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[[Very, very private]]

*nostalgic sigh* Not even an hour to spend here, and Hogwarts... I can't risk it until I get rid of... *illegible* rules about using journals *grumble* overseas classified business *scribble* of all the ridiculous convoluted....

*stares at calendar*

And I won't be there.....

NO!! Can it be said that my friends will move to their next year at Hogwarts -- and some on to the glorious anticipation of their future lives -- without acknowledgment from Konoha's proud green beast!? Impossible -- a TRAVESTY!! Let it not be said that Maito Gai allows the bond between himself and his friends to be broken by mere distance!!! My beloved comrades, though personal obligations may rend us asunder, I am with you in spirit wherever you may go!!!


*looms over the writing-desk at his London flat, and with a DYNAMIC flourish of his wand... well, let's just say he'll probably never get all the ink and shredded parchment out of the walls and ceiling....*

*and within a week, shortly after exams, each of his friends and comrades back at Hogwarts will receive a glitzy, shiny, eye-searingly flashy and utterly heartfelt bright green HOWLER proclaiming Gai's pride in their accomplishment in terms that will no doubt be heard in Timbuktu!*

[[Consider this a stopgap post as I find my way back into the game. The letters include upbeat personalized messages, can probably be muffled by Silencio if the spell is really powerful, and may come at any time and reach their intended recipients -- including staff members -- anywhere, so have fun picking just the right moment for your character to be bowled over by one~!

OOC note for continuity purposes )]]
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'' hold the other line....'' )

[[Complete lyrics are here. Reactions? Reflections? Moar music? Comment away!

AND. Some amazing, fantastic person gifted his journal with a paid account. INCREASED ICONSPACE YAAAAYS. THANK YOU, WHOMEVER YOU MAY BE!!!!<3]]
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Maito Gai's synonym --

attractive (... as in hunk!)

'What is your synonym?' at


AND NOW: ask Gai any question AND IT SHALL BE ANSWERED!!! Except, erm, adult-rated questions, plz? Come on, you know there's something you've been wondering about the Wizarding World's GLORIOUS GREEN BEAST!!!
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Staff quarters, staff quarters, staff quarters! *dances* I get to stay at Hogwaaaaaaaaaarts!!!!

Well, as I only have one solid week here before my Auror classes start in London, I'm going to make the most of it!! *proud green pose* WHO WANTS TO GO FOR AN INVIGORATING RUN AROUND THE LAKE!????


What a summer..... epic at both its best and worst! Heart-wrenching at times, and yet full of the most unexpected sources of joy. Although... sometimes I could swear this new journal is looking at me. O_O

Gaara's situation... something definitely has to be done. Now, of all times, his friends must stand by him. As long as Neji and Lee are no longer at each other's throats, perhaps they could join together in this endeavor. Hmm... Mytho is also sounding odd lately -- I don't know why it's taken me so long to notice. Stupid journal. Whatever they all got up to over at Ahiru's... I wouldn't have expected them to return separately, and so... muted, I suppose. And Rinali has a chicken?? And all these new faces! I missed a lot, apparently.

WELL!! On to happier matters -- tonight I start my first patrol of the grounds! The whole school looks different now that I'm no longer a student. The first years are so tiny! *chuckles* Come to think of it, I never did get that one's name.... she wants to feed the giant squid, eh? No problem!!! Her COMC teacher will be proud of such fearlessness and zeal!


[[Johnson-mun, do you have time at all to plot? *big hopeful anime eyes*

BTW, for the sake of clarity, Gai now falls under the category of 'authority' when it comes to anti-authority filters. So he'll now miss out on a lot of stuff. ;_; Feel free to see him around the castle and grounds.]]
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I have never tasted such curry in my life.....

*proudly trying out his new knowledge of Hindi*


*sitting on a stump at the edge of town* What a festival. And what a wedding!! The enthusiasm, the music, the love and good wishes of this tightly-knit people! We learned some INCREDIBLE new moves; our dancing even woke the murgiyan -- the chickens; they crowed all night and are probably as bleared and strung-out as we are now. Though this has not prevented me from completing my daily warm-up as usual! This great occasion will surely mark a new strengthening of ..Lee, mera pyara chota bhai, how do you say "FERVENT BOND OF FRIENDSHIP"? I think we can definitely consider this trip a roaring success!!!!

*sits up suddenly, ninja-sense tingling*

And... what's this, FIVE OWLS AT ONCE!? *stares in surprise and a little trepidation at the flock bearing down on him* Of course -- they were delayed while GET OFF MY HEAD YOU BLOODY ANIMAL our travels made us untraceable. But... but these are m-my NEWT scores and....

*parchment rustling*


*howl of glee* I PASSED!!!! And all my scores are good enough for the Auror program! HOGWARTS, I LOVE YOU!!!! And... let's see, this one's also from the Ministry.....

[[Private, 40% hackable]]

What -- a public service requirement!???? AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! This owl is LATE!! How do I find a volunteer job in only a week while I'm still on assignment!? *PANICS*


[["Konoha's proud green beasts are VICTORIOUS", "I love this place", and "my precious little brother", which comes from Lee introducing Gai all over town as his big brother. <3 Lee and Gaara, feel free to notice that Gai is preoccupied when he comes in from his morning run.

For archive purposes, Gai's NEWT marks )
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Owl to Lee )

*massive yawn* *rubs eyes*

Third day in London!!! My small room's being rented out until I can take up permanent residence, but I got a very tiny place over the Blue Brew for the week. Three days of exams have just about knocked me flat not improved my STUNNING NATURAL PANACHE. The physical exam was particularly brutal. I got turned into a badger at one point, and may have cracked a rib or two later on, but I won through at last!!! And after that movie Naruto and I caught the other night where I wept like a CHILD but I'm NOT SORRY AT ALL and then the riot downstairs during the wee hours where someone crashed into my room and I had to persuade him to go away and then having to rescue a Kneazel from a lamppost when it didn't want to come down and then running all the way to the Ministry for today's test which lasted eight hours with only one brief stop for tea, I'm so tired I tingle all over and am UTTERLY WIDE AWAKE.

*writing is large and a bit bleary* So what are all YOU people doing?????

[[Gai has gone past tired and into that strange, foggy realm where noises are louder, actions are imprecise, eyes sag and sting, but you just.can't.fall.asleep. The potion he had to take for his bruised rib isn't helping matters, and he's living directly over a pub (well, the Cauldron can't be the only one in Diagon Alley, can it?). Feel free to chat, but know that you're not catching him at his best. >D]]
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*leans out his window, breathing the scorching summer air and gazing out over the village which he thinks of as his home-away-from-Hogwarts; automatically cataloguing the best rooftop routes to any destination in sight, glancing up at wheeling birds and stroking the owl that has just released a thick letter into his hands*

*mutters* Hah, I've been waiting for this.....

[[Private, unhackable]]

..Eep, the initiating exams begin in early July!!!! *clutches parchment* This is dated two weeks ago! Why do my owls keep getting lost!? Is someone intercepting them?? *GASP* It's probably Uch, I must be fair, it could still have to do with that confounded artifact.... How low can you get, tampering with the post!??? All right, that does it -- tracking spells on all owls from now on.

Oh, and speaking of finding lost objects...!!


[[Filtered to the Fuu-break-out people]]

Why didn't anybody MENTION that one of our schoolmates was in DIRE PERIL!??? Lady, Renji, and everyone -- good luck with your plan!! Give that egregious rascal WHAT FOR!!!


[[Behold the magnificence of the Candybar Gai Doll!!!! OK, so I did cheat a bit with the hair and eyebrows. Photoshop was right there and bowlcuts can look better than that, darnit. ^^

And a glorious Fourth of July to those who celebrate it! *backlit by sparkling fireworks*]]
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARITHMANCY TEXTBOOK??? It's not here -- it's not ANYWHERE!!!! I know I had it yesterday after class! Maybe it got left in the library? Or the Great Hall? Has anyone seen it??


...I've definitely been doing too much Transfiguration revision. Now I'm even dreaming about it. What the blazes is cold and green and six feet long, and why were there vampires involved?? But at least I finished Sir Integra's book!!! It was, well, I didn't understand it, but the notes on the side were an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to get a look at the mechanics of practical spell construction. I took a whole ream of notes. Maybe someday, I'll be able to create spells of my own!!!

Five Es, at least. That's all I need, theoretically -- but the Auror program only takes the best. *paces* Arithmancy is going to be the biggest problem -- and Illusions -- that stuff is hard. But as we keep learning from Counselor Yukari, all work and no recreation contributes to STRESS, and in the unfortunate instances when recreation can't be combined with work, one must find a way to compensate.



[[Strike illegible. Per the clarified rules, Gai's Transfiguration research is secret from everybody except McGonagall, who knew from the start; and he still has a ways to go before achieving his Animagus form.

For the record: Gai's classes. )
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Happy birthday, Professor Sprout!!

Why are all those second-years suffering from CHRONIC YOUTH??? And who else is coming to see the fireworks?? *SHINY GRIN*

Filtered to Integra )

Filtered to Constantine )

[[Private, 15% hackable to friends]]

*paces furiously* The more I think about it, the worse it gets. Completely wrong-footed by that... that scurrilous... *blotchy scribbled epithet here* It goes to show that even the SINCEREST OF EFFORTS can be misplaced. And suspicion, however deep, cannot be taken to court. What's the best tack to take with this situation? I have to THINK!!!!!

*now getting unhackable*

And Light... I wish there was something to do, something to say.... but when faced with the darkness and insanity that evil can generate, true-hearted sympathy is the only helpful response. If I can keep one person from feeling that kind of pain, that would justify my entire existence. Someday.....


[[In the absence of information to the contrary, Gai totally assumes that Integra is all-knowing. XD For the people I talked to yesterday, the upcoming events will be written tomorrow but will take place on Thursday, to give us time to put everything together.]]
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*emerges gasping from behind a huge pile of books and parchment* Tamaki, I hear that your endeavor was a great success!!! Hopefully next time I'll be able to attend as well!

[[Filtered to friends of Heather Mason, and away from Heather herself]]

To anyone who knows Heather... she is currently visiting an injured relative at St. Mungo's. We're putting together a package to send her, representing BEST WISHES AND SOLIDARITY IN THIS TROUBLED TIME. If you'd like to include anything, contact me here.


[[Filtered to Heather]]

How is he?



If this goes on any longer, I'll have to speak with Oruha. It's possible she doesn't realize that Lee still wants to be her friend. She... she couldn't be ignoring him on purpose, could she?? And to accompany his own eternal rival to Tamaki's dance..... dratted NEWTS revisions, if I'd only been there.....

My application is probably arriving at the Ministry this very minute. By tomorrow night I should have more time to look for that artifact. Even Point Me doesn't work for that stupid bit of magical copper. The house-elves don't have it either. I'd ask the ghosts, but they've been oddly... smug about something lately..... *shivers*

Sakura wants candy. It may be time... to make use of that place again. *OMINOUS GRIN*


[[So many new faces!!!! Welcome, everyone! I'll be around sporadically this coming week because of finals.... hmmm, according to the HPL, Hogwarts exams are the first week of June, so Gai is also going to overwork himself more than usual preparing for NEWTs. Oh, and EXPECT PLOTTAGE this week!!! *OMINOUS... wait I said that already*]]
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*clutches head* What was that!?

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

Egad... I'm sore all over but it's amazing we're both alive.... that was the hardest I've had to fight in years, but.... what possessed me -- what possessed all of us!? I remember knowing... something... and I had to stop him before....

..there was a reason, I know it!!!

*flips through journal* Gaara... the Kazekage!??? And that Seras girl -- why was she working for Sir Integra? And Haruko, Honey, Himawari.... that giant rolling thing... camping out on the fourth floor with the corridor warded in case of madness.... I can't believe all this really happened even though I've got the scars to prove it!


[[Vague, evasive don't-know-what-happened-yet post is a GO!! Due to overexertion and the confusion caused by the end of Canon Days, Gai will be groggy and confused and stick to the Hufflepuff common room for a bit. Feel free to have your character come and watch the ongoing Gai-Itachi fight. Lee-mun, we'll discuss the ending tomorrow, ok?]]
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TAMAKI SUOH? I'm here with Honey Haninozuka, who says he saw you in the crowd. If you can meet us on the fourth floor, we might be able to pool our information on where we are and what's going on.

*words heavily scored into the parchment* Itachi, stay away from Haruno Sakura or you will never see another sunset.

[[Sporadically private -- he's not used to the system yet]]

We spent the night in a storeroom on the fourth floor. Sleeping bags and other supplies started appearing as soon as we'd settled down -- it was like MAGIC, which seems to exist here as well. So far we've explored... less than a fifth of the castle. Click for Gai's map! ) There's... stuff all over the place... as though hundreds of students simply dropped what they were doing and lost their memories. But there hasn't been any looting -- horrible creatures with huge ears and eyes appear out of nowhere and give thieves electric shocks!! Apparently something in this place knows what items are supposed to belong to which person, and isn't letting anyone claim another's belongings.

And this journal... it's all in my handwriting, but if I did write it, I must have been insane!!


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[[Private, 40% hackable at first because he's writing in the dark]]

Poor Himawari. And Chizuru... and Tatsuki.... sometimes it feels like I can't turn around in this school without hearing about something going wrong. Tsukasa and Hikaru have been too quiet lately... Rinali has nightmares... someone mentioned that Eiji is transferring out.... I haven't even SEEN my HONORED ETERNAL RIVAL around the castle for AGES... if he was called away on a dangerous mission, how would I know...? And Sakura and Lee are training hard just to get back to their regular levels of activity.... *wipes away a TEAR OF PRIDE AT THEIR INDUSTRY*

Hogwarts is a marvelous place, but nobody seems to realize it. Students want to get out, teachers come and go... and that book... it's so sad.....

*getting unhackable right about now as he gets used to writing under these conditions*

And that Itachi fellow is still lurking about. *shudders* Gad, everything about that guy rubs me the wrong way. His simpering smile, his insinuating manner... and I remember his little brother, practically trembling with a burning inner rage over their family's tragic fate, while Itachi doesn't seem touched by it at all. There's something... off-center about him -- as though he could detonate at any moment. And yet he doesn't do anything. The suspense is INTOLERABLE.

*shudders* Enough of that. I've got a classroom to find!!!


I'm lost slightly confused.

And this place is spooky OMINOUS.

And my ribs hurt. And that dratted artifact keeps twitching randomly.


[[Yes, he's going all maudlin about old comrades while on the way to class, trapped in Jareth's new darkened maze! Anyone who takes that class, feel free to join him there while we wait for the Canon Days to start.]]
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*fumbles in a pocket of his pink spring robes* Well, this is aggravating.....

[[Private, hackable to those who know about The Artifact]]

This thing... *digs out the Eye of Rassilon, which twists gently on its fine chain* It was quiet for a while after I got back from St. Mungo's, but now it's doing... something. The disc starts spinning rapidly at random times during the day. Even Spell-o-tape doesn't stop it. And Dumbledore said I have to keep carrying it around.... but why??


[[Here are Gai's results on the Color Quiz! )*CACKLES*]]
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Tar and feathers... peculiar creatures roaming the halls... odd effects from pranked comestibles.... yes, this has been an interesting April First.

[[Filtered to Professor Jackson]]

Professor -- you said you had a minute? *digging in his pocket for THE ARTIFACT OF D00M*


[[Backdated to whenever Gai met with Professor Jackson. Oh, and if you didn't get to Sakura's party last night, just step back in time to when it's still going on! XD]]
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[[Private, slightly hackable]]

What WAS that sudden weakness that struck me in Jareth's maze!? *pulls out that darned artifact* It's got to be connected with this. But what is it -- what does it do!? Professor Jackson must have never gotten my note... I'll have to leave him another if I don't see him around the castle.

Must find time today for the intensive Beater practice I took on as a consequence of being in that bad mood. But first..... *rubs hands gleefully*


[[Filtered to the Sakura's-Birthday conspirators]]



[[Only one Gai left now, sorry, people. But EEEEEE, some generous soul granted this journal a lot of new icon space!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! *hugs whoever you are and goes off to upload scads of icons*
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Just about breaking even on schoolwork. The written stuff was fine, although I'm behind on the practicals... there just hasn't been any time for hands-on spellwork or sparring. But I've resolved be back to full combat form within a week, or else I'll add an extra hour of training every day until I catch up!!!

As for you, Sakura: you have been warned. *shiny grin*

[[Filtered to Lee]]

Lee, have you heard that Drizzt is in the hospital wing? Why don't you go down and visit him? I'm sure he'd appreciate it.


[[Filtered to Mugen]]

Now that I'm back, Mugen, how about that sparring match??


[[I thought of five or six things that Gai should post about today, and forgot them all before getting to the keyboard. *headdesk* Pretend everything's been progressing smoothly for the past few days. And THANK YOU, EIJI-MUN, FOR LINKING TO THAT BEAUTIFUL LIST OF SHRP CHARACTERS. What a great resource.]]
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Well, look at that. It's raining. The sky is a beautiful pearly grey. And that's a MASSIVE puddle down there -- goes all the way across the street. I wonder how deep it gets.

[[Filtered from Lee and Kimi]]

Honey's sending Lee some pictures of Hogwarts!! If anyone wants to send anything to Lee or Kimimaro, bring them to Hufflepuff House and he'll send them along!!!



They're saying both Lee and Kimi will be released some time this week!!!! I can't wait to get back to school... but what is being done about Gaara? I haven't heard from Temari. Or anyone at all. What are the professors doing while we're stuck in London? I wonder if Dumbledore even knows the five of us are still here.....

Off to the hospital again. Kimi seemed... upset this morning. They should be done with the tests or whatever it was by now. Maybe I'll get to talk to him.


[[Doesn't even think of asking for anything himself. Gai's so noble!! And since he considers weather (and deep puddles) a CHALLENGE, he will arrive at the hospital

And hey, I updated his info: it now includes relationships. Egad, that took all DAY!!!]]
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*happy tears* Thank you for the card, Honey!! It’s so GREEN and VIBRANT and SPARKLING!! Hey, Tsukasu (and Hikaru) -- that chocolate hit the spot! And Kimimaro, thanks for the gardenia!

Looking forward to so many things... dancing with Sakura-san, hearing Oruha's beautiful voice, knowing Lee's nearly back to his PROUD, DYNAMIC SELF... finding out who else got my random cards, seeing Sir Integra in a party gown.... This is gonna be an AWESOME masquerade!!!!!

*dashes off to dress up*

[[Strike SO illegible. XDDDD

Gaah, it’s official -- snowed in with nothing but the land-line, so no chat for me today. And just when I’d figured out how to use AIM. *hammers at slow computer* Gai will be around when nobody else is using the computer or the phone.

The rest of the anonymous Just A Reminder That You’re Special! cards will have come in by the time the ball starts. He’ll soft-shoe with Sakura, cheer for Oruha, get his hair dyed red, and eventually start breakdancing before being distracted by TEH DRAMA.]]


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