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[[Private; partially hackable]]

Hmmmmm. I wonder how the dueling lessons are going. Perhaps they need a helping hand.

Nobody could blame Madame Bones for being so angry -- that's what comes of letting the Daily Prophet run the investigation.... Nngh!! The head of the Aurors shouldn't let herself be pushed around like that! As it is, if they don't get serious soon, who knows where those evildoers will flee to?

..And when it all happened.... where was the Headmaster? I'm going to have to have a long talk with that man.



School break is almost over! Soon we will all be converging upon Hogwarts once again. Now, more than ever, this is the time for dedication and HARD WORK! I hope you're all prepared for the most intense spring term ever!!!

[[Filtered to Yamino]]

THANK YOU for the card -- I appreciate it so much!


[[Filtered to Misa]]

How did you know!? I always wanted one of those!!~


[[Filtered to Jade]]

...........................................I don't know what this is, but if there's anything fishy about it these tests will pull its teeth before I even open it!!.............much.appreciated.


[[And here is Gai's gift list. THE OWL STRIKE MADE THEM LATE. Again, if there's anyone Gai knows whom I've managed to miss, please remind me!

Ahiru: a puzzle featuring 30 different types of waterfowl.
Colette: a useful box to put things in!
Hel Odinson: a pretty bow to put in her hair, because she did so well with the detention he gave her.
Fakir: a small Foe-Glass charmed to look like a picture frame to anyone but him.
Haku: a silver-white scarf with fluffy tassles.
Honey Haninozuka: a training jumprope with pink bunnies on the handles.
Ikki: 92359 matchboxes, because surely he can find something to do with them.
Koushiro: a graphing calculator with magical functions for Transfiguration and Astronomy. >D
Lee: brand new formal robes and a MAGICAL ALARM CLOCK~~~
Misa: an emergency sewing kit with a useful scissors and lots of needles and thread!
Mori: a bo staff.
Mytho: a wooden flute.
Osaka: pet pebbles with cute little faces on them. (He still has her pet rocks, and they had babies.)
Shinji: a wizarding game of 3-D Twister, which Hufflepuff has to take time out to play at some point!
Tamaki: shiny peach nail polish (HE MISLABELED ONE OF MISA'S GIFTS BY MISTAKE) and fancy cufflinks.
Tenten: a renewable Portkey that she can set for its own specific destination
Ty Lee: bright red leg-warmers to use when she's being athletic!!
Vivi: a bunch of colourful ribbons for crafts!~
Yamino: a thick, comfortable blanket with a warming charm.

And any other first-years in his flying class: instructions for shiny, colorful skywriting charms that they can use next time they fly!

Cierra: a customizable plushie that she can charm to look like anyone she wants it to (he saw it in a store and thought it was the most AWESOME AND CREATIVE gift he'd ever seen).
Reggie: a nose-biting teacup that only he can use without getting eaten nipped.
Vala: an incredibly obnoxious awesome Santa hat that flashes different colors and plays polka versions of all her favorite carols.
Spirit: new winter boots with a built-in warming charm.
Wolfwood: a brass compass that points to civilization, wherever it's nearest.
Zidane: a bonsai banana tree, complete with really tiny bananas!

AND for any other professor he's on good terms with: a ticket for a FREE WORKOUT, guaranteed to improve their strength, circulation, and stamina and leave them sore for a week!!!
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