Hogwarts, Gai's bed in his temporary quarters is mysteriously empty.....*

[[A hurried summons for an unexpectedly early training session forced Gai to leave Hogwarts without warning, so you may note a strange absence of PROUD GREEN ENTHUSIASM IN THE HALLS.]]
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*nearly finished packing his rucksack for the trip to London, swaggers down to the Great Hall and scribbles in his journal over lunch*

My Auror training starts tomorrow!! From then on, I will only be at school part-time, so Sgt. Johnson will be seeing to all your disciplinary requirements -- but if anybody needs to contact me, you have only to write!!!

Now... how am I going to get there? I suppose running would take too long.

*hollers across the Hall* ALL RIGHT THERE, FAKIR?

[[Private, hackable with difficulty to everyone but first-years]]

What is WITH all these little kids in the Hospital Wing lately!? There isn't some kind of first-year jinx operating, is there? If I didn't know better, I'd suspect the Wing of soliciting business from the rest of the castle!!

*glances around uneasily at the ominous stone walls*

Strange.... I haven't seen much of... he couldn't be avoiding me, could he? But he knew I'd be going to London! I wish there was another way.....


[[Strike illegible. Poor Gai thinks Lee's upset about his leaving.]]


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