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[[Filtered to Hel]]

Let me know how your detention progresses. And remember -- don't set anything on fire!!


..AUGH!!! I don't know how I'm ever going to get this stuff out of my hair! It had better be washable, Zidane, or I'm going for a dunk in the lake AND TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!

I hope all of you had as fabulous a Halloween as I did. Flying classes will resume on Monday before breakfast, so everybody be ready. And be sure to wear your House scarves. The Quidditch pitch can be chilly at that time of day!

[[Gai was among those leading students through Zidane's Haunted House. The marshmallow slugs paid him extra attention.]]
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*lands by the Hogwarts gates, slinging his broom over his back before walking through the wards and up the hill*

Silence... from all corners... is this the eye of the storm?

Good grief, it's WARM today! If not for the shining white melting snow scattered all over the land, I would think spring was on its way! But I remember the way of these winters in Scotland... so mild, and then..... *wicked grin*

In a day or so, I shall be going to Hong Kong to participate in the shockingly early celebration of the Chinese new year!!! THERE WILL BE PICTURES!!! Lee, I can hardly wait! But work must come before pleasure, and I have my patrols to do today!

Sakuraaaa! How about that run? The lake path looks all cl*SCRIBBLE*

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*slams fist into wall not too hard, though -- that would be irresponsible*

[[Private, loud part is hackable XD]]

Why does training have to be NOW!???? *cries* And I never did find out where everyone was getting cookies to send... WELL. I shall have to find an AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT way to make it up to everyone!!! At least they let me bring my journal this time.....


Private to Ino )

Private to Hinata )

Private to Jaggerjack )

Private to Fakir )

Private to Lee )

[[Gomen nasaiiiiiiiiiiii!! I really wanted to participate in this but... GAAH. Unfortunately Gai has been training too hard, studying too much, and traveling too often to get his act together about the festival. Funny how art imitates life. Wherever he is right now, he's thinking of all of you! <3]]
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Staff quarters, staff quarters, staff quarters! *dances* I get to stay at Hogwaaaaaaaaaarts!!!!

Well, as I only have one solid week here before my Auror classes start in London, I'm going to make the most of it!! *proud green pose* WHO WANTS TO GO FOR AN INVIGORATING RUN AROUND THE LAKE!????


What a summer..... epic at both its best and worst! Heart-wrenching at times, and yet full of the most unexpected sources of joy. Although... sometimes I could swear this new journal is looking at me. O_O

Gaara's situation... something definitely has to be done. Now, of all times, his friends must stand by him. As long as Neji and Lee are no longer at each other's throats, perhaps they could join together in this endeavor. Hmm... Mytho is also sounding odd lately -- I don't know why it's taken me so long to notice. Stupid journal. Whatever they all got up to over at Ahiru's... I wouldn't have expected them to return separately, and so... muted, I suppose. And Rinali has a chicken?? And all these new faces! I missed a lot, apparently.

WELL!! On to happier matters -- tonight I start my first patrol of the grounds! The whole school looks different now that I'm no longer a student. The first years are so tiny! *chuckles* Come to think of it, I never did get that one's name.... she wants to feed the giant squid, eh? No problem!!! Her COMC teacher will be proud of such fearlessness and zeal!


[[Johnson-mun, do you have time at all to plot? *big hopeful anime eyes*

BTW, for the sake of clarity, Gai now falls under the category of 'authority' when it comes to anti-authority filters. So he'll now miss out on a lot of stuff. ;_; Feel free to see him around the castle and grounds.]]
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YOSH!!!! It's a perfect day to FROLIC IN THE LAKE -- come on, people, let's go SWIMMING!!! It's a perfect diversion from upcoming exam study, and it's also great exercise. Ever try to spar underwater? There's NOTHING LIKE IT ON EARTH!!!!

Uchiha, I can see your common room from down here!

[[Backdated to yesterday (drat having realtime stuff to do), and strike illegible like whoa, unless a Slytherin can see him from their underwater window. XD Gai will be wearing a wetsuit, as pictured, because he has his Bubble-Head Scuba Certificate and intends to swim down (to a safe distance, of course!) and hobnob with the Giant Squid.]]
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*slams the common room door HARD, stomps up to his dorm and straps on his heaviest ankle weights*

[[Filtered to Lee, Temari, teachers, and anyone else who really needs to know where he is]]

I'm going for a run around the lake.


[[Hogwarts!Gai is in an extremely lousy mood right now for reasons he'll doubtless refuse to discuss. Anyone can see him passing by, but be prepared for un-Gai-ish curtness. I'm assuming Temari has Chibi!Gaara in hand or something.]]
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Appended hereunto, and strictly filtered from either Gai, is a message from the Headmaster, with a strict directive against revealing Hogwart!Gai's activities to the Gai who is still in London -- on the pain of consequences too dire to imagine.

Private, thirty percent hackable )

Filtered to Kimimaro )

Lee, Kimi, Temari -- I'll be by later today, if you need anything.

Private, especially from everyone still in St. Mungo's )

Filtered to Professor Jackson )

If anybody needs me, I'll be down by the lake, training with Lee.
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*jogging around the lake, watching a purple sunset over the mountains as his breath freezes in the last rays of the setting sun*

[[Auuugh. Been one of those days where the words just don't fit together, so? Cue messing about on Photoshop. This takes place sometime before the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN. And now, back to your regularly scheduled drama.]]
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*bounds up the stairs* HAH! Good as new! I should have gone to Madame Pomfrey in the first place. *laughs* That'll teach me to listen to my own advice.

[[Filtered to Tatsuki]]

Just wondering... Are you all right? You've been preoccupied lately.... is there anything I can help with?


Private, 10% hackable if you're really persistent )

LEE-KUN! Now that we're both in top condition again, how about a refreshing sprint around the lake??

[[Integra-mun, if that's not okay, I'll take it out.]]
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*grumble* Somebody needs to install revolving doors and a snack bar in the Hospital Wing, given how many people have landed there in the past week.....

[[Private to Oruha]]

Would you look at that sunset! The colors of the clouds reflecting from the snowy hills, liquid yellow and ruddy gold.... a beautiful end to a baffling day.

So... you wanted to tell me something about Lee's letter?

[[This takes place last night, and explains how Gai missed the whole candy mountain thing. I swear, I go home for the day and everybody decides to post..... XD]]


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