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STUDENTS!! Tomorrow, be prepared for a practical test of your abilities, from regulating speed to braking and sharp turns. And for extra credit, the quickest three people in each class who can properly strip down a broomstick and retie the bristles will get full marks! It's important to keep your equipment in perfect condition in weather like this -- the better it is, the less likely you'll stall in midair. See you all BRIGHT and EARLY, and if you have an questions don't hesitate to ask!!


*feels a parchment rustling in the pocket of his robes -- yet another missive from the Ministry's temperamental Auror program* To think, by this time next week I might be doing something entirely different... it just goes to show how important it is to live every moment to its fullest!!


*tucks his journal under his robes and strides out, grinning at all and sundry, for his daily invigorating run up and down the staircases*

[[Fancy house points? *SHINY GRIN~* Comment here to say how your character will do on the practical! Points will go from five (not so good) to twenty (very awesome). And don't worry, Gai's not going anywhere!]]
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*this is Gai's journal*

*this is Gai's journal on the floor where it fell out of his robes while he was practicing walking up the stairs on his hands*

*it's a good thing people respect others' property around here, or someone might easily find it and scribble in it... or dunk it in the pumpkin juice... or hide it in strange places... or find it and hide it in other places... or feed it to the thestrels... or.....*

..*and there goes our hero, six floors up, striving to rise higher ONE.STEP.AT.A.TIME*

[[Starting now, Gai will only be able to comment in person until he gets his journal back. 8D]]
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*walking down the stairs from the new Illusions class, nose in the book Jareth gave him*

These mazes aren't so difficult after all! I was getting a little worried there. You just have to follow the outside walls around one at a time until there's one that doesn't stop short. Heh, that's a useful tactic to use in a real maze, providing one has the time.

*flips a few pages*

Hmm... This section... is a bit trickier..... *sweatdrops* ..wait, where did the rest of the staircase go? *plops down on the truncated steps to keep working on the puzzles*

*walking up to Lee's room in St. Mungo's, glances down as he feels sand crunch under his feet -- blood drains from his face and he dashes up the remaining steps, certain that Gaara's done something awful*

[[Hogwarts!Gai's classes take place during interludes in the Chibi-Gaara situation. LEE-MUNNNN!!! We need to plot!!]]


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