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*stares out the Great Hall window into a wall of dampness*

Fog?? Heh -- one must expect such things during spring in Scotland. It'll be a challenge, getting to class through the outer portions of the castle. We'll probably have to use Point Me to get down to the creature shed for COMC.

Lee-kun!!! Even though you're preparing for OWLs and I'm preparing for NEWTs, it's never worthwhile to neglect one's health. Prepare yourself for some self-defense training!!! Meet me in the Whomping Willow courtyard before your afternoon classes!


Sir Integra.... is reading a novel. Unbelievable. She even said she'd lend it to me when she's done. It's long, it's archaic, and if I don't get through it in record time, I'll start over in the original Japanese!!!!

She's so different at this age -- so quiet and unconfrontational. She doesn't even react when Snape glares at her. It's... almost like when Gaara turned young again.... What could cause such a change in a person? Is it something in her past -- something that's now her future?

I wonder what she'll remember later on....


Where is Chizuru, anyway? And has anyone seen Tatsuki?? Why is everyone disappearing around here? I know it's a foggy day, but this is ridiculous!

[[To prepare for Lee's DADA OWLs, Gai will work with him on blocking various jinxes, hexes, and curses through using taijutsu and working with his environment. Lee's job will be to lose Gai in the mist, lure him under the Whomping Willow, catch him off-guard, and otherwise counter his magical attacks.]]
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*pulls open a window in the Hufflepuff common room and leans out into the fresh air*

AHHHH, what a MAGNIFICENT day. Sunny, comfortably cool, with a light breeze and occasional clouds... a perfect day for outdoor training!!! Sakura, Lee, meet me in the south courtyard! Come on, quick as you can -- YOUTH'S GLOWING FERVOR CANNOT BE POSTPONED!!!


Finally getting somewhere -- good thing McGonagall never asked me what that library pass was for..... gaah, this is harder to understand than one of Jareth's mazes. But this is one of my special goals, and I'LL DEFINITELY GET IT, OR ELSE I'LL... I'll... I'LL JUST TRY HARDER!!!


[[Yes, he's researching Animagi again! Feel free to spot him in the library, hunched and squinting over musty tomes... whenever he's not outside in the GLORIOUS SPRING WEATHER, working with Sakura and Lee.]]
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*can be seen around the castle between classes and over the weekend, training hard to make up for all his recent down-time and coming up with progressively outrageous terms for his self-imposed regimen*

[[Feel free to run into him and get your ear talked off about youth and zeal and inspiration. So Sakura's party is what -- Sunday? LJ or chat?]]
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Appended hereunto, and strictly filtered from either Gai, is a message from the Headmaster, with a strict directive against revealing Hogwart!Gai's activities to the Gai who is still in London -- on the pain of consequences too dire to imagine.

Private, thirty percent hackable )

Filtered to Kimimaro )

Lee, Kimi, Temari -- I'll be by later today, if you need anything.

Private, especially from everyone still in St. Mungo's )

Filtered to Professor Jackson )

If anybody needs me, I'll be down by the lake, training with Lee.
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Just about breaking even on schoolwork. The written stuff was fine, although I'm behind on the practicals... there just hasn't been any time for hands-on spellwork or sparring. But I've resolved be back to full combat form within a week, or else I'll add an extra hour of training every day until I catch up!!!

As for you, Sakura: you have been warned. *shiny grin*

[[Filtered to Lee]]

Lee, have you heard that Drizzt is in the hospital wing? Why don't you go down and visit him? I'm sure he'd appreciate it.


[[Filtered to Mugen]]

Now that I'm back, Mugen, how about that sparring match??


[[I thought of five or six things that Gai should post about today, and forgot them all before getting to the keyboard. *headdesk* Pretend everything's been progressing smoothly for the past few days. And THANK YOU, EIJI-MUN, FOR LINKING TO THAT BEAUTIFUL LIST OF SHRP CHARACTERS. What a great resource.]]
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I'm currently installed in small hotel near St. Mungo's. If the paint is peeling... a lot... and the dust bunnies are lively enough to gnaw my leg-warmers to shreds... and the splits in the insulation are too wide to block off even with The Big, Huge, Massive Compendium of Magical Self-Expansion.... at least it has a marvelous view of... a bunch of chimney-pots, or would if there weren't so much fog!!!! But the best part is I'm on the fifteenth floor, so I get a lot of exercise between visiting Lee and Kimi!!!! Why waste Floo powder when I'm only three doors away?

..I miss my common room. *lip wobbles*

Lee was able to sit up today. He's eager to get back into his regular routine! I've had to promise threaten extra stamina work next week to get him to stay still. His MAGNIFICENT RESILIENCE is TRULY INSPIRING!!!!!

[[Private to Honey, hackable by Lee's friends]]

Honey, your idea of sending Lee a stuffed animal is grand!! What do you think of a giant Chinese dragon, representing his heritage and magical ambitions? And speaking of which, I've ordered Eiji's present. He should be getting it any day now. *shiny grin*


[[Private to Temari]]

Temari, how is Gaara holding up?


[[Honey and Gai got Eiji one of these for his birthday. Ph3ar teh sparkly cuteness of the seventh-year Hufflepuff. Gai also ordered a tortoise for Honey's birthday, to go along with Usa-chan.]]
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[[Unhackable; filtered to the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Sir Integra, and Sabaku no Temari; flagged as Mortally Urgent]]

Professor Dumbledore, if you're in, I need to talk to you urgently about the safety of a student in this school. )


[[Filtered to close friends -- Honey, Sakura, etc]]

If you don't see me today, I'm keeping an eye on something. You can reach me through my journal.


[[Until something else develops, Gai, Temari, or both will be unobtrusively in Lee's vicinity. Feel free to notice that Gai's being uncharacteristically curt.]]
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[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari... can we talk? How's your brother doing?


YOSH!!! Now that the masquerade is out of the way, I'd like to announce a special weekly martial arts workshop for first to fifth years! If you're interested, fill out the form!

Application )

[[Forgot if there was still anyone I had to run this by, so can we say Dumbledore okayed it? XD Applications are screened; so far only Gai, Honey, Sakura, and Kimimaro can see them.

Gai will spend most of Sunday morning forty feet above the Quidditch pitch, doing chin-ups on a broomstick as a consequence of a self-imposed rule made during the masquerade. Feel free to gape.]]
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*bounds up the stairs* HAH! Good as new! I should have gone to Madame Pomfrey in the first place. *laughs* That'll teach me to listen to my own advice.

[[Filtered to Tatsuki]]

Just wondering... Are you all right? You've been preoccupied lately.... is there anything I can help with?


Private, 10% hackable if you're really persistent )

LEE-KUN! Now that we're both in top condition again, how about a refreshing sprint around the lake??

[[Integra-mun, if that's not okay, I'll take it out.]]
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Lee's recovering so quickly... I could SHOUT FOR JOY!!! Thank you, everyone, for coming by to visit. Your friendship fills our hearts with gratitude.

..I've been down here for three days. But with Lee awake and Honey here too, the time has just flown. And IT SNOWED AGAIN! The air outside is sparkling with beautiful, tiny flakes of snow. No good for packing, though -- it's just as well for Sakura-san that this kind of snowfall happened while I wasn't going outside anyway. *reminiscent grin*

Dr. Kurosaki has approved some physical therapy for Lee, specifically a semi-intense breathing kata redesigned for someone who isn't standing up yet. That will keep his stamina up and his muscles in condition without wearing him out. He's promised not to over-exert himself, and I'll see that he sticks to that. But his natural resilience is making the healing process incredibly rapid. Not that I expected any less from his gallant, unbreakable spirit!!!

Could someone send my Arithmancy book down here? I think I left it in the common room.

[[With Lee on the mend, Gai's back to his old exuberant self. In fact, he's BUBBLING OVER WITH YOUTHFUL HAPPINESS. He's now doing pushups in the Hospital Wing while Lee works on the breathing form. Feel free to whack him on the head or something. ;D]]
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LEE'S AWAKE!!!!! And he's making sense! Thank heavens the danger seems to have passed.

Filtered to whoever's in charge of the ball )

Filtered to Sakura )

Filtered to Sir Integra )
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Someone was taking pictures when I returned from break a day late and met Lee for the first time in the castle halls. And they sent me doubles!

Visual Mementos of a Joyful and Fervent Reunion )

Light's basket has been dispatched to St. Mungo's! It took three owls to carry it! (Not filtered because he'll be getting it any minute anyway.) We've switched the crayons for colored pencils and added a Muggle sudoku book (Dr. Kurosaki), a chocolate cake (Misa), and a bottle of Sprite (Angie). Thanks to everyone who helped put it together. Such a wonderful show of solidarity will surely lift our school-fellow's spirits in this trying time.

All this talk about Valentine's Day... Must everybody pair off for this Masquerade Ball? Doesn't that defeat the purpose for those of us who have sadly not found our true soulmates?

..We're still having a party on the fifteenth, for anyone who wants to have a good time with their friends and avoid the romantic overtones.

Filtered to Sir Integra )

[[Original art is here. Feel free to say you took the photos or contributed something to Light's basket.]]
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[Private, now unhackable]

What a terrible thing to happen... to think that one of my own schoolmates would injure another so grievously! Sakura was right about the dangers of indiscriminate combat. *clenches fist in determination* But that only makes it more urgent that students who might be set upon learn to defend themselves -- and learn how narrow are the circumstances in which it might be acceptable to harm another student!


[Filtered to everyone except Light]

Here's the ULTIMATE CARE PACKAGE we've put together for Light!!! )..Not to mention sympathy cards and such. Does anybody want to add something before we owl it off?


[Filtered to Doctor Kurosaki]

Almost forgot -- can you check if there's anything in there Light might be allergic to?

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*staggers into the corridor, shaking off snow*

What a great workout! Thanks for the sparring match, Honey -- your speed and agility are impressive!

Heh... between sparring with Honey, Sir Integra's new training format, and yesterday's truly EPIC snowball fight, I've done more physical combat than paper homework this week -- and most of it outside! There are so many strong children here. *pats the castle wall* My alma mater is indeed a place of marvels! And so many different styles of combat! I wonder if anyone would be interested in a weekly martial arts club?

Anyhow, I'd better head up to my dorm and get changed before my icy clothes start dripping all over the place....

Wait a minute.


[[Between Haruko looking for her guitar and Osaka looking for Gregory, the Hufflepuff common room currently looks like a tornado has gone through it.]]
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*staggers into the school library*

Owwww... what a workout. My whole body is sore. Sgt Johnson's first class was more vigorous than ever, and then there was Sir Integra's training dummy simulation -- bracketed by two full taijutsu workouts, because this morning's one ran overtime! It's almost a relief to have nothing else but paper homework for the rest of the night.

Now where was that SAS Self-Defense Handbook...?

[Private, mood hackable]

I don't blame Sir Integra for being angry. It makes me sick knowing that some of my younger colleagues -- nay, comrades -- indulge in illicit, self-destructive behavior. Hasn't this world seen enough sorrow!? These are supposed to be the best years of their lives. It's bad enough when adults choose to ruin their minds and bodies, but when the youths who represent the shining future of our kind don't even give themselves the chance to gain their full potential... I, I.... *wipes away tears*

They're lucky it's not me that's taking them to task.

*dives furiously into research*


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