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Whatever this curse is, it's been interesting -- I never knew Hogwarts was full of such sheer talent!! Hahahaha, Hirako, that monkey worked as well as you said it did! XD Misa... that song was so nice! MUGEN, I WANT THE LYRICS!!! And... uhm... Sgt. Johnson... I still have your guitar....?

[[Filtered to Tatsuki and Grimmjow]]

I wish it hadn't happened... but... that was an AWESOME battle. How are you two feeling?


Shouldn't have left Hinata's present back in London.... Anybody have a razor? The usual spells aren't working and I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I was my own evil double!!!

[[This is why the razor. >D Assuming it didn't last all night, this is Gai's unspecific "and then it was later" post. Anybody who wants to attack him with random unscheduled songs, this is the time! XD Sophie, Hirako, here or in the log community?]]
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*strides up a Hong Kong street at five in the morning, whistling and carrying his rucksack and far too cheerful and alert for the time of day*

*finished his mission a day ahead of schedule, got all his reports in and owled off everyones' presents, and is on his way uptown to surprise TenTen and Lee*

*ah, life is good~*

Gai's Incredible and Amazing Gift List )

[[Gai has been out of touch and hasn't received any mail yet, but will do tomorrow or thereabouts. ^^ Jumping on the bandwagon to say that if I've missed anyone who should be on Gai's list, give me a poke!]]
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*jogs from the Ministry entrance to a nearby park -- the same one he'd wandered through the previous night -- finds an unoccupied bench and pulls out his journal*

Filtered to Gai's friends and associates )

YOSH!!!! With my tests complete, it will soon be time to quit this happy town and begin the next month's EPIC WILDERNESS ADVENTURE, where the sights and scents of city living are replaced by insectile drones, wheeling buzzards, and the desiccating heat of the dusty desert air -- where senses must be sharp and spirits honed to the keen knife-edge of SURVIVAL!! LEE!!! Where will we be meeting? And farewell, my London friends -- MAY YOU ALL HAVE A FANTASTIC, PRODUCTIVE SUMMER!!!!!

And HEY!!!! Happy birthday, Tatsuki!!!!

[[Totally meant to post this yesterday. :D Anything else Gai does in England will have to happen in the next few days. And Tats will shortly receive an owl bearing a gift certificate for her favorite sports supply store.]]
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[[Private, 40% hackable at first because he's writing in the dark]]

Poor Himawari. And Chizuru... and Tatsuki.... sometimes it feels like I can't turn around in this school without hearing about something going wrong. Tsukasa and Hikaru have been too quiet lately... Rinali has nightmares... someone mentioned that Eiji is transferring out.... I haven't even SEEN my HONORED ETERNAL RIVAL around the castle for AGES... if he was called away on a dangerous mission, how would I know...? And Sakura and Lee are training hard just to get back to their regular levels of activity.... *wipes away a TEAR OF PRIDE AT THEIR INDUSTRY*

Hogwarts is a marvelous place, but nobody seems to realize it. Students want to get out, teachers come and go... and that book... it's so sad.....

*getting unhackable right about now as he gets used to writing under these conditions*

And that Itachi fellow is still lurking about. *shudders* Gad, everything about that guy rubs me the wrong way. His simpering smile, his insinuating manner... and I remember his little brother, practically trembling with a burning inner rage over their family's tragic fate, while Itachi doesn't seem touched by it at all. There's something... off-center about him -- as though he could detonate at any moment. And yet he doesn't do anything. The suspense is INTOLERABLE.

*shudders* Enough of that. I've got a classroom to find!!!


I'm lost slightly confused.

And this place is spooky OMINOUS.

And my ribs hurt. And that dratted artifact keeps twitching randomly.


[[Yes, he's going all maudlin about old comrades while on the way to class, trapped in Jareth's new darkened maze! Anyone who takes that class, feel free to join him there while we wait for the Canon Days to start.]]
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All this fog... you'd think we were still in London. Bludger practice is impossible today. Therefore, I'm going to spend the rest of the day indoors, catching up on my books.

[[Private, 30% hackable]]

*leafing through the first chapter of The Tale of Genji*

So this is what Sir Integra spent all that time reading when she was fifteen. The inside cover says it's one of the first novels ever written. But ugh... the plot is hard to follow. I never read novels. It seems like such a waste of time and energy -- who are all these people? Why should I want to read their histories?

Wait -- what's this?


Somebody annotated this!! Who was it? There's nothing in the front cover. But the whole book is full of notes! *gasp* Could it have been... her!?


[[Heh heh heh... what's written there? Spells? Codes? Biscuit recipes? Nana, feel free to claim or disclaim! And pretend we already know whatever happened with Tatsuki.]]
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[[Private -- 40% hackable due to stress]]

Chizuru is missing, that Brock kid's journal looks like he's trying to scribble it to death, Sir Integra may be recovering her memory.... and what the BLAZES happened to Tatsuki!? She's been in the Counselor's office all day, and there's a Silencing charm on the whole corridor.

*tries to study for another few minutes, then slams the book shut*

I'm going over there. She couldn't possibly be in as bad shape as Yukari said she was. And if she is, this is precisely the time when she needs her friends to stand by her!!!

At least I'm not SHORT anymore.


[[As soon as Gai gets a spare minute, he will storm over to Yukari's office and demand to be let in.]]
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*stares out the Great Hall window into a wall of dampness*

Fog?? Heh -- one must expect such things during spring in Scotland. It'll be a challenge, getting to class through the outer portions of the castle. We'll probably have to use Point Me to get down to the creature shed for COMC.

Lee-kun!!! Even though you're preparing for OWLs and I'm preparing for NEWTs, it's never worthwhile to neglect one's health. Prepare yourself for some self-defense training!!! Meet me in the Whomping Willow courtyard before your afternoon classes!


Sir Integra.... is reading a novel. Unbelievable. She even said she'd lend it to me when she's done. It's long, it's archaic, and if I don't get through it in record time, I'll start over in the original Japanese!!!!

She's so different at this age -- so quiet and unconfrontational. She doesn't even react when Snape glares at her. It's... almost like when Gaara turned young again.... What could cause such a change in a person? Is it something in her past -- something that's now her future?

I wonder what she'll remember later on....


Where is Chizuru, anyway? And has anyone seen Tatsuki?? Why is everyone disappearing around here? I know it's a foggy day, but this is ridiculous!

[[To prepare for Lee's DADA OWLs, Gai will work with him on blocking various jinxes, hexes, and curses through using taijutsu and working with his environment. Lee's job will be to lose Gai in the mist, lure him under the Whomping Willow, catch him off-guard, and otherwise counter his magical attacks.]]
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*staggers into the Hufflepuff common room with his arms full of books and parchments*

NEWTS exams are imminent. Their proximity is inescapable now. Professor McGonagall gave us a long speech about them today. *clenches fist* But I'm going to ACE them -- I simply MUST, if I want to be considered for the Auror program.

[[Private; 20% hackable if you really try]]

What's the matter with Tatsuki!? Nobody's personality simply changes like that overnight. And I CANNOT BELIEVE that someone dared to prank Sir Integra. She's as incredible as ever, but younger than ME now, which is ABSURD. And she doesn't remember any of us, which is terribly heartbreaking depressing. All of her classes have been cancelled. She's going to go spare when she finds out. How could such an outrage have taken place!?


*catches a glimpse of his reflection in one of the windows*

Wait -- what the...!?

[[Due to a Transfiguration accident, Gai is now several inches shorter than usual. But yes, I'm BACK! Mostly, anyhow.]]
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*hauls himself back into his cot, shaking and covered in sweat*

Thank heaven that's over.

Obito, you weren't planning to burn down the school, were you? 'Cos I like it the way it is.

By the way, Tatsuki, I meant to thank you for the card! I'LL TREASURE IT AS A TOKEN OF OUR FRIENDSHIP!!! *Nice Guy pose*

[[Private, 70% hackable because of his state of mind]]

*scrubbing tears off his face* Eight hours... he's sleeping peacefully now... I've seen worse, much worse... but this was Lee.....

They're discharging me tomorrow. I'm taking a room near the hospital until Lee's released, which should be some time this weekend. Confound his parents!! No visit... no owl... not a scrap of concern for their injured son. How could my precious Lee have come from such a cruel household!?

I'm glad SOMEBODY has the guts to take a stand about all this fighting. So many of my friends have been hurt lately. What happened to justice and honor? I have problems with Uchiha some people, but skilled fighters should have BETTER THINGS TO DO than to WASTE THEIR ZEAL on PETTY REVENGE. How can they be so disrespectful of their peers -- and dismissive of their own pride and potential!?

And according to Haruko, there's "something big and black" roaming the school. Just what we need -- another mystery.


[[First strike hackable only to Obito; others illegible. And by "somebody", he's refers to Johnson.]]
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Honey, I want to see pictures. It's not fair, being stuck here. ^_^

Counselor Yukari, can you please not kill my friend Tatsuki?

They're going to let me see Lee today! Does anyone have a message for him?

Blasted cast. Stupid brace. At least I can walk now.

[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I wanted to ask you about something I saw during the fight. When Gaara was... enraged... he was talking about himself in the third person -- it seemed as though he was someone else entirely. Do you know of anything that could explain that?


[[Strikes not quite unreadable. I'll probably be offline until Monday -- sorry.]]
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*bounds up the stairs* HAH! Good as new! I should have gone to Madame Pomfrey in the first place. *laughs* That'll teach me to listen to my own advice.

[[Filtered to Tatsuki]]

Just wondering... Are you all right? You've been preoccupied lately.... is there anything I can help with?


Private, 10% hackable if you're really persistent )

LEE-KUN! Now that we're both in top condition again, how about a refreshing sprint around the lake??

[[Integra-mun, if that's not okay, I'll take it out.]]
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[Private, now unhackable]

What a terrible thing to happen... to think that one of my own schoolmates would injure another so grievously! Sakura was right about the dangers of indiscriminate combat. *clenches fist in determination* But that only makes it more urgent that students who might be set upon learn to defend themselves -- and learn how narrow are the circumstances in which it might be acceptable to harm another student!


[Filtered to everyone except Light]

Here's the ULTIMATE CARE PACKAGE we've put together for Light!!! )..Not to mention sympathy cards and such. Does anybody want to add something before we owl it off?


[Filtered to Doctor Kurosaki]

Almost forgot -- can you check if there's anything in there Light might be allergic to?



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