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*jogs from the Ministry entrance to a nearby park -- the same one he'd wandered through the previous night -- finds an unoccupied bench and pulls out his journal*

Filtered to Gai's friends and associates )

YOSH!!!! With my tests complete, it will soon be time to quit this happy town and begin the next month's EPIC WILDERNESS ADVENTURE, where the sights and scents of city living are replaced by insectile drones, wheeling buzzards, and the desiccating heat of the dusty desert air -- where senses must be sharp and spirits honed to the keen knife-edge of SURVIVAL!! LEE!!! Where will we be meeting? And farewell, my London friends -- MAY YOU ALL HAVE A FANTASTIC, PRODUCTIVE SUMMER!!!!!

And HEY!!!! Happy birthday, Tatsuki!!!!

[[Totally meant to post this yesterday. :D Anything else Gai does in England will have to happen in the next few days. And Tats will shortly receive an owl bearing a gift certificate for her favorite sports supply store.]]
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARITHMANCY TEXTBOOK??? It's not here -- it's not ANYWHERE!!!! I know I had it yesterday after class! Maybe it got left in the library? Or the Great Hall? Has anyone seen it??


...I've definitely been doing too much Transfiguration revision. Now I'm even dreaming about it. What the blazes is cold and green and six feet long, and why were there vampires involved?? But at least I finished Sir Integra's book!!! It was, well, I didn't understand it, but the notes on the side were an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to get a look at the mechanics of practical spell construction. I took a whole ream of notes. Maybe someday, I'll be able to create spells of my own!!!

Five Es, at least. That's all I need, theoretically -- but the Auror program only takes the best. *paces* Arithmancy is going to be the biggest problem -- and Illusions -- that stuff is hard. But as we keep learning from Counselor Yukari, all work and no recreation contributes to STRESS, and in the unfortunate instances when recreation can't be combined with work, one must find a way to compensate.



[[Strike illegible. Per the clarified rules, Gai's Transfiguration research is secret from everybody except McGonagall, who knew from the start; and he still has a ways to go before achieving his Animagus form.

For the record: Gai's classes. )
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Between Lee, Sakura, and Allen, and now hopefully Neji, our morning workout is becoming a VIBRANT SOCIAL EVENT!!! Nonetheless, we must continue to surpass ourselves in striving for excellence. As springtime hastens to fling the newborn sun over a landscape hungry for warmth, so will we hasten to greet the day with ENTHUSIASTIC VIGOR!! The sunrise has gotten earlier -- INSTEAD OF FIVE-THIRTY, WE WILL NOW TRAIN AT FIVE O'CLOCK!!!!


*pacing* I hope she'll be all right... Madame Pomfrey knows her business... the school has everything she needs... she's strong and healthy... they'll take care of her... must turn thoughts to other matters... Tim didn't have that artifact after all... but Dumbledore says it's still in the castle... perhaps I missed it earlier in the week.... maybe it fell out in Jareth's old maze.... which is near the Hospital Wing... no, think of something else... Uchiha seems under the weather... perhaps I harmed him more than I thought... but he would have sought attention... he usually does... I don't understand that man at all... Professor Masters yelled at everyone today... tempers are running high... Dark Wizards encroaching... and this place, with all its children... THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE.....


[[Due to the low survival rate among children where Gai grew up, he's overly worried by the events in progress.]]
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[[Private, 40% hackable at first because he's writing in the dark]]

Poor Himawari. And Chizuru... and Tatsuki.... sometimes it feels like I can't turn around in this school without hearing about something going wrong. Tsukasa and Hikaru have been too quiet lately... Rinali has nightmares... someone mentioned that Eiji is transferring out.... I haven't even SEEN my HONORED ETERNAL RIVAL around the castle for AGES... if he was called away on a dangerous mission, how would I know...? And Sakura and Lee are training hard just to get back to their regular levels of activity.... *wipes away a TEAR OF PRIDE AT THEIR INDUSTRY*

Hogwarts is a marvelous place, but nobody seems to realize it. Students want to get out, teachers come and go... and that book... it's so sad.....

*getting unhackable right about now as he gets used to writing under these conditions*

And that Itachi fellow is still lurking about. *shudders* Gad, everything about that guy rubs me the wrong way. His simpering smile, his insinuating manner... and I remember his little brother, practically trembling with a burning inner rage over their family's tragic fate, while Itachi doesn't seem touched by it at all. There's something... off-center about him -- as though he could detonate at any moment. And yet he doesn't do anything. The suspense is INTOLERABLE.

*shudders* Enough of that. I've got a classroom to find!!!


I'm lost slightly confused.

And this place is spooky OMINOUS.

And my ribs hurt. And that dratted artifact keeps twitching randomly.


[[Yes, he's going all maudlin about old comrades while on the way to class, trapped in Jareth's new darkened maze! Anyone who takes that class, feel free to join him there while we wait for the Canon Days to start.]]
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*grumbles* Didn't realize I was running out of crayons... I'd better Transfigure a few more. It's all good practice, anyway. *rubs hands gleefully* At least Dr. Kurosaki's Pepper-Up Potion took care of my hay-fever.... so I can face the day with CLEAR-HEADED ZEAL!!!

Ordinary black robes are far too pedestrian for the BRIGHT PROMISE OF THIS GLORIOUS SEASON.

Sakura, you really should reconsider. Pink DOES go well with green.

[[In honor of springtime, Gai will be casting Orchideous at random points around the school, as well as surreptitiously Transfiguring suits of armor into youthfully cute pastel versions of their former selves. Due to lack of time between activities, he will attend class wearing his usual training outfit (green jumpsuit and orange legwarmers), along with a yellow and black Hufflepuff tie, under a newly Transfigured set of bright pink robes. There's also pink paint in his hair. JARETH, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. XDDDD

Edit: Thanks to Kurosaki, now there's smoke pouring out of his ears as well. If anyone wants to rib Gai's fashion sense, this is definitely the time.]]
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*pulls open a window in the Hufflepuff common room and leans out into the fresh air*

AHHHH, what a MAGNIFICENT day. Sunny, comfortably cool, with a light breeze and occasional clouds... a perfect day for outdoor training!!! Sakura, Lee, meet me in the south courtyard! Come on, quick as you can -- YOUTH'S GLOWING FERVOR CANNOT BE POSTPONED!!!


Finally getting somewhere -- good thing McGonagall never asked me what that library pass was for..... gaah, this is harder to understand than one of Jareth's mazes. But this is one of my special goals, and I'LL DEFINITELY GET IT, OR ELSE I'LL... I'll... I'LL JUST TRY HARDER!!!


[[Yes, he's researching Animagi again! Feel free to spot him in the library, hunched and squinting over musty tomes... whenever he's not outside in the GLORIOUS SPRING WEATHER, working with Sakura and Lee.]]
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[[Private, slightly hackable]]

What WAS that sudden weakness that struck me in Jareth's maze!? *pulls out that darned artifact* It's got to be connected with this. But what is it -- what does it do!? Professor Jackson must have never gotten my note... I'll have to leave him another if I don't see him around the castle.

Must find time today for the intensive Beater practice I took on as a consequence of being in that bad mood. But first..... *rubs hands gleefully*


[[Filtered to the Sakura's-Birthday conspirators]]



[[Only one Gai left now, sorry, people. But EEEEEE, some generous soul granted this journal a lot of new icon space!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! *hugs whoever you are and goes off to upload scads of icons*
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*on his way to the classroom, grimly following Jareth's cryptic directions*

So I started a bit late -- had to clean up after that little game with Drizzt. How a kid that small could get so muddy is completely beyond me. And the first two routes were wrong -- I opened a door and realized the path had ended in a broom closet on the fifth floor!! But I still have fifteen minutes. That's plenty of time to work out the correct route!!!

*sways, propping himself against a pillar* ..Why is my head spinning?

*stumbling up from the Hogwarts Express with Lee in tow*

Th... this is strange... you'd think that train ride... would have rested me up.....

Curious. One might almost imagine that the castle is.... somehow upside down. Did I accidentally walk through a patch of anti-gravity mist...?

*pauses to rest against a wall, wondering if Lee is experiencing the same thing; doesn't realize that the artifact, which he was fiddling with on the train, is still dangling from his fingers*

S-something's ominous about the shadows. Almost as if something's... going to happen.... *glares about, confused*

[[Last chance to scare London!Gai out of his leg-warmers before he disappears into the past!]]
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*waving his bit of map* OI!! who else is in Professor Jareth's class??


That's funny, I... seem to be losing my balance more than usual today. Everything seems a bit... unfocused, as though my vision is doubling, but really it's not.... *grits teeth* This doesn't make sense. I'm perfectly fine. I'll just have to work through it.




Ah, this is marvelous! We have the whole train to ourselves, and now there's hardly anything left of this nightmare but a long, peaceful ride back to Scotland.

[[Private, hackable to Lee because he's right there, 40% hackable to everyone else]]

FINALLY! Judging by everyone's entries, the whole school has practically gone insane without us. It's so nice to feel wanted. *laughs, twirling that odd artifact between his fingers* And if that imposter's still lurking around the castle, I'll finally have a chance to root him out and find out how he managed to write in my journal!!


[[Back- or forward-dated to whenever the second Lee and Gai actually do travel back to Hogwarts. As I recall, the trip takes a whole day, so they'll arrive at dusk. Meanwhile, the temporal effects of the Mysterious Artifact are warping the first Gai's spatial awareness, so he's going to have a pretty rough time getting through Jareth's maze. ITACHI-MUN, GET ON AIM!!!]]
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*walking down the stairs from the new Illusions class, nose in the book Jareth gave him*

These mazes aren't so difficult after all! I was getting a little worried there. You just have to follow the outside walls around one at a time until there's one that doesn't stop short. Heh, that's a useful tactic to use in a real maze, providing one has the time.

*flips a few pages*

Hmm... This section... is a bit trickier..... *sweatdrops* ..wait, where did the rest of the staircase go? *plops down on the truncated steps to keep working on the puzzles*

*walking up to Lee's room in St. Mungo's, glances down as he feels sand crunch under his feet -- blood drains from his face and he dashes up the remaining steps, certain that Gaara's done something awful*

[[Hogwarts!Gai's classes take place during interludes in the Chibi-Gaara situation. LEE-MUNNNN!!! We need to plot!!]]


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