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That fountain of hot chocolate down in that one dark corridor near the Slytherin common room?

..Um. I did that. I think.

Everyone, use Lumos to get through the mess until someone can figure out how to undo the Transfiguration!! And don't worry, there's a cleaning charm that will get rid of chocolate stains ...isn't there? -- I'll be right there after as soon as I'm done with this--!! *trails off as his attention is snagged by whatever he was busy with*

[[Result of this. So not only is there a flood of hot tepid and slowly-turning-cold-and-turgid formerly hot chocolate in that particular hall, but it's coming from where a torch used to be, so people who don't watch their step in the poorly lit area might get their feet wet. XDDD]]
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TSUNADE-SENSEIIII!!! I tried that new Transfiguration you taught me on the targets, and it was amazing -- it even impressed Auror Bones. Now that's amazing!!! Everyone have a FANTASTIC time in Hogsmeade!!! And remember, the end of the year is coming up, so play hard and work hard and you'll be able to succeed and enjoy life!

Hirako, Ichigo... are you prepared for another thunderously epic installment in our exploration of the ultimate arcane limits of fifth-year Potions?? Golpalott's 84th Theorem awaits!

And besides all that... I have.... *drumroll* ..an announcement. Starting now, I am no longer a simple security intern. I will still patrol the castle one night a week, as an addition to my Auror training. But that is not all. From now on, I am also your Charms TA -- an assistant to Professor Wolfwood!! So if anybody ever needs help in that class, fear not: you can always call upon Maito Gai!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

[[Not!filtered to Paul]]

WHERE ARE YOU??? I've been looking for you everywhere -- I have this great idea, and it's in your field and it's going to be fantastic -- you teach music, right? He'll have to agree, I can't wait to start it..... *peters off in excitable gibberish*


[[Not!filtered to Wolfwood]]

The time has come. >DDD Where should we start??

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THIS IS A TEST; THIS IS A TEST..... wait, why can't I see the words!?

This never happened when I was at Hogwarts.....

[[Page is heavily scored with what looks like the impressions of words written over each other.]]
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[[Filtered to those working on the party for Honey]]

RINALIIIII!! I have the PERFECT idea for Honey's party -- we can Transfigure a box of biscuits into bunnies and then get them to TAPDANCE!!!!! With little hats and everything! What do you think???


NEWTS tomorrow! YOSH, I'm RARING TO GO!!! Even though they had to have classes the very day after our EPIC BATTLE. Hey, Mytho, do you still want any help with Transfiguration? Haruko, stop itching all over the place and get down to the Hospital Wing -- you probably picked up some poison ivy in the field yesterday. And Fuu -- why are you soaking wet!? This place is a MADHOUSE... well, more than usual.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO'S TAKING OWLs AND NEWTs. Just think -- by this time next week, you'll all be looking back on these frantic days with FOND NOSTALGIA!!!

[[I'm assuming that Gai was taken out at some point during the battle. He FOUGHT HARD and was a CREDIT TO HIS TRAINING, so he's happy. XD Rose, what do you think of a log taking place during training the morning after the battle so Gai and Lee get a chance to talk? Also, does anybody know if there's a NEWTs exam schedule, or can I just make up which tests Gai has on which days?]]
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARITHMANCY TEXTBOOK??? It's not here -- it's not ANYWHERE!!!! I know I had it yesterday after class! Maybe it got left in the library? Or the Great Hall? Has anyone seen it??


...I've definitely been doing too much Transfiguration revision. Now I'm even dreaming about it. What the blazes is cold and green and six feet long, and why were there vampires involved?? But at least I finished Sir Integra's book!!! It was, well, I didn't understand it, but the notes on the side were an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to get a look at the mechanics of practical spell construction. I took a whole ream of notes. Maybe someday, I'll be able to create spells of my own!!!

Five Es, at least. That's all I need, theoretically -- but the Auror program only takes the best. *paces* Arithmancy is going to be the biggest problem -- and Illusions -- that stuff is hard. But as we keep learning from Counselor Yukari, all work and no recreation contributes to STRESS, and in the unfortunate instances when recreation can't be combined with work, one must find a way to compensate.



[[Strike illegible. Per the clarified rules, Gai's Transfiguration research is secret from everybody except McGonagall, who knew from the start; and he still has a ways to go before achieving his Animagus form.

For the record: Gai's classes. )
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*has been in the library for ten hours straight, pretending he can concentrate on NEWTs studies*


Mother's Day.... a time for remembrance as well as celebration, I suppose. It would be nice if I could remember anything at all from those days, when I was too young to understand where she went. Somewhere in the world, there must be mothers who are long-lived and good-hearted. Maybe someday I'll meet one.

I should have known McGonagall would find out about my Transfiguration experiments, especially after that little spell of invisibility. *chagrined* It was nice of her to substitute helping Shuichi with his Animagus form for a real detention. Heigh-ho, tomorrow I'll see if my theories have held up through the latest rewrite.

Right now, though, there's more pressing business to attend to!!


Attention, Hogwarts, Suzaku just found Himawari's journal in the library!! If you know where Himawari is, tell her the journal's been found!!!!

[[Filtered to Hufflepuffs]]

Has anyone seen Himawari for the last day or so?

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Late at night, when everyone's fast asleep.....

[[Private, unhackable]]

YESSSSSS!!!! *gleeful capering* That did it -- everything's worked out now! And best of all, it tells me where I was going wrong before. With this new notation, I'll finish the final draft in no time!!!

Oh... I still have that photograph....

*space where something was stuffed in the journal* )
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And if anyone needs me after class, I'm going... off. Somewhere. To train.

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

That sunlight... it completely threw me off. Never had a chance to work on the formula, and classes were still in session today, despite all the strangeness that's going around. Can't anything be done for these poor people!? This is Hogwarts -- you can't tell me there's nobody here who can reverse the effects!!!

Things to do today:
     Map the fourth-floor tunnel
     Finish retracing my steps through those last strange days
     Sneak up on Uch ..STAY OUT OF SUNLIGHT
     Turn visible again


[[Filtered to Lee]]

*standing in an abandoned classroom on the fourth floor* Now, this is an important secret that isn't to be revealed lightly. *waves wand at the mirror on the far wall* Dissendium!

*the mirror silently swings open, revealing an ominous dark staircase leading down*


[[Strike illegible.]]
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It'll take at least a day to reverse this effect. Until then, it's like I'm not even here. People keep bumping into me, even though my outer robes are completely visible. How aggravating -- I should ask Rinali for a bell so people know I'm coming!!!! I never thought invisibility would have so many mundane drawbacks. What if my hair is mussed and I haven't noticed? How would I know if I had something on my face? HOW WILL THE WORLD SURVIVE WITHOUT THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF MY EVER-SO-BRILLIANT SMILE????

Enough. I will not fall prey to the DARKNESS WITHIN MY SOUL. In fact, I shall lay claim to this unusual state of being, sally forth with fervent energy and make the most of this UNIQUE EXPERIENCE!!!!


A peal of maniacal mirth rings out through the gathering dusk. His appearance changed by an experiment gone radically wrong, a creepy figure slouches along the twisted halls, appearing from nowhere to aggravate the vexatious and aid persons in distress. Cloaked in obscurity, hidden from the eyes of men, he issues a mocking challenge from beneath the only features he cannot conceal.... his eyebrows. No evildoer is safe from this WEIRD AVENGER. TUNE IN ONCE AGAIN TO BEAR WITNESS AS THE INVISIBLE GAI STRIKES BACK!!!

[[Overexposure to the sunlight passing through him has made Gai even more ebullient and reactive than usual. Until he works out the right formulas to reverse the process, he will be exploiting his invisible state by hiding in dark corners and springing out at people. Eventually he will realize that this is an excellent chance to spy on Itachi. BEWARE THE INVISIBLE GAI!!! XD]]
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*sprints through the halls, brushing past dozens of people who turn and stare in shock*

*dodges past the teachers' lounge, automatically glancing around in case anyone's going to stop him*

*has to yell at the Hufflepuff portrait before it swings open to let him in*

Of all the... confound it... had to be in this tiny, tiny fine print.... CAT PEOPLE!? How could... but that wasn't me; the spell just wasn't big enough to spread across the school like this....

*feels head, shrugs; a fresh robe is drawn out of the wardrobe and draped around thin air*

Thank goodness that worked. I was beginning to think anything I wore would disappear.


[[Strike illegible. Because Gai just has to be different, his Transfiguration research with Sakura resulted in his accidentally becoming entirely invisible -- except for the eyebrows. I promise I was about to do something like this anyway. XD And now you all get to wonder.... does he? Does he not? MWAHAHAHAHA.]]
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Neji, that black eye is SPECTACULAR.

I'm going to train outside from now on -- it would be ridiculous to waste all this GORGEOUS SPRING AIR. Heather, it's good to see you back in the school!!! And has anyone seen Sakura Haruno?


If you're reading this, Neji, cut it out.


*blank space where a piece of parchment has been stuck between the journal pages*

There... this isn't part of the journal, so it should be safe from prying eyes. Though Neji isn't loose-lipped by any means, Sir Integra said that no one was to know about this.

There are too many Dark Wizards around. Whether they follow Voldemort or a dead Muggle fanatic, it's horrible to realize that there are people so twisted that they might plan to attack a school. They won't get away with it, though -- not while I'm here. This is exactly why I plan to become an Auror: for the ability to protect the innocent and stop these villains from hurting anyone else. But if Hogwarts becomes a battleground, there are bound to be injuries unless the students have a chance to escape.

Wait -- the secret Hogsmeade passages!!! There are... what, seven? And Filch probably knows about four... but it doesn't matter who finds out if they can be used to evacuate the students in case of danger. Of course, one's under the Whomping Willow... I wonder if Immobulous would stop the branches? And the one behind the fourth-floor mirror is treacherously damp. I'll have to look in again and see whether it can be shored up with magic.

[[Testing the byakugan, whut!! Italics unreadable. Don't worry, these developments won't affect the population at large. And Gai's looking for Sakura to work on Transfiguration, but doesn't yet know that she's been fighting with Itachi.]]
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[[Filtered from Heather]]

The owls are leaving with Heather's basket this afternoon! So far we have:

      bread non-floating sandwich rolls, charmed for freshness
      a coloring book (since it came off so well last time)
      flowers and cards

If anyone wants to add something, let me know!!!!!



Sir Integra's new schedule is replacing two-thirds of my regular training regimen, and with Lee running alone in the mornings, I hardly see him anymore. Got to schedule some one-on-one practice with him before exams are upon us. And McGonagall would choose this week to hit us with extra Transfiguration work. The new textbook helps -- though I should have waited until the next Hogsmeade weekend. All of this worry and chaos is uncomfortably reminiscent of days when rule-breaking was a matter of survival. I shouldn't be resorting to that mentality here in CIVILIZATION!!!!

I wonder, though... that tunnel's got a dangerous reputation these days... so why were there fresh footprints before I went in???


If there's one thing this school's got right, it's breakfast. And -- ah, here comes the mail! *leaps out of his seat to intercept a small scroll before it lands on his pudding*

*pulls it open -- expression flashes from surprised to appalled to highly disturbed*

*lets the scroll roll up and bolts for the corridor*

[[Dreaded Evanescence caption whut!!]]
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*staggers into the Hufflepuff common room with his arms full of books and parchments*

NEWTS exams are imminent. Their proximity is inescapable now. Professor McGonagall gave us a long speech about them today. *clenches fist* But I'm going to ACE them -- I simply MUST, if I want to be considered for the Auror program.

[[Private; 20% hackable if you really try]]

What's the matter with Tatsuki!? Nobody's personality simply changes like that overnight. And I CANNOT BELIEVE that someone dared to prank Sir Integra. She's as incredible as ever, but younger than ME now, which is ABSURD. And she doesn't remember any of us, which is terribly heartbreaking depressing. All of her classes have been cancelled. She's going to go spare when she finds out. How could such an outrage have taken place!?


*catches a glimpse of his reflection in one of the windows*

Wait -- what the...!?

[[Due to a Transfiguration accident, Gai is now several inches shorter than usual. But yes, I'm BACK! Mostly, anyhow.]]
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*grumbles* Didn't realize I was running out of crayons... I'd better Transfigure a few more. It's all good practice, anyway. *rubs hands gleefully* At least Dr. Kurosaki's Pepper-Up Potion took care of my hay-fever.... so I can face the day with CLEAR-HEADED ZEAL!!!

Ordinary black robes are far too pedestrian for the BRIGHT PROMISE OF THIS GLORIOUS SEASON.

Sakura, you really should reconsider. Pink DOES go well with green.

[[In honor of springtime, Gai will be casting Orchideous at random points around the school, as well as surreptitiously Transfiguring suits of armor into youthfully cute pastel versions of their former selves. Due to lack of time between activities, he will attend class wearing his usual training outfit (green jumpsuit and orange legwarmers), along with a yellow and black Hufflepuff tie, under a newly Transfigured set of bright pink robes. There's also pink paint in his hair. JARETH, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. XDDDD

Edit: Thanks to Kurosaki, now there's smoke pouring out of his ears as well. If anyone wants to rib Gai's fashion sense, this is definitely the time.]]
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*pulls open a window in the Hufflepuff common room and leans out into the fresh air*

AHHHH, what a MAGNIFICENT day. Sunny, comfortably cool, with a light breeze and occasional clouds... a perfect day for outdoor training!!! Sakura, Lee, meet me in the south courtyard! Come on, quick as you can -- YOUTH'S GLOWING FERVOR CANNOT BE POSTPONED!!!


Finally getting somewhere -- good thing McGonagall never asked me what that library pass was for..... gaah, this is harder to understand than one of Jareth's mazes. But this is one of my special goals, and I'LL DEFINITELY GET IT, OR ELSE I'LL... I'll... I'LL JUST TRY HARDER!!!


[[Yes, he's researching Animagi again! Feel free to spot him in the library, hunched and squinting over musty tomes... whenever he's not outside in the GLORIOUS SPRING WEATHER, working with Sakura and Lee.]]


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