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Private )


..Er... that's the big room down on the first floor to the left of the stairs.


*turns a page and rubs hands gleefully* That should take care of it!! >D

Filtered to Konoha shinobi )

[[Gai did indeed take notes after his last Canon Days experience. Where do you think Lee got the habit? XD As a result of this, he is now aware of what's going on, though he only half believes it.
Oh, and the 'secure base' he's talking about is the fourth-floor classroom where his group hung out last time.]]
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*walks up the trail toward Hogwarts -- blinks and shakes his head a bit dizzily as he passes through the outer wards*

*slows to a halt and stares in shock at the majestic sky-spired castle in front of him.

This... is definitely not Konoha.


[[FIRST POST 8D Second Canon Days are a go -- HUZZAH! This nineteen-year-old Auror in training now thinks he's the twenty-six-year-old jounin sensei of a team of young ninjas. Go ahead, Hogwarts -- bewilder him. XDDD]]
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*finishes writing his thank-yous just as the train pulls up onto the castle grounds*

Notes to Mikage, Hirako, Vivi, Emilia, Sophie, Rinali, Misa, Ikki, and Hinata )

AHAHAHA, I finally have time to look at my journal! HELLO, HOGWARTS!!!~ *PROUD GREEN POSE* This month has been so busy that I have barely been able to snatch time to write -- but I PASSED MY STEALTH AND TRACKING PRACTICALS and now there's only Piffle and Circumspection before the midwinter term is over!! HEY, EVERYBODY!!! *SHINY GRIN* What have you all been up to lately?

A brief stop in my quarters, and then there will be just time to touch bases with everyone befo--

..but... but wait....



[[Notes are only visible to the people therein addressed. And feel free to have seen the graffiti before Gai gets rid of it!]]
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*lands by the Hogwarts gates, slinging his broom over his back before walking through the wards and up the hill*

Silence... from all corners... is this the eye of the storm?

Good grief, it's WARM today! If not for the shining white melting snow scattered all over the land, I would think spring was on its way! But I remember the way of these winters in Scotland... so mild, and then..... *wicked grin*

In a day or so, I shall be going to Hong Kong to participate in the shockingly early celebration of the Chinese new year!!! THERE WILL BE PICTURES!!! Lee, I can hardly wait! But work must come before pleasure, and I have my patrols to do today!

Sakuraaaa! How about that run? The lake path looks all cl*SCRIBBLE*

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*strides up a Hong Kong street at five in the morning, whistling and carrying his rucksack and far too cheerful and alert for the time of day*

*finished his mission a day ahead of schedule, got all his reports in and owled off everyones' presents, and is on his way uptown to surprise TenTen and Lee*

*ah, life is good~*

Gai's Incredible and Amazing Gift List )

[[Gai has been out of touch and hasn't received any mail yet, but will do tomorrow or thereabouts. ^^ Jumping on the bandwagon to say that if I've missed anyone who should be on Gai's list, give me a poke!]]
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Hah, Jiraya's doing fine after all!! *lets the thumb-sized frog hop out onto his hand* Egad, you haven't half made a mess of your terrarium.... I shall have to do something about that....

It is strange to be back in London!! The fog is cold and wet, but all the snow has turned to slush under the wheels of the city traffic. How I envy my comrades back at Hogwarts, in the mountains of Scotland where the snow is still pristine!!! HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY, EVERYBODY -- REMEMBER TO THROW SOME SNOWBALLS FOR ME!!!!

Aaaah, I always forget the presents people give this time of year!! But I have two hours in London before the Portkey to Konoha. I shall have to make those hours COUNT!!!

..How is everything going?

[[Filtered to Emilia]]

Did you get home safely?? Give my regards to Sir Integra! I was sorry to see she had to go back so soon.


[[Backdated to right after the train ride. First strike GONE; second strike filtered to Neji, Tenten, and Sakura; and if your character is in London, feel free to run into him. ^^]]
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Private, 30% hackable to friends )

[[Filtered to Sakura]]

How are you settling in again? *GRINS*


WATCH OUT FOR THE MISTLETOE -- it's sticking people together again!!! Hey, Sgt. Johnson, have you tried putting a magical marker spell on the hexed clumps, so people can readily avoid them if they choose?

And... ZELKOVA!! I hope you're ready for today's encounter!!!

[[Gai was theoretically here during last year's mistletoe attack, though I hadn't joined the game yet, so he's not too surprised at what's going on. Strikes are altogether illegible. Your regularly scheduled dosage of DYNAMIC YOUTH will very shortly be back to full force!]]
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..well, home in England....

..the place has grown on me in the four years since I arrived here, a frightened zealous young Muggle-born preternaturally thrown into a world of incredible marvels.

It's humbling to know how many places I can belong in......

The urge to belong.... it transcends time, space, and culture. When we were dancing in Durgapur, Lee and I, and even Gaara, melded seamlessly with the dervish spirit of that small town. I wept at Gaara's story. An experience like that is more than enough to cause the deep wounds that he struggled with during this last year. Whatever the case... he will always be at home around US!!!!

*sitting down by the window, gazes out over Diagon Alley*

..That owl... even a few days a week would suffice, they said... but where?


SAKURA!!! That run you mentioned around the lake? There are probably some amazing lakes up where you are, so BRING IT ON!!!!!

[[Gaara may not have said anything definite; Gai's responding to the emotion. Have been insanely busy the past few days but may be around tomorrow to work out how the mission is going. If it's not over, just say Gai had to go home early and knew he was leaving it in good hands.]]
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I have never tasted such curry in my life.....

*proudly trying out his new knowledge of Hindi*


*sitting on a stump at the edge of town* What a festival. And what a wedding!! The enthusiasm, the music, the love and good wishes of this tightly-knit people! We learned some INCREDIBLE new moves; our dancing even woke the murgiyan -- the chickens; they crowed all night and are probably as bleared and strung-out as we are now. Though this has not prevented me from completing my daily warm-up as usual! This great occasion will surely mark a new strengthening of ..Lee, mera pyara chota bhai, how do you say "FERVENT BOND OF FRIENDSHIP"? I think we can definitely consider this trip a roaring success!!!!

*sits up suddenly, ninja-sense tingling*

And... what's this, FIVE OWLS AT ONCE!? *stares in surprise and a little trepidation at the flock bearing down on him* Of course -- they were delayed while GET OFF MY HEAD YOU BLOODY ANIMAL our travels made us untraceable. But... but these are m-my NEWT scores and....

*parchment rustling*


*howl of glee* I PASSED!!!! And all my scores are good enough for the Auror program! HOGWARTS, I LOVE YOU!!!! And... let's see, this one's also from the Ministry.....

[[Private, 40% hackable]]

What -- a public service requirement!???? AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! This owl is LATE!! How do I find a volunteer job in only a week while I'm still on assignment!? *PANICS*


[["Konoha's proud green beasts are VICTORIOUS", "I love this place", and "my precious little brother", which comes from Lee introducing Gai all over town as his big brother. <3 Lee and Gaara, feel free to notice that Gai is preoccupied when he comes in from his morning run.

For archive purposes, Gai's NEWT marks )
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Farewell to Konoha the verdant -- Konoha in midsummer!!! Farewell to Japan and my friends and associates therein! That game was fantastic, Honey -- just like old times -- and it was great to see Mori too! Neji, KEEP SMILING. *THUMBS-UP* Tenten, I'm glad your grandmother is looking so well! Sakura, I'll see you in England! And LEE.... FACE THE FUTURE WITH STRAIGHT BACK AND SPARKLING EYE, and I'll rejoin you in approximately a week!!!!!

And now, time and life progress apace, and I must ESSAY FORWARD TO MEET THE NEW WORLD....


*appears in Diagon Alley with a loud POP and a swirl of forest-green robes*


*strides forth with a pack on his back and a glint in his teeth*

[[This week, Gai will begin his Auror entrance exams at the Ministry. During his stay overseas, he visited all the friends he could (feel free to be on the list), and also looked in on Hong Kong, where he grew up. If you're in Japan and don't want to miss his TEARFUL AND FERVENT FAREWELL, go ahead and have a word with him before he has actually apparated. ^^]]
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No more Arithmancy! *dancing madly* THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING WITH ME, SAKURA!!! And the same to Ami's study group! I couldn't have done it without you... or if I had, it would've taken a whole lot longer!!!! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, GUYS, AND I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Only two exams left... and I'M READY!!!! Can you feel that? That TENSION in the air?? The GRIPPING, INVIGORATING FEELING that these moments are the turning point of your life????? It thrills, it chills, it REVITALIZES!!! IT'S THE END OF THE YEAR!! WAAAAAAAAAAHOOOO!!!

Now if only that poultice would work faster....

[[Feel free to have seen Gai slam into a wall (or to have been run over by him) because he was running toward the testing room with his nose in Arithmancy for Dummies. He now has a thick plaster over his left eyebrow, which pushes his fringe up and occasionally flickers with a weird blue light.]]
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SAKURAAAAAAA! Thanks again for that Arithmancy book -- IT'S ALL MAKING SENSE NOW!!!!

Nothing like a busy day to work up a healthy, hearty appreciation for the wonder that is DINNERTIME. Mmmm, the potatoes are excellent this evening. And was that Jaggerjack I saw over at the Slytherin table....


*not laughing, no really*

Private, unhackable... right? )

Ow, that candle dripped wax on -- *flapping his hand to cool it, suddenly bolts upright* YIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! *dancing about and shaking his arm wildly*

[[Filtered to Professor Membrane]]

Aaaaah! What with Kimi's potion being so complicated, I completely forgot that this CRAB was still here!!! GET IT OFF ME Do you have time to take a look at it?


[[Yes, that crab of Professor Dalma's is still in Gai's sleeve. Speaking of which, feel free to notice that Gai's latest SECRET PROJECT is leaving dirt on his robes and worn patches at his knees. Itachi, WHAR IZ U????]]
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[[Private, 20% hackable in the last paragraph]]

Only two more weeks.... *fretting like whoa*

Something's happened to Sir Integra, and she won't say what. Her shoulder is stiff in a certain way -- I've seen that type of movement before. How could she have sustained an injury like that? ..Who would attack a teacher!?

..It's just starting to sink in.

I'm graduating.

I'm going to leave Hogwarts.

This is the END.

*clutches hair*

My studies are going well. I can afford to hold off for a time. It would be a TRAVESTY to spend the last days of this GOLDEN PERIOD OF MY LIFE with my nose stuck in a book, cut off from the marvels with which my alma mater abounds. I am a wizard at Hogwarts! That is cause for CELEBRATION!!! I hereby resolve that I will spend my final days in this NOBLE INSTITUTION in close communion with nature, the castle, and my CHERISHED, PRECIOUS FRIENDS!!!!!


Filtered to Kimimaro )

*strides out MANFULLY into the castle corridors, his every sinew vibrating with FERVOR AND DETERMINATION*

[[*grumbles at comment notification lag* And now I get all the comments. Aaaargh!!! Hogwarts denizens, prepare to encounter Gai!!! Cella, we still need to do that spar. And Kage, if you'll be online later today, let's talk. Mwahahahaha.]]
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I can't believe it.....

I was there, and I can't believe it....

I need to talk to Professor McGonagall... she'll have to verify this, and there's the registration paperwork... at least Lee recovered much faster this time... and Kimi didn't need to use that deadly talent... who knew Obito knew that much about Dark Creatures? And Sakura's sheer power was... it was just... there ARE no words!! But what the five of us encountered today--

*hesitates, writing is stiff* ..No, the six of us. Whatever else I may think of him, what he did down there cannot be ignored.

Someone will have to deal with this. Who knows how far back those three went? Will anybody miss them? From whence did they come!? But whatever they were, their purpose was inflammatory and their motives corrupt -- and besides, they were the ones who attacked Lee!!!!!


[[Private to Integra]]

Sir, I have a report about the matter that you told me to look into.


[[Par for the course, here's the post-fight non-specific coda to this. Chronologically, the whole thing took place THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Feel free to notice Gai's distracted, bug him about related or unrelated matters, and stay tuned for signs of the apocalypse log completion, etc.]]
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*sprints through the halls, brushing past dozens of people who turn and stare in shock*

*dodges past the teachers' lounge, automatically glancing around in case anyone's going to stop him*

*has to yell at the Hufflepuff portrait before it swings open to let him in*

Of all the... confound it... had to be in this tiny, tiny fine print.... CAT PEOPLE!? How could... but that wasn't me; the spell just wasn't big enough to spread across the school like this....

*feels head, shrugs; a fresh robe is drawn out of the wardrobe and draped around thin air*

Thank goodness that worked. I was beginning to think anything I wore would disappear.


[[Strike illegible. Because Gai just has to be different, his Transfiguration research with Sakura resulted in his accidentally becoming entirely invisible -- except for the eyebrows. I promise I was about to do something like this anyway. XD And now you all get to wonder.... does he? Does he not? MWAHAHAHAHA.]]
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Neji, that black eye is SPECTACULAR.

I'm going to train outside from now on -- it would be ridiculous to waste all this GORGEOUS SPRING AIR. Heather, it's good to see you back in the school!!! And has anyone seen Sakura Haruno?


If you're reading this, Neji, cut it out.


*blank space where a piece of parchment has been stuck between the journal pages*

There... this isn't part of the journal, so it should be safe from prying eyes. Though Neji isn't loose-lipped by any means, Sir Integra said that no one was to know about this.

There are too many Dark Wizards around. Whether they follow Voldemort or a dead Muggle fanatic, it's horrible to realize that there are people so twisted that they might plan to attack a school. They won't get away with it, though -- not while I'm here. This is exactly why I plan to become an Auror: for the ability to protect the innocent and stop these villains from hurting anyone else. But if Hogwarts becomes a battleground, there are bound to be injuries unless the students have a chance to escape.

Wait -- the secret Hogsmeade passages!!! There are... what, seven? And Filch probably knows about four... but it doesn't matter who finds out if they can be used to evacuate the students in case of danger. Of course, one's under the Whomping Willow... I wonder if Immobulous would stop the branches? And the one behind the fourth-floor mirror is treacherously damp. I'll have to look in again and see whether it can be shored up with magic.

[[Testing the byakugan, whut!! Italics unreadable. Don't worry, these developments won't affect the population at large. And Gai's looking for Sakura to work on Transfiguration, but doesn't yet know that she's been fighting with Itachi.]]
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*emerges gasping from behind a huge pile of books and parchment* Tamaki, I hear that your endeavor was a great success!!! Hopefully next time I'll be able to attend as well!

[[Filtered to friends of Heather Mason, and away from Heather herself]]

To anyone who knows Heather... she is currently visiting an injured relative at St. Mungo's. We're putting together a package to send her, representing BEST WISHES AND SOLIDARITY IN THIS TROUBLED TIME. If you'd like to include anything, contact me here.


[[Filtered to Heather]]

How is he?



If this goes on any longer, I'll have to speak with Oruha. It's possible she doesn't realize that Lee still wants to be her friend. She... she couldn't be ignoring him on purpose, could she?? And to accompany his own eternal rival to Tamaki's dance..... dratted NEWTS revisions, if I'd only been there.....

My application is probably arriving at the Ministry this very minute. By tomorrow night I should have more time to look for that artifact. Even Point Me doesn't work for that stupid bit of magical copper. The house-elves don't have it either. I'd ask the ghosts, but they've been oddly... smug about something lately..... *shivers*

Sakura wants candy. It may be time... to make use of that place again. *OMINOUS GRIN*


[[So many new faces!!!! Welcome, everyone! I'll be around sporadically this coming week because of finals.... hmmm, according to the HPL, Hogwarts exams are the first week of June, so Gai is also going to overwork himself more than usual preparing for NEWTs. Oh, and EXPECT PLOTTAGE this week!!! *OMINOUS... wait I said that already*]]
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Between Lee, Sakura, and Allen, and now hopefully Neji, our morning workout is becoming a VIBRANT SOCIAL EVENT!!! Nonetheless, we must continue to surpass ourselves in striving for excellence. As springtime hastens to fling the newborn sun over a landscape hungry for warmth, so will we hasten to greet the day with ENTHUSIASTIC VIGOR!! The sunrise has gotten earlier -- INSTEAD OF FIVE-THIRTY, WE WILL NOW TRAIN AT FIVE O'CLOCK!!!!


*pacing* I hope she'll be all right... Madame Pomfrey knows her business... the school has everything she needs... she's strong and healthy... they'll take care of her... must turn thoughts to other matters... Tim didn't have that artifact after all... but Dumbledore says it's still in the castle... perhaps I missed it earlier in the week.... maybe it fell out in Jareth's old maze.... which is near the Hospital Wing... no, think of something else... Uchiha seems under the weather... perhaps I harmed him more than I thought... but he would have sought attention... he usually does... I don't understand that man at all... Professor Masters yelled at everyone today... tempers are running high... Dark Wizards encroaching... and this place, with all its children... THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE.....


[[Due to the low survival rate among children where Gai grew up, he's overly worried by the events in progress.]]
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Why doesn't the library have an extra copy of Cultures of Power?? *frets* Does anyone have a copy I can borrow?

I wouldn't have guessed Professor Moonstone to be one of those Dark Magic gangsters. He was quiet and... sad sometimes... but a Dark wizard... it goes to show how little people really know of one another. And who's this Voldemort, and why do peoples' voices drop when they say his name?? Heaven help us if such people have begun to gather again. Time to owl the Ministry about their Auror training program.....

[[Private, hackable to really, really persistent friends]]

I can't find it -- looked all over the Great Hall, but to no avail. I'll have to tell Dumbledore. He'll be FURIOUS... no, he'll probably be disappointed, which is worse.

And WHY do I keep bumping into Uchiha!? It seems like he's in every room I walk into lately, or if he's not there, he arrives eventually -- and often in a worse temper than usual. If a teacher hadn't intervened last time, we might have come to blows.

But I told Sakura would take the HIGH ROAD and not react. And I will. For exactly as long as he does.


Has anybody seen a sort of round copper amulet with a spinning figure-eight in the center?

[[XD He still doesn't know Itachi has the artifact. Strikes illegible, and mood reads as 'irritated' except to whoever can hack.]]
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*clutches head* What was that!?

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

Egad... I'm sore all over but it's amazing we're both alive.... that was the hardest I've had to fight in years, but.... what possessed me -- what possessed all of us!? I remember knowing... something... and I had to stop him before....

..there was a reason, I know it!!!

*flips through journal* Gaara... the Kazekage!??? And that Seras girl -- why was she working for Sir Integra? And Haruko, Honey, Himawari.... that giant rolling thing... camping out on the fourth floor with the corridor warded in case of madness.... I can't believe all this really happened even though I've got the scars to prove it!


[[Vague, evasive don't-know-what-happened-yet post is a GO!! Due to overexertion and the confusion caused by the end of Canon Days, Gai will be groggy and confused and stick to the Hufflepuff common room for a bit. Feel free to have your character come and watch the ongoing Gai-Itachi fight. Lee-mun, we'll discuss the ending tomorrow, ok?]]


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