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..This has gone on for long enough. It was a tempting job when I took it, but what's happened has made everything clear.

Filtered to Noin )
Filtered to Hufflepuff House, except Minato )

*may be seen, after hours, patrolling the grounds as he did last year, and heaven help the wrongdoer who falls into his hands*

[[Strike not hackable. This should have been up, and is thus backdated to, Wednesday, but Stuff Came Up. *bricks RL*]]
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*this is Gai's journal*

*this is Gai's journal on the floor where it fell out of his robes while he was practicing walking up the stairs on his hands*

*it's a good thing people respect others' property around here, or someone might easily find it and scribble in it... or dunk it in the pumpkin juice... or hide it in strange places... or find it and hide it in other places... or feed it to the thestrels... or.....*

..*and there goes our hero, six floors up, striving to rise higher ONE.STEP.AT.A.TIME*

[[Starting now, Gai will only be able to comment in person until he gets his journal back. 8D]]
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[[Filtered to Hel]]

Let me know how your detention progresses. And remember -- don't set anything on fire!!


..AUGH!!! I don't know how I'm ever going to get this stuff out of my hair! It had better be washable, Zidane, or I'm going for a dunk in the lake AND TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!

I hope all of you had as fabulous a Halloween as I did. Flying classes will resume on Monday before breakfast, so everybody be ready. And be sure to wear your House scarves. The Quidditch pitch can be chilly at that time of day!

[[Gai was among those leading students through Zidane's Haunted House. The marshmallow slugs paid him extra attention.]]
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How is everyone? All ready for the new term?? Well, even as you all bundle up in anticipation of the winter wonderland of Scotland in January, I will be racing to the station to catch the train along with you all!! REJOICE, YE STUDENTS -- the Ministry has given me a WHOLE WEEK to be at Hogwarts until everybody's settled in to the new term! So if anybody has need of the special help of the Wizarding World's glorious proud green beast during the first few days of school, you have only to call upon me!!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

[[Filtered to Lee]]

Are you ready to go back to the castle? The arrangements should only take a few days.


[[Filtered to Neji]]

Is there anything you need from your Ravenclaw dorm? Or from your teachers?


[[And so Gai returns to Hogwarts once again... just in time for tomorrow. Mwahahahaha. >D]]
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..*sitting in the Great Hall, has coffee and scorched robes to go with his scorched hair and massive dark patches under his eyes, GRUMBLES*


..Whoever let those Whizbang Backarappers loose in the Owlery last night, it was NOT FUNNY. *headdesk* ..confounded all-night patrols at a time like this.....

[[Edit: at least now the name represents a firework rather than a candy.... ^^;]]
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Raining?? In the Great Hall!? All right, everyone try a shield spell! And you upper-years who know drying charms, help out the little guys -- we don't need anyone getting sick and missing out on their holidays! I'll be right d--


*is now on his way down one of the staircases at top speed*

Up Is Down

Nov. 13th, 2007 08:01 pm
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[[Private, hackable to acquaintances]]

..Come to think of it, it's VERY strange that the Auror program doesn't put more emphasis on pure self-defense. There's plenty of magical dueling, but almost nothing about simple hand-to-hand combat. What if a person's wand is lost -- or broken!? That shouldn't have to be a crippling blow, especially for a wizard! WELL. As long as I'm on the grounds, nobody will lack for a fervent sparring partner against whom to test their skills!!!!


Ah, the happy sounds of industrious study!! Everybody, watch out for the west corridor on the third wing -- I hear it's full of some kind of bubble charm that simply sweeps people off their feet. But don't worry, it'll soon be put to rights!!!

*jogs down the hall, smiling at all and sundry*

[[Feel free to be responsible for (or affected by) the bubble prank... or to have a spar with the Green Beast. XD]]
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Thank goodness I didn't throw it away after all....

[[Filtered to third-years and up]]


Did you know they don't let the Ministry screen a lot of the really great Muggle horror movies because the werewolf and vampire lobbies put the bite on them don't like it!? WHOA, WHO KNEW??? But here's the good part: our Muggle Relations professor is having some of us participate in a scary movie night before Halloween, and I got permission to leave my other journal in the theater so we can watch it from here!!!!

And what a movie it is, too. Terror! Horror!! ROMANCE! And plenty of RIP-ROARING ACTION!! Two hours of your day, and a memory that will HAUNT YOU. *creeeepy letters* For ALL ETERNITY. Come to the Defense classroom if you dare, and experience the horror classic of a lifetime: A ZOMBIE STOLE MY HEART!!!


[[Following the popular idea that journals can be used to transmit moving images as well as words, Gai has managed to arrange for a zombie movie to be screened at Hogwarts. 'A Zombie Stole My Heart' is not a real movie, but one can imagine it contains all the trademark zombie tropes we know and love. Oh, and the journal picture might be a bit grainy, but that's a small price to pay for the EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME, right? XDDD]]
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*showing off new knowledge of emoticons* >DDDDD

What a weekend!! It's wonderful to be back in the darkened, echoing halls of Hogwarts, even if it is three in the morning. Gad, who's awake at this time of night!? Auror training is... but NO, it's a NOBLE ENDEAVOR and I must MASTER MY WEARINESS and STRUGGLE ON!!!!

[[Private, 50% hackable to associates]]

But no food all day does not a virile warrior make!!! An Auror must get the right amount of nutrition to keep up his strength. Food, sleep, and an EARLY START TO BUILD CHARACTER -- and if I don't get up at five to catch up on what's been going on around the castle, I shall run around the lake twice before breakfast!!



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A rainy afternoon slowly fades into grey evening as the cold autumn wind whips tendrils of fog across the grounds. The odd ray of low-slanted sunlight withdraws in defeat, and the dark earth and dusty clouds seem to leech all the color out of the world. As night comes on, rain pounds the slated Hogsmeade rooftops and hammers at the heathers and grasses beyond the little town.

Slowly, creakily, the gates of the castle swing open and a lone figure strides through, his brow furrowed like thunder. The rain has soaked his robes; he can move no faster than his current brisk walk, but strains with every nerve to reach the castle, where -- against all odds perhaps -- he might gain some measure of peace.

[[AM BACK FOR A FEW DAYS. YOSH!!! Gai left his journal at Hogwarts and has no idea what has been going on in his absence. Come on, everyone, confuse him! XDDDD]]
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*pauses on the platform, looking back at the castle*

Same old castle... as proud and glorious as the day I first beheld it... Hogwarts the bold, seat of wisdom, font of justice, holding the power to move nations or minds.... I'll m-m-miss this place....

Shall I ever look down into that valley again, I wonder?

LEE!!! Have you got everything? No traces of that infernal potion left, I hope.... Where's Maito-kun? Assignments on hand? Lost objects found? Trunk properly labeled, and your FERVENT HEART PREPARED FOR THE SUMMER??? THEN LET US BE OFF!!


[[First strikeout taken directly from LOTR. XD Gai will be taking the train to London, wherein he will proceed to new lodgings near Diagon Alley. He will mostly be hanging out with his friends and Lee, though with everyone crammed onto the train, he could conceivably bump into anyone. XD]]
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*slight creak, a gleam of white light, and a hoarse whisper*


*the wand-light is extinguished, leaving a shaft of indirect torchlight coming in from the hall, into which creeps a dim figure, pale and tired and streaked with grime; desks are visible nearby as obscure, shadowy shapes, and the light glints as it glances off some reflective surface*

*mutters* Good lord, I had no idea it was so late.....

*tiptoes over to a door, leans out and hears nothing*

*slight sound like the cracking of an egg -- a moment later a blurry shape slips out and hurries down the hall, well camouflaged and surprisingly quiet for its size*

[[Ooh, look who's out after hours. None of this is actually written, so the only way to know that this is happening is to come across Gai in the hall. He's partially Disillusioned, which gives him a sort of chamelionic ability to blend in with the background, especially if he's standing still (OotP), and is heading straight back to the Hufflepuff common room five flights down. Kage, this is by way of background for what we were talking about.]]
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[[Private, 20% hackable in the last paragraph]]

Only two more weeks.... *fretting like whoa*

Something's happened to Sir Integra, and she won't say what. Her shoulder is stiff in a certain way -- I've seen that type of movement before. How could she have sustained an injury like that? ..Who would attack a teacher!?

..It's just starting to sink in.

I'm graduating.

I'm going to leave Hogwarts.

This is the END.

*clutches hair*

My studies are going well. I can afford to hold off for a time. It would be a TRAVESTY to spend the last days of this GOLDEN PERIOD OF MY LIFE with my nose stuck in a book, cut off from the marvels with which my alma mater abounds. I am a wizard at Hogwarts! That is cause for CELEBRATION!!! I hereby resolve that I will spend my final days in this NOBLE INSTITUTION in close communion with nature, the castle, and my CHERISHED, PRECIOUS FRIENDS!!!!!


Filtered to Kimimaro )

*strides out MANFULLY into the castle corridors, his every sinew vibrating with FERVOR AND DETERMINATION*

[[*grumbles at comment notification lag* And now I get all the comments. Aaaargh!!! Hogwarts denizens, prepare to encounter Gai!!! Cella, we still need to do that spar. And Kage, if you'll be online later today, let's talk. Mwahahahaha.]]
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Neji, that black eye is SPECTACULAR.

I'm going to train outside from now on -- it would be ridiculous to waste all this GORGEOUS SPRING AIR. Heather, it's good to see you back in the school!!! And has anyone seen Sakura Haruno?


If you're reading this, Neji, cut it out.


*blank space where a piece of parchment has been stuck between the journal pages*

There... this isn't part of the journal, so it should be safe from prying eyes. Though Neji isn't loose-lipped by any means, Sir Integra said that no one was to know about this.

There are too many Dark Wizards around. Whether they follow Voldemort or a dead Muggle fanatic, it's horrible to realize that there are people so twisted that they might plan to attack a school. They won't get away with it, though -- not while I'm here. This is exactly why I plan to become an Auror: for the ability to protect the innocent and stop these villains from hurting anyone else. But if Hogwarts becomes a battleground, there are bound to be injuries unless the students have a chance to escape.

Wait -- the secret Hogsmeade passages!!! There are... what, seven? And Filch probably knows about four... but it doesn't matter who finds out if they can be used to evacuate the students in case of danger. Of course, one's under the Whomping Willow... I wonder if Immobulous would stop the branches? And the one behind the fourth-floor mirror is treacherously damp. I'll have to look in again and see whether it can be shored up with magic.

[[Testing the byakugan, whut!! Italics unreadable. Don't worry, these developments won't affect the population at large. And Gai's looking for Sakura to work on Transfiguration, but doesn't yet know that she's been fighting with Itachi.]]
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Whew... she's stuck to the... big rolling whatever-it-is. That should put paid to her VILE SCHEME!!!!!


HAH, I have finally succeeded in properly filtering this journal!!

We're getting used to this strange world. When Sir Integra finds out where this castle is, we'll be able to send for help (but I still think we should get messages out right away, now that we've found the owls). Thanks to the spell-books in the Library, we're learning spells like WILDFIRE, but people keep getting lost (even with the new map) or stuck to that giant ball of STUFF that's rolling around. It's even caught that blue-haired villain who threatened Himawari. *growls* Why can't it catch all the missing-nin as well??

There are so many people here... from different places and times. I can't figure it out -- Lee-kun, Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke are all much older than I remember them, and Gaara of the Sand is somehow Kazekage (at his age!!!!), but Naruto is still his old self! And there's no sign of my other two genin....

Or of Kakashi. Sharingan Kakashi, the genius Hatake, my eternal rival, who would move heaven and earth to be here if he knew his students were in danger. I have to wonder, now, whether he still lives.


[[Filtered to Gai's Group]]

Our corridor is now warded against menaces! If anyone wants to roam the castle, DON'T DO IT ALONE. Stay together and keep practicing defensive spells, and we'll all come through this trial with FLYING COLORS!!!!!


[[Thanks to a group effort, anyone entering the fourth floor corridor with bad intent will receive an electric shock, have his gravity reversed, and end up stuck to the ceiling under a pile of piping hot croissants. Forgive them; they're just working with what they've got. XD And Gai still hasn't read his whole journal, so there may be more surprises in store for him.]]
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TAMAKI SUOH? I'm here with Honey Haninozuka, who says he saw you in the crowd. If you can meet us on the fourth floor, we might be able to pool our information on where we are and what's going on.

*words heavily scored into the parchment* Itachi, stay away from Haruno Sakura or you will never see another sunset.

[[Sporadically private -- he's not used to the system yet]]

We spent the night in a storeroom on the fourth floor. Sleeping bags and other supplies started appearing as soon as we'd settled down -- it was like MAGIC, which seems to exist here as well. So far we've explored... less than a fifth of the castle. Click for Gai's map! ) There's... stuff all over the place... as though hundreds of students simply dropped what they were doing and lost their memories. But there hasn't been any looting -- horrible creatures with huge ears and eyes appear out of nowhere and give thieves electric shocks!! Apparently something in this place knows what items are supposed to belong to which person, and isn't letting anyone claim another's belongings.

And this journal... it's all in my handwriting, but if I did write it, I must have been insane!!


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*stares out the Great Hall window into a wall of dampness*

Fog?? Heh -- one must expect such things during spring in Scotland. It'll be a challenge, getting to class through the outer portions of the castle. We'll probably have to use Point Me to get down to the creature shed for COMC.

Lee-kun!!! Even though you're preparing for OWLs and I'm preparing for NEWTs, it's never worthwhile to neglect one's health. Prepare yourself for some self-defense training!!! Meet me in the Whomping Willow courtyard before your afternoon classes!


Sir Integra.... is reading a novel. Unbelievable. She even said she'd lend it to me when she's done. It's long, it's archaic, and if I don't get through it in record time, I'll start over in the original Japanese!!!!

She's so different at this age -- so quiet and unconfrontational. She doesn't even react when Snape glares at her. It's... almost like when Gaara turned young again.... What could cause such a change in a person? Is it something in her past -- something that's now her future?

I wonder what she'll remember later on....


Where is Chizuru, anyway? And has anyone seen Tatsuki?? Why is everyone disappearing around here? I know it's a foggy day, but this is ridiculous!

[[To prepare for Lee's DADA OWLs, Gai will work with him on blocking various jinxes, hexes, and curses through using taijutsu and working with his environment. Lee's job will be to lose Gai in the mist, lure him under the Whomping Willow, catch him off-guard, and otherwise counter his magical attacks.]]
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*on his way to the classroom, grimly following Jareth's cryptic directions*

So I started a bit late -- had to clean up after that little game with Drizzt. How a kid that small could get so muddy is completely beyond me. And the first two routes were wrong -- I opened a door and realized the path had ended in a broom closet on the fifth floor!! But I still have fifteen minutes. That's plenty of time to work out the correct route!!!

*sways, propping himself against a pillar* ..Why is my head spinning?

*stumbling up from the Hogwarts Express with Lee in tow*

Th... this is strange... you'd think that train ride... would have rested me up.....

Curious. One might almost imagine that the castle is.... somehow upside down. Did I accidentally walk through a patch of anti-gravity mist...?

*pauses to rest against a wall, wondering if Lee is experiencing the same thing; doesn't realize that the artifact, which he was fiddling with on the train, is still dangling from his fingers*

S-something's ominous about the shadows. Almost as if something's... going to happen.... *glares about, confused*

[[Last chance to scare London!Gai out of his leg-warmers before he disappears into the past!]]
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*waving his bit of map* OI!! who else is in Professor Jareth's class??


That's funny, I... seem to be losing my balance more than usual today. Everything seems a bit... unfocused, as though my vision is doubling, but really it's not.... *grits teeth* This doesn't make sense. I'm perfectly fine. I'll just have to work through it.




Ah, this is marvelous! We have the whole train to ourselves, and now there's hardly anything left of this nightmare but a long, peaceful ride back to Scotland.

[[Private, hackable to Lee because he's right there, 40% hackable to everyone else]]

FINALLY! Judging by everyone's entries, the whole school has practically gone insane without us. It's so nice to feel wanted. *laughs, twirling that odd artifact between his fingers* And if that imposter's still lurking around the castle, I'll finally have a chance to root him out and find out how he managed to write in my journal!!


[[Back- or forward-dated to whenever the second Lee and Gai actually do travel back to Hogwarts. As I recall, the trip takes a whole day, so they'll arrive at dusk. Meanwhile, the temporal effects of the Mysterious Artifact are warping the first Gai's spatial awareness, so he's going to have a pretty rough time getting through Jareth's maze. ITACHI-MUN, GET ON AIM!!!]]
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Appended hereunto, and strictly filtered from either Gai, is a message from the Headmaster, with a strict directive against revealing Hogwart!Gai's activities to the Gai who is still in London -- on the pain of consequences too dire to imagine.

Private, thirty percent hackable )

Filtered to Kimimaro )

Lee, Kimi, Temari -- I'll be by later today, if you need anything.

Private, especially from everyone still in St. Mungo's )

Filtered to Professor Jackson )

If anybody needs me, I'll be down by the lake, training with Lee.


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