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After being away for over a week, it will be interesting to see how the school has changed in my absence! Now that the fall season has started, are the leaves changing colours? Have the Halloween decorations gone up yet? Hmmm... must find out how our Charms students are doing... and see what supplies are in the Quidditch shed.... and.... Change is one of the incredible, unstoppable facts of life. So it's important to meet it head-on and make the most of it!

For example.

BEHOLD, MY NEW JOURNAL!!!! Did anyone else's ever spontaneously catch on fire AND melt AND explode all at the same time, or does that only happen to me?


And I'm going to need it -- this is amazing, FANTASTIC, wait'll Lee finds out, I AM SO ECSTATIC I COULD OUTRUN THIS TRAIN ALL THE WAY TO HOGWARTS... and... well, why not? It will be a great way to test myself! Even if I don't make it, it will still be fantastic training, and for every mile I miss, I can add two to my daily set of laps around the lake!!!


[[And he's BACK!! As much of last year's plottage has been retconned, I'm partially opting out of the current event -- Gai's previous entries will be unavailable for perusal. Srsly, this is his third or fourth journal in two years..... However, everything from this post until the end of the event will be open for all to see!]]
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*standing on a high wall, watching the sunset over the school lake*

..I feel stronger now than ever before. Constant training and activity will do that! Yesterday, I surpassed my previous speed record by thirty-six seconds!! BEAT THAT, MY ETERNAL RIVAL. Wherever you are..... It is amazing that even though our numbers are scattered throughout the earth, we will shortly come together again for another glorious year in each others' presence!! Speaking of which, who needs to catch up on summer homework? The days go by faster than you think!

[[Look at that, he didn't cite any of the trigger topics. Let's see how long that lasts! XD]]
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HaHAH!! Out of the field at last, and with the restrictions taken off my journal, so as long as I don't say anything classified..... I'M BACK!!! What an intense, grueling, interminable experience... they said being undercover this mission was going to be stressful, and they were right! But JUSTICE prevailed in the end -- and... *ink drips on the page as he pauses, trying to think of something to say about the mission that isn't classified* ..I really, really need more clean socks....

CONGRATULATIONS, HOGWARTS, on completing your finals!! *SHINY, SHINY GRIN* Another year is almost over, and you've all surpassed your limits and grown amazingly!

NICHOLAS!! I'M BACK!!! >D How did our precious pupils do on the Charms final?

..Too bad there was no time to get THE PROJECT off the ground. I'll have to ask Paul about it later.... he's had time since that probation stopped, whatever it was..... and I never got in touch with Reggie....

Private )

All right, what's everyone been doing while I was away? Tell me all about it! *scribbled smile-face with a thumbs-up*

[[Strikes unhackable. Gai's right arm will be in a sling for the next few days. This post will ICly be set a few hours after his return to the castle.]]
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[[Very, very private]]

*nostalgic sigh* Not even an hour to spend here, and Hogwarts... I can't risk it until I get rid of... *illegible* rules about using journals *grumble* overseas classified business *scribble* of all the ridiculous convoluted....

*stares at calendar*

And I won't be there.....

NO!! Can it be said that my friends will move to their next year at Hogwarts -- and some on to the glorious anticipation of their future lives -- without acknowledgment from Konoha's proud green beast!? Impossible -- a TRAVESTY!! Let it not be said that Maito Gai allows the bond between himself and his friends to be broken by mere distance!!! My beloved comrades, though personal obligations may rend us asunder, I am with you in spirit wherever you may go!!!


*looms over the writing-desk at his London flat, and with a DYNAMIC flourish of his wand... well, let's just say he'll probably never get all the ink and shredded parchment out of the walls and ceiling....*

*and within a week, shortly after exams, each of his friends and comrades back at Hogwarts will receive a glitzy, shiny, eye-searingly flashy and utterly heartfelt bright green HOWLER proclaiming Gai's pride in their accomplishment in terms that will no doubt be heard in Timbuktu!*

[[Consider this a stopgap post as I find my way back into the game. The letters include upbeat personalized messages, can probably be muffled by Silencio if the spell is really powerful, and may come at any time and reach their intended recipients -- including staff members -- anywhere, so have fun picking just the right moment for your character to be bowled over by one~!

OOC note for continuity purposes )]]
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Private )

Filtered to Tenten )

Professor Conrad!! Thanks a MILLION for straightening out all those dueling customs -- the knowledge saved my life at least twice this weekend! And THAT, boys and girls, is why you should study history with a vengeance -- if you don't understand the nuances of other cultures, what you don't know is likely to come back and BITE YOU.

Speaking of which, it does my heart good to see such enthusiasm over the sporting events that are coming up. After this cold, sedentary winter, it's time to get your blood pumping and your eyes shining again... and then you can set to your studies with renewed vigor!

..And. LEE. Have you settled in with your revised class schedule yet? Now that we are both representing Gryffindor for Sports Day, we have to make time for training as well! With hard work and zealous dedication, there is NO WAY WE CAN LOSE!!!
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How is everyone? All ready for the new term?? Well, even as you all bundle up in anticipation of the winter wonderland of Scotland in January, I will be racing to the station to catch the train along with you all!! REJOICE, YE STUDENTS -- the Ministry has given me a WHOLE WEEK to be at Hogwarts until everybody's settled in to the new term! So if anybody has need of the special help of the Wizarding World's glorious proud green beast during the first few days of school, you have only to call upon me!!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

[[Filtered to Lee]]

Are you ready to go back to the castle? The arrangements should only take a few days.


[[Filtered to Neji]]

Is there anything you need from your Ravenclaw dorm? Or from your teachers?


[[And so Gai returns to Hogwarts once again... just in time for tomorrow. Mwahahahaha. >D]]
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*lands by the Hogwarts gates, slinging his broom over his back before walking through the wards and up the hill*

Silence... from all corners... is this the eye of the storm?

Good grief, it's WARM today! If not for the shining white melting snow scattered all over the land, I would think spring was on its way! But I remember the way of these winters in Scotland... so mild, and then..... *wicked grin*

In a day or so, I shall be going to Hong Kong to participate in the shockingly early celebration of the Chinese new year!!! THERE WILL BE PICTURES!!! Lee, I can hardly wait! But work must come before pleasure, and I have my patrols to do today!

Sakuraaaa! How about that run? The lake path looks all cl*SCRIBBLE*

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No Portkey available today. But I will not be late while I have a broomstick!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ..I saw the train while I was flying north.... what's it doing making a trip at this time of year? Supplies? A new teacher?? Good grief, I hope no one else got hurt....

[[Filtered to Neji]]

This is another new journal, so maybe it will actually work and you will be able to read this.



[[Filtered to TenTen]]

My journal blew up and I did not receive your latest messages. What is going on?



I should talk to the Counselor. The Ministry has pamphlets about depression, but they are too general to be any use. If it's this bad, I cannot fail him through incomplete understanding. I... as much as I care about him, I cannot do this alone....

This has gone far beyond poor Neji. Ah, my Lee... loss and rejection have ruled his young life. His foster parents, resenting his magical disability. His best friend... disappearing for years, trying to kill him, and then disappearing again after they'd reconciled.... other friends leaving, one by one... perhaps only his youthful spirit sustained him for this long.... confound the Ministry, keeping me back in London after the paperwork was in already.... ..does he think that even I will leave him? These wounds are so deep, so deep....

I can't lose him....


Only another week, then the winter break and we will -- but...

*swears blackly, then covers the words with a heavy strikeout when he realizes what he's said*

That assignment.... I had forgotten.....

[[Due to ministry work and his all too convenient journal malfunctions, Gai has NO CLUE what has been happening since he left Hogwarts on Wednesday. He will be arriving on the castle grounds as you read this, nearly frozen solid from flying all the way to Scotland in the dead of winter, visibly shaken by Lee's recent signs of major depression, and with his hair significantly shorter in front. Rose, Jen, Cella, Kris, EMAIL MEEEE!~]]
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*emerges from the Ministry telephone booth and throws a sheaf of papers up in the air with glee*


*darts around the square in a fit of excess energy, catching each page before it touches the ground; wipes away a few TEARS OF JOY, clasping the papers to his heart* Ah, Professor Constantine and Sir Integra would be proud of me today!! And the next section is Stealth and Tracking. With my training, it should go by like a mild summer breeze!!!!

*strides down the sidewalk, oblivious to the stinging rain, grinning at all and sundry, and pulls out his journal, which has naturally caught every word preceding*

Hahaha, now to get back to the school a whole day early!!! I can't wait to see Lee's face... and Hirako says it's snowing up north... I wonder if the Drama Club decided what they're going to do next... or whether Fakir found his stalker yet.... and winter break is coming right up.... in the snow.... I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!

[[Strike nearly unhackable, especially to Lee, because Gai wants to surprise him. ^^ He'll be walking back up the Hogwarts steps shortly before curfew.]]
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[[Private, 20% hackable in the last paragraph]]

Only two more weeks.... *fretting like whoa*

Something's happened to Sir Integra, and she won't say what. Her shoulder is stiff in a certain way -- I've seen that type of movement before. How could she have sustained an injury like that? ..Who would attack a teacher!?

..It's just starting to sink in.

I'm graduating.

I'm going to leave Hogwarts.

This is the END.

*clutches hair*

My studies are going well. I can afford to hold off for a time. It would be a TRAVESTY to spend the last days of this GOLDEN PERIOD OF MY LIFE with my nose stuck in a book, cut off from the marvels with which my alma mater abounds. I am a wizard at Hogwarts! That is cause for CELEBRATION!!! I hereby resolve that I will spend my final days in this NOBLE INSTITUTION in close communion with nature, the castle, and my CHERISHED, PRECIOUS FRIENDS!!!!!


Filtered to Kimimaro )

*strides out MANFULLY into the castle corridors, his every sinew vibrating with FERVOR AND DETERMINATION*

[[*grumbles at comment notification lag* And now I get all the comments. Aaaargh!!! Hogwarts denizens, prepare to encounter Gai!!! Cella, we still need to do that spar. And Kage, if you'll be online later today, let's talk. Mwahahahaha.]]


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