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*walks into his temporary quarters after a heavy workout and a shower, a towel draped over his neck, glancing out at the bright Tahiti sunlight... he wants missions like these more often, especially when Lee and Tenten get to come along as part of his cover story*

*eyedart left and right, opens a secret panel and checks his journal, which is hidden away along with other proof of his identity*

..Hm, the students will be enjoying the beginning of their much-needed break this week, gathering their strength and TAKING PART IN THE FESTIVITIES OF THEIR YOUTH... I hope the presents I sent have all arrived on--


Wait -- casualties at Hogsmeade? Death Eaters!? WHAT'S GOING ON??

[[Gai's gift-list will be coming up soon when I manage to write it. For now, they are delayed in the owl post. And YOSH, I'm back! Will be posting with the rest of my characters within the next few days.]]
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[[Private; hackable by Lee and maybe Wolfwood]]

This assignment will likely be the hardest yet. Undercover work is so... so... SURREPTITIOUS. Pretending to be somebody who is entirely unlike me.... rrrgh, I'm sick of it already! I can take it -- I can take TWICE that time limit -- but there are reasons to return as fast as possible. And for the sake of those reasons, I will work twice as hard and five times as efficiently, and bring this to a close in a third of the time required. That's a promise from Maito Gai!!

Lee... don't forget all we've worked on. I won't forget you.


*dispatches an ENTHUSIASTIC, CHEERFUL letter to Sophie's new location and looks around his London flat, which is almost bare*

Every beginning must come with an ending. But there isn't any reason to worry! Even if my new training schedule doesn't allow me to get back to England for the beginning of school, I will never forget my amazing comrades at Hogwarts. Students!! Make the most of your remaining vacation -- these are the best days of your lives!

[[And so Gai goes off on his most advanced Auror mission yet. DX Wish him luck!]]
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[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

Hey, Professor Wolfwood Nicholas!! I'm going over to tutor young Makenshi for a few days and help her with her summer homework. Is there a form or something I have to use to clear it with her parents guardian?

..And.... *hesitates, frowns, unsure of whether to ask Wolfwood what he knows about Chrona's home situation*


And the summer wears on -- full of blazing LIFE!! There's a London Quidditch team that needs a coach... a club that needs a bouncer -- hm, no, it's bound to fail; that trampoline isn't strong enough for everyone.... a security operation for the Blackheath fireworks.... a delivery run over the weekend, another mission assignment from the Agency, and part-time Auror training, and.... hahaha, it's unbelievable that one man's existence could be so full and rich. I haven't even been back to my flat for a full day since the break began. At least no one else is renting it this time.... How are the rest of you doing? Is this a MAGNIFICENT summer or what? *SHINY GRIN*
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Ah, to be in London again!! It brings TEARS to my eyes or maybe it's just the humidity! Tomorrow: summer training in Brighton -- that's the seaside, probably? Why Professor Bones is taking us to the seaside... it boggles the mind, but whatever it is, I'M READY!!!!

Assignments for today... hrm, California, Timbuktu, Tokyo, Hawaii, New Guinea, Holland, Norway... good grief, how many Portkeys am I going to need!? HEY, LEE!! What are you doing today? ^____^d

[[Plotless stopgap post in which, if you like, Gai unexpectedly shows up WHERE YOU ARE. XDDDD My computer's still in the shop, but they're talking end-of-this-week or early-next-week, so... hm. Miss you all!]]
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HaHAH!! Out of the field at last, and with the restrictions taken off my journal, so as long as I don't say anything classified..... I'M BACK!!! What an intense, grueling, interminable experience... they said being undercover this mission was going to be stressful, and they were right! But JUSTICE prevailed in the end -- and... *ink drips on the page as he pauses, trying to think of something to say about the mission that isn't classified* ..I really, really need more clean socks....

CONGRATULATIONS, HOGWARTS, on completing your finals!! *SHINY, SHINY GRIN* Another year is almost over, and you've all surpassed your limits and grown amazingly!

NICHOLAS!! I'M BACK!!! >D How did our precious pupils do on the Charms final?

..Too bad there was no time to get THE PROJECT off the ground. I'll have to ask Paul about it later.... he's had time since that probation stopped, whatever it was..... and I never got in touch with Reggie....

Private )

All right, what's everyone been doing while I was away? Tell me all about it! *scribbled smile-face with a thumbs-up*

[[Strikes unhackable. Gai's right arm will be in a sling for the next few days. This post will ICly be set a few hours after his return to the castle.]]
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Private )

Filtered to Tenten )

Professor Conrad!! Thanks a MILLION for straightening out all those dueling customs -- the knowledge saved my life at least twice this weekend! And THAT, boys and girls, is why you should study history with a vengeance -- if you don't understand the nuances of other cultures, what you don't know is likely to come back and BITE YOU.

Speaking of which, it does my heart good to see such enthusiasm over the sporting events that are coming up. After this cold, sedentary winter, it's time to get your blood pumping and your eyes shining again... and then you can set to your studies with renewed vigor!

..And. LEE. Have you settled in with your revised class schedule yet? Now that we are both representing Gryffindor for Sports Day, we have to make time for training as well! With hard work and zealous dedication, there is NO WAY WE CAN LOSE!!!
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*finishes writing his thank-yous just as the train pulls up onto the castle grounds*

Notes to Mikage, Hirako, Vivi, Emilia, Sophie, Rinali, Misa, Ikki, and Hinata )

AHAHAHA, I finally have time to look at my journal! HELLO, HOGWARTS!!!~ *PROUD GREEN POSE* This month has been so busy that I have barely been able to snatch time to write -- but I PASSED MY STEALTH AND TRACKING PRACTICALS and now there's only Piffle and Circumspection before the midwinter term is over!! HEY, EVERYBODY!!! *SHINY GRIN* What have you all been up to lately?

A brief stop in my quarters, and then there will be just time to touch bases with everyone befo--

..but... but wait....



[[Notes are only visible to the people therein addressed. And feel free to have seen the graffiti before Gai gets rid of it!]]
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Owl to Lee )

*has been holed up in the Ministry research room, examining papers and researching for hours on end*

[[Semi-hackable as explained below]]

I said it in jest, yes -- but....


..that man... or if he is not in charge, then whoever is in charge of him.....

I wonder... could the agency keep records of so powerful a family? They are as ruthless as any criminal clan, but are they criminal themselves? Who would know what evil lurks in their secret hearts?

What would it take to.....?


[[And so Gai, for the first time, considers using strong-arm tactics against those who threaten one of his own. Scattered phrases may be partially deciphered by those in the know (except Lee) who have crime-fighting experience.]]
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No Portkey available today. But I will not be late while I have a broomstick!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. ..I saw the train while I was flying north.... what's it doing making a trip at this time of year? Supplies? A new teacher?? Good grief, I hope no one else got hurt....

[[Filtered to Neji]]

This is another new journal, so maybe it will actually work and you will be able to read this.



[[Filtered to TenTen]]

My journal blew up and I did not receive your latest messages. What is going on?



I should talk to the Counselor. The Ministry has pamphlets about depression, but they are too general to be any use. If it's this bad, I cannot fail him through incomplete understanding. I... as much as I care about him, I cannot do this alone....

This has gone far beyond poor Neji. Ah, my Lee... loss and rejection have ruled his young life. His foster parents, resenting his magical disability. His best friend... disappearing for years, trying to kill him, and then disappearing again after they'd reconciled.... other friends leaving, one by one... perhaps only his youthful spirit sustained him for this long.... confound the Ministry, keeping me back in London after the paperwork was in already.... ..does he think that even I will leave him? These wounds are so deep, so deep....

I can't lose him....


Only another week, then the winter break and we will -- but...

*swears blackly, then covers the words with a heavy strikeout when he realizes what he's said*

That assignment.... I had forgotten.....

[[Due to ministry work and his all too convenient journal malfunctions, Gai has NO CLUE what has been happening since he left Hogwarts on Wednesday. He will be arriving on the castle grounds as you read this, nearly frozen solid from flying all the way to Scotland in the dead of winter, visibly shaken by Lee's recent signs of major depression, and with his hair significantly shorter in front. Rose, Jen, Cella, Kris, EMAIL MEEEE!~]]
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[[Private, 40% hackable to friends who know his job]]

..W-what? Another assignment, even though I'm busy in the Auror program?? I thought...

*scratches head* ..well, I don't know what I thought! Just because the Agency is supporting my education -- it's no excuse to rest on my laurels and not get the job done!!! Hogwarts and Auror program or no Hogwarts and Auror program, nothing will stop this magnificent Green Beast from fulfilling every assignment that comes his way!!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*


Everybody watch out for those slime trails -- especially you, Hirako!!! *winks* NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS!!! Poor Mr. Filch is having a hard time of it.... Gad, that sky is a strange color... almost purplish... could we be in for a storm??
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Ys thys thyng wyrkyng? -- WYYT, WHYRY YRY YLL THY VYWYLS?????

*taps with wand, mutters the incantation Ryuzaki taught him*

Tysting, testing.... huh, that was odd. But LO!!! This new journal should solve my communication problems completely! MY FELLOW STUDENTS AND ALUMNI, KONOHA'S PROUD GREEN BEAST IS BACK!!! HOW ARE YOU ALL?? *SHINY GRIN*

[[Private, hackable if you're really good]]

No time to search this week. Who knew there would be an assignment right here in London!? And with the old journal acting up... egad, I must have missed a lot. But I will find something before the autumn leaves fall, or else I shall... I shall.... run ALL THE WAY AROUND LONDON FORTY TIMES BEFORE SPRING!!!!


[[Yes, ladies and gents, this is for all intents and purposes a slightly foxed brand new journal. Gai picked it up in Diagon Alley because his old one had become unmanageable. But LITTLE DOES HE KNOW that this new one has secrets of its own.... MWAHAHAHAHA!!]]
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*after a space of mangled pages whose scalloped edges have a suspicious resemblence to bite marks* AAAAAAUUUUGH!!!! THERE WERE NARGLES IN MY JOURNAL!!!!! THEY ATE HALF THE SUMMER!!!!! I thought you people were being suspiciously quiet! Hey, did I miss anything? Who else is in London right now????

Where are you these days, Kakashi?? Keeping yourself busy in preparation for the THRILLING NEW YEAR? Because if you're NOT, I have a challenge with your name on it..... *rubs hands gleefully*

[[Private, first paragraph semi-hackable]]

A d-d-d-Death Eater in Diagon Alley!??? It's a -- a travesty, a cataclysm -- oh, they're getting bold, to roam free in such a populous location! And with the new term coming up, and all the precious children of the wizarding world streaming unawares into such peril.....

*FISTS CLENCH* It's only a rumor, but I cannot let this ride. Sir Integra wouldn't sit back and do nothing. As long as I'm here, I shall turn my INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS to the task of identifying threats to the denizens of Diagon Alley! It will be my summer's last and most important operation! Nobody endangers MY compatriots while--


*snatches a paper airplane out of the air before it can hit his shoulder, springs to his feet* --WHOEVER YOU ARE, CUT THAT OUT!!!!!

[[Strikes illegible. Feel free to claim responsibility for the paper airplanes. Also, Ahiru told Gai about Kaoru's hair-raising escape from doom. Result 1: THE RUMOR MILL GRINDS ON. Result 2: anyone going into Diagon Alley for the next week or so is more than likely to encounter London's Proud Green Beast. XDDD]]
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..well, home in England....

..the place has grown on me in the four years since I arrived here, a frightened zealous young Muggle-born preternaturally thrown into a world of incredible marvels.

It's humbling to know how many places I can belong in......

The urge to belong.... it transcends time, space, and culture. When we were dancing in Durgapur, Lee and I, and even Gaara, melded seamlessly with the dervish spirit of that small town. I wept at Gaara's story. An experience like that is more than enough to cause the deep wounds that he struggled with during this last year. Whatever the case... he will always be at home around US!!!!

*sitting down by the window, gazes out over Diagon Alley*

..That owl... even a few days a week would suffice, they said... but where?


SAKURA!!! That run you mentioned around the lake? There are probably some amazing lakes up where you are, so BRING IT ON!!!!!

[[Gaara may not have said anything definite; Gai's responding to the emotion. Have been insanely busy the past few days but may be around tomorrow to work out how the mission is going. If it's not over, just say Gai had to go home early and knew he was leaving it in good hands.]]
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I have never tasted such curry in my life.....

*proudly trying out his new knowledge of Hindi*


*sitting on a stump at the edge of town* What a festival. And what a wedding!! The enthusiasm, the music, the love and good wishes of this tightly-knit people! We learned some INCREDIBLE new moves; our dancing even woke the murgiyan -- the chickens; they crowed all night and are probably as bleared and strung-out as we are now. Though this has not prevented me from completing my daily warm-up as usual! This great occasion will surely mark a new strengthening of ..Lee, mera pyara chota bhai, how do you say "FERVENT BOND OF FRIENDSHIP"? I think we can definitely consider this trip a roaring success!!!!

*sits up suddenly, ninja-sense tingling*

And... what's this, FIVE OWLS AT ONCE!? *stares in surprise and a little trepidation at the flock bearing down on him* Of course -- they were delayed while GET OFF MY HEAD YOU BLOODY ANIMAL our travels made us untraceable. But... but these are m-my NEWT scores and....

*parchment rustling*


*howl of glee* I PASSED!!!! And all my scores are good enough for the Auror program! HOGWARTS, I LOVE YOU!!!! And... let's see, this one's also from the Ministry.....

[[Private, 40% hackable]]

What -- a public service requirement!???? AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! This owl is LATE!! How do I find a volunteer job in only a week while I'm still on assignment!? *PANICS*


[["Konoha's proud green beasts are VICTORIOUS", "I love this place", and "my precious little brother", which comes from Lee introducing Gai all over town as his big brother. <3 Lee and Gaara, feel free to notice that Gai is preoccupied when he comes in from his morning run.

For archive purposes, Gai's NEWT marks )
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*parchment is stained, scuffed, and marred with what seem to be talon scratches; the brown impression of some dry desert fern has somehow baked itself between the pages*

A roaring fire, a hearty meal of trail provisions, boon companions at my side and the stars spread like jewels from horizon to horizon... what more fitting end to a long and arduous day?

I'll take the first watch, Lee -- you and the others get some rest. We have an EVEN LONGER DAY TOMORROW!!! *ever-so-shiny grin*

At least those vultures aren't around at night.....

[[Accidentally posted this on the main community at first. *sheepish* Sorry about that.]]
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After two days of non-stop cleaning, my flat is finally FIT FOR HUMAN HABITATION!!!! Those previous tenants must have been.... *shudder of disgust*

And it's THAT TIME again... another work assignment takes me far from these western shores and deep into the TRACKLESS INTERIOR. But I shall have my journal with me, so be sure to write to me about all the AMAZING THINGS that are happening to all of you!!!! LEE -- I SHALL JOIN YOU SHORTLY!!!

Say, Kakashi....


..*whirls around, snatches another paper airplane out of the air, stuffs it in his pocket without reading it and continues on, muttering to himself about mysterious stalkers*

[[*can just see Gai dancing with a mop* Backdated to, um, yesterday? Yeah.]]
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*swaggering down toward the entrance to Diagon Alley* Good news, Lee -- I'm nearly finished here! By this time tomor-- EH!? *hit on the head by a small object -- catches it, grumbling, as it flutters toward the ground* All the more reason to double that awareness training....

Hmmm... a paper airplane..? Why would anyone... but wait, there's something written on it... good grief, could it be a SECRET MESSAGE!??

*carefully unfolds the intricate airplane and sees the following cryptic statement....*

I met Gai today. We are playing chess.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

'Playing chess'? I wasn't planning a chess match with anyone, not with this rent problem to attend to though I wouldn't say no to a couple of games this evening.... who sent this, anyway? *looks around, can't see anyone who might have thrown the airplane* Well, that was an odd incident! Somebody having a laugh, I suppos--!???

*another has come out of nowhere, circling his head; he snatches it out of the air*


Wh-WHAT!? Who -- where could this possibly have come from?? *peers frantically about; hands on hips in a belligerent stance* The NERVE of this mysterious stalker!! *PROUD GREEN POSE* If they won't come out here and challenge me to my face, they can throw all the airplanes they want and it won't faze me in the SLIGHTEST!!!!

[[Take THAT, you meme people! XDDDD I may make this into a minor plot point, but feel free to get pelted as well. ^^]]
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*jogs from the Ministry entrance to a nearby park -- the same one he'd wandered through the previous night -- finds an unoccupied bench and pulls out his journal*

Filtered to Gai's friends and associates )

YOSH!!!! With my tests complete, it will soon be time to quit this happy town and begin the next month's EPIC WILDERNESS ADVENTURE, where the sights and scents of city living are replaced by insectile drones, wheeling buzzards, and the desiccating heat of the dusty desert air -- where senses must be sharp and spirits honed to the keen knife-edge of SURVIVAL!! LEE!!! Where will we be meeting? And farewell, my London friends -- MAY YOU ALL HAVE A FANTASTIC, PRODUCTIVE SUMMER!!!!!

And HEY!!!! Happy birthday, Tatsuki!!!!

[[Totally meant to post this yesterday. :D Anything else Gai does in England will have to happen in the next few days. And Tats will shortly receive an owl bearing a gift certificate for her favorite sports supply store.]]
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AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Mission accomplished!!!!!!

*swaggering down Konoha's main street*

All right!!! Where is everybody? What have I missed? Who wants to meet me at Ichiraku for a LIGHT, HEALTHFUL SUMMER BRUNCH!?

[[Filtered to Lee]]

What times are you training these days???


[[Unless otherwise indicated, Gai will remain in Konoha until the end of the week, at which time he will return to London for the first part of July.]]
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[[Private, easily hackable to friends]]

Six o'clock and no sign
Six thirty and no sign

Statue 1, crows 36




Ten o'clock


with catlike tread upon our prey we steal, in silence dread our cautious way we feel....



[[Writing trails off. Gai is on a surveillance assignment and has been randomly doodling in his journal while waiting for the target to come into view.]]


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