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All this reminds me of when.... no, it couldn't be. The Hokage should have it safely hidden away. Besides, last time it only affected Lee and I..... that is, I think....



WELCOME to all our guests this week!!! It is tremendously exciting to have so many interested people here to observe our fantastic school! And if any student is harmed because of this, you'll have to answer to me.

Speaking of observing, I am thrilled at the work all of my former students have been doing since Noin took over the class. I've seen you out as I patrolled the grounds, and you've all been doing splendidly!!~

However, abandoning full-time teaching has left me with a gaping hole in my daily activities, and we all know what that means. Desultory inaction is not for the glorious, proud Green Beast of Hogwarts. As of today, I am now the Teacher's Assistant for the Pre-Auror Training class!!! Between myself and Professor Albarn, we'll make sure that all of you are fully prepared for the challenges to come!

[[Strike barely hackable (attitude more so). Whee!]]
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*leans out his window, breathing the scorching summer air and gazing out over the village which he thinks of as his home-away-from-Hogwarts; automatically cataloguing the best rooftop routes to any destination in sight, glancing up at wheeling birds and stroking the owl that has just released a thick letter into his hands*

*mutters* Hah, I've been waiting for this.....

[[Private, unhackable]]

..Eep, the initiating exams begin in early July!!!! *clutches parchment* This is dated two weeks ago! Why do my owls keep getting lost!? Is someone intercepting them?? *GASP* It's probably Uch, I must be fair, it could still have to do with that confounded artifact.... How low can you get, tampering with the post!??? All right, that does it -- tracking spells on all owls from now on.

Oh, and speaking of finding lost objects...!!


[[Filtered to the Fuu-break-out people]]

Why didn't anybody MENTION that one of our schoolmates was in DIRE PERIL!??? Lady, Renji, and everyone -- good luck with your plan!! Give that egregious rascal WHAT FOR!!!


[[Behold the magnificence of the Candybar Gai Doll!!!! OK, so I did cheat a bit with the hair and eyebrows. Photoshop was right there and bowlcuts can look better than that, darnit. ^^

And a glorious Fourth of July to those who celebrate it! *backlit by sparkling fireworks*]]
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[[Private, unhackable]]

Secret Portkey back to Konoha... I don't like traveling with this thing, but it can't be trusted to owl post or even Floo. The Hokage will know what to do with it, and good riddance!!!!

If the papers go through... they'll find me here, of course, bureaucracy can find you anywhere if it wants to... come on, come on, how long can they possibly take? It's been a MONTH already!!!!


Hah, I'm so fortunate to get a chance to visit people right at the beginning of summer!! Reporting to the mission office first thing, and then it's catching up on procedure and maybe an assignment or two -- I could be here all week! *PROUD GREEN POSE* LOOK OUT, JAPAN, HERE COMES GAI-SENSEI!!!!


[[Itaaaaaaaaaachiiiiiiiiii, he is coming for j000000000000000.]]
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*slumps by a statue of Bældæg the Bilious and rubs his stinging ribcage; two blue 'bullet' marks stain the left leg of his camouflage fatigues, and there's one on his right side -- still blue, which meant that it must have thought it bounced off a rib -- and a flaring streak across his back*

*grits his teeth: if these had been large-calibre bullets, his bones would have been destroyed; as it is, the scenario seems to be designed with small-caliber weapons, and the mock bandages he had created out of strips of his torn robes should be sufficient to stop the 'bleeding' and allow him to keep moving, if not to fight at full strength*

*because in this kind of game, this test of survival, the ability to keep moving -- to stay on your feet, to fight to the last -- was what mattered the most: to cling even through pain to the mission, the objective, and the inner strength to attain it*

*hearing no sound of pursuit, Gai pulls out his journal and scribbles a brief, shaky note -- one that he'd meant to write two days ago, before the Battle Royale had come out of nowhere and taken all his free time*

[[Filtered to Sir Integra]]

Sir, after the current activity ends, I have a report to make on a matter we discussed a while back. Please leave me a note as to when.


[[Don't worry, Gai's still in the arena. Since he hasn't had many live encounters, this is to establish that he actually is fighting and getting shot at and stuff, even when I'm not around.]]
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I can't believe it.....

I was there, and I can't believe it....

I need to talk to Professor McGonagall... she'll have to verify this, and there's the registration paperwork... at least Lee recovered much faster this time... and Kimi didn't need to use that deadly talent... who knew Obito knew that much about Dark Creatures? And Sakura's sheer power was... it was just... there ARE no words!! But what the five of us encountered today--

*hesitates, writing is stiff* ..No, the six of us. Whatever else I may think of him, what he did down there cannot be ignored.

Someone will have to deal with this. Who knows how far back those three went? Will anybody miss them? From whence did they come!? But whatever they were, their purpose was inflammatory and their motives corrupt -- and besides, they were the ones who attacked Lee!!!!!


[[Private to Integra]]

Sir, I have a report about the matter that you told me to look into.


[[Par for the course, here's the post-fight non-specific coda to this. Chronologically, the whole thing took place THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Feel free to notice Gai's distracted, bug him about related or unrelated matters, and stay tuned for signs of the apocalypse log completion, etc.]]
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AAAAAAH!!!! There's a HOLE in my pocket!! How long has that been there!? No wonder my quills kept going missing.... and why is the lining of my robe stuffed with squirrel feed!?? Maito-kun, you rascal! *laughing*

[[Private, hackable to friends]]

How very strange!!! -- there's a certain... tension in the air... a feeling of waiting, of IMMINENCE, of the INEXORABLE JUXTAPOSITION OF EVENTS... as though an ONRUSHING CONCATENATION OF UNSTOPPABLE CIRCUMSTANCE is building up to some GRAND AND UNKNOWN END.... feels.... though something good is going to happen.


It must mean I'm going to ace my NEWTs!!!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*


[[HAH. Finally online!!!]]
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And if anyone needs me after class, I'm going... off. Somewhere. To train.

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

That sunlight... it completely threw me off. Never had a chance to work on the formula, and classes were still in session today, despite all the strangeness that's going around. Can't anything be done for these poor people!? This is Hogwarts -- you can't tell me there's nobody here who can reverse the effects!!!

Things to do today:
     Map the fourth-floor tunnel
     Finish retracing my steps through those last strange days
     Sneak up on Uch ..STAY OUT OF SUNLIGHT
     Turn visible again


[[Filtered to Lee]]

*standing in an abandoned classroom on the fourth floor* Now, this is an important secret that isn't to be revealed lightly. *waves wand at the mirror on the far wall* Dissendium!

*the mirror silently swings open, revealing an ominous dark staircase leading down*


[[Strike illegible.]]
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My last few weeks as a student here... it's enough to make a grown man weep. Summer will doubtless be choked with the assignments I need to fill my duty roster for the next half-year. I can't believe Kakashi's missing the end of the term. That must be some assignment -- but I'LL TRACK HIM DOWN IF IT TAKES ME ALL SUMMER!!!!

I must find that artifact. I WILL find that artifact. If I don't find that artifact, I'll double my NEWTs revisions every evening! If retracing my steps doesn't help, then... mind-magic? The Pensieve? *shudders* As unsettling as that would be, keeping the Eye of Rassilon out of enemy clutches is too important to leave any stone unturned.


What a blustery day this is -- with the wind pouring down from the mountains like this, it's a challenge to make any headway at all. *PROUD WINDSWEPT POSE* But when I return to the castle with the gale at my back, I'll probably get to set a new record for sp--

*slapped in the face by a lengthy sheet of parchment* SAKJHKFHDS?!!! *flails* Whose homework is this???
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Neji, that black eye is SPECTACULAR.

I'm going to train outside from now on -- it would be ridiculous to waste all this GORGEOUS SPRING AIR. Heather, it's good to see you back in the school!!! And has anyone seen Sakura Haruno?


If you're reading this, Neji, cut it out.


*blank space where a piece of parchment has been stuck between the journal pages*

There... this isn't part of the journal, so it should be safe from prying eyes. Though Neji isn't loose-lipped by any means, Sir Integra said that no one was to know about this.

There are too many Dark Wizards around. Whether they follow Voldemort or a dead Muggle fanatic, it's horrible to realize that there are people so twisted that they might plan to attack a school. They won't get away with it, though -- not while I'm here. This is exactly why I plan to become an Auror: for the ability to protect the innocent and stop these villains from hurting anyone else. But if Hogwarts becomes a battleground, there are bound to be injuries unless the students have a chance to escape.

Wait -- the secret Hogsmeade passages!!! There are... what, seven? And Filch probably knows about four... but it doesn't matter who finds out if they can be used to evacuate the students in case of danger. Of course, one's under the Whomping Willow... I wonder if Immobulous would stop the branches? And the one behind the fourth-floor mirror is treacherously damp. I'll have to look in again and see whether it can be shored up with magic.

[[Testing the byakugan, whut!! Italics unreadable. Don't worry, these developments won't affect the population at large. And Gai's looking for Sakura to work on Transfiguration, but doesn't yet know that she's been fighting with Itachi.]]
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[[Filtered from Heather]]

The owls are leaving with Heather's basket this afternoon! So far we have:

      bread non-floating sandwich rolls, charmed for freshness
      a coloring book (since it came off so well last time)
      flowers and cards

If anyone wants to add something, let me know!!!!!



Sir Integra's new schedule is replacing two-thirds of my regular training regimen, and with Lee running alone in the mornings, I hardly see him anymore. Got to schedule some one-on-one practice with him before exams are upon us. And McGonagall would choose this week to hit us with extra Transfiguration work. The new textbook helps -- though I should have waited until the next Hogsmeade weekend. All of this worry and chaos is uncomfortably reminiscent of days when rule-breaking was a matter of survival. I shouldn't be resorting to that mentality here in CIVILIZATION!!!!

I wonder, though... that tunnel's got a dangerous reputation these days... so why were there fresh footprints before I went in???


If there's one thing this school's got right, it's breakfast. And -- ah, here comes the mail! *leaps out of his seat to intercept a small scroll before it lands on his pudding*

*pulls it open -- expression flashes from surprised to appalled to highly disturbed*

*lets the scroll roll up and bolts for the corridor*

[[Dreaded Evanescence caption whut!!]]
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*emerges gasping from behind a huge pile of books and parchment* Tamaki, I hear that your endeavor was a great success!!! Hopefully next time I'll be able to attend as well!

[[Filtered to friends of Heather Mason, and away from Heather herself]]

To anyone who knows Heather... she is currently visiting an injured relative at St. Mungo's. We're putting together a package to send her, representing BEST WISHES AND SOLIDARITY IN THIS TROUBLED TIME. If you'd like to include anything, contact me here.


[[Filtered to Heather]]

How is he?



If this goes on any longer, I'll have to speak with Oruha. It's possible she doesn't realize that Lee still wants to be her friend. She... she couldn't be ignoring him on purpose, could she?? And to accompany his own eternal rival to Tamaki's dance..... dratted NEWTS revisions, if I'd only been there.....

My application is probably arriving at the Ministry this very minute. By tomorrow night I should have more time to look for that artifact. Even Point Me doesn't work for that stupid bit of magical copper. The house-elves don't have it either. I'd ask the ghosts, but they've been oddly... smug about something lately..... *shivers*

Sakura wants candy. It may be time... to make use of that place again. *OMINOUS GRIN*


[[So many new faces!!!! Welcome, everyone! I'll be around sporadically this coming week because of finals.... hmmm, according to the HPL, Hogwarts exams are the first week of June, so Gai is also going to overwork himself more than usual preparing for NEWTs. Oh, and EXPECT PLOTTAGE this week!!! *OMINOUS... wait I said that already*]]
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Between Lee, Sakura, and Allen, and now hopefully Neji, our morning workout is becoming a VIBRANT SOCIAL EVENT!!! Nonetheless, we must continue to surpass ourselves in striving for excellence. As springtime hastens to fling the newborn sun over a landscape hungry for warmth, so will we hasten to greet the day with ENTHUSIASTIC VIGOR!! The sunrise has gotten earlier -- INSTEAD OF FIVE-THIRTY, WE WILL NOW TRAIN AT FIVE O'CLOCK!!!!


*pacing* I hope she'll be all right... Madame Pomfrey knows her business... the school has everything she needs... she's strong and healthy... they'll take care of her... must turn thoughts to other matters... Tim didn't have that artifact after all... but Dumbledore says it's still in the castle... perhaps I missed it earlier in the week.... maybe it fell out in Jareth's old maze.... which is near the Hospital Wing... no, think of something else... Uchiha seems under the weather... perhaps I harmed him more than I thought... but he would have sought attention... he usually does... I don't understand that man at all... Professor Masters yelled at everyone today... tempers are running high... Dark Wizards encroaching... and this place, with all its children... THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE.....


[[Due to the low survival rate among children where Gai grew up, he's overly worried by the events in progress.]]
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Why doesn't the library have an extra copy of Cultures of Power?? *frets* Does anyone have a copy I can borrow?

I wouldn't have guessed Professor Moonstone to be one of those Dark Magic gangsters. He was quiet and... sad sometimes... but a Dark wizard... it goes to show how little people really know of one another. And who's this Voldemort, and why do peoples' voices drop when they say his name?? Heaven help us if such people have begun to gather again. Time to owl the Ministry about their Auror training program.....

[[Private, hackable to really, really persistent friends]]

I can't find it -- looked all over the Great Hall, but to no avail. I'll have to tell Dumbledore. He'll be FURIOUS... no, he'll probably be disappointed, which is worse.

And WHY do I keep bumping into Uchiha!? It seems like he's in every room I walk into lately, or if he's not there, he arrives eventually -- and often in a worse temper than usual. If a teacher hadn't intervened last time, we might have come to blows.

But I told Sakura would take the HIGH ROAD and not react. And I will. For exactly as long as he does.


Has anybody seen a sort of round copper amulet with a spinning figure-eight in the center?

[[XD He still doesn't know Itachi has the artifact. Strikes illegible, and mood reads as 'irritated' except to whoever can hack.]]
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*shaking out a mass of sooty pink fabric* Well, that's the end of these robes: they met an honorable demise lighting our way in the labyrinth. Maybe I can use the cloth for something else.... but it's GLORIOUS to be back in my own dorm after half a week of sleeping on the floor. And a good night's sleep along with a judicious application of healing salves CAN INDEED WORK WONDERS!! If I'm not back in training by tomorrow, I'll double my daily run for the rest of the year!!!!

LEE!!! When you're done with today's classes, let us review the lessons gleaned from last week's chaos!


I can't believe I spent the last few days with the memories of a person from some strange parallel dimension. With the cause of the phenomenon still unknown, I've been worried about it happening again, but Sir Integra said to BE PREPARED, so I will!!!!

*empty space where several sheets of parchment have been stuffed into Gai's journal*

So much has happened lately -- but this is a time for ACTION, not contemplation. Some Quaffle practice should clear my head. I hope Shin has the time -- and he said he'd ask Samus as well. Still... even though nothing in the huge heap of loot from the Katamari turned out to be mine, I feel as though something has been misplaced.....

*checks pockets*



[[The papers bear a lengthy and quite private screed describing Hogwarts and Gai's life in detail, containing such sensitive matter that even I don't know what's in them. XD He hasn't seen The News yet, and will now be dashing down to the Great Hall to search for that pesky artifact, which he lost during the fight. FEEL FREE TO INTERRUPT.]]
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*fumbles in a pocket of his pink spring robes* Well, this is aggravating.....

[[Private, hackable to those who know about The Artifact]]

This thing... *digs out the Eye of Rassilon, which twists gently on its fine chain* It was quiet for a while after I got back from St. Mungo's, but now it's doing... something. The disc starts spinning rapidly at random times during the day. Even Spell-o-tape doesn't stop it. And Dumbledore said I have to keep carrying it around.... but why??


[[Here are Gai's results on the Color Quiz! )*CACKLES*]]
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Tar and feathers... peculiar creatures roaming the halls... odd effects from pranked comestibles.... yes, this has been an interesting April First.

[[Filtered to Professor Jackson]]

Professor -- you said you had a minute? *digging in his pocket for THE ARTIFACT OF D00M*


[[Backdated to whenever Gai met with Professor Jackson. Oh, and if you didn't get to Sakura's party last night, just step back in time to when it's still going on! XD]]


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