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Hm... how could anybody have been so careless as to cut the bristles off so many of the school brooms!? Such awful pruning could serve no purpose! Fortunately a few good Reparos should serve for now, until someone can gather enough new twigs....

They've got to be tested, though, before they can be trusted with the safety of the students who will need to use them. And what better way to test them than.... BEATER PRACTICE!!!

[[Not!filtered to staff]]

HEY!! Anybody want to help me test out the brooms? Professor McGonagall tells me that the Bludgers are brand new and VERY feisty!!


[[Not!filtered to Wolfwood]]

Dumbledore said yes!!! As much as it pains me that we will no longer be working so closely together, I want you to know that if you ever need my strong arm and unswerving dedication, you have only to call upon me!!


[[Not!filtered to certain seventh-years]]

I remember when I was in the same place as you all are.... studying for NEWTs and on the very cusp of GRADUATION!! And while it is true that life has many twists and turns and nobody can say with certainty where they will be when next year rolls around, it is important to have a goal to strive for. Have you found yours? If there is anything I can do to aid you in grasping it and rising from this portion of your education in the triumph and glory of true accomplishment, I will do my best to be of aid!! *page is spotted with TEARS OF EMOTION*


[[A random number of the brooms that Gai has fixed will have responded less than well, and will make their displeasure known by bucking, twisting, turning upside down, and randomly spiraling down toward the ground or racing into the paths of various oncoming Bludgers. The seventh-years referred to are those who can be counted among Gai's particular friends, including but possibly not limited to Lee, Tenten, Osaka, Fakir, Rukia, and Tamaki. As it is, though, the whole school can see it. XDDD As, unfortunately, Wolfwood-and-Tenten-mun still can't be around, matters pertaining to her characters are mere stopgaps until she gets back.]]
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