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[[Private; partially hackable]]

Hmmmmm. I wonder how the dueling lessons are going. Perhaps they need a helping hand.

Nobody could blame Madame Bones for being so angry -- that's what comes of letting the Daily Prophet run the investigation.... Nngh!! The head of the Aurors shouldn't let herself be pushed around like that! As it is, if they don't get serious soon, who knows where those evildoers will flee to?

..And when it all happened.... where was the Headmaster? I'm going to have to have a long talk with that man.



School break is almost over! Soon we will all be converging upon Hogwarts once again. Now, more than ever, this is the time for dedication and HARD WORK! I hope you're all prepared for the most intense spring term ever!!!

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SAWADA!! We have someone injured here! You're a medical man, right? HURRY!!

*the rest of the page is crammed with scribbled notes, most of which are legible*

medical spells....

professor's office records at least five classes not accounted for with VAMPIRES on the loose among CHILDREN

Sakura, Hinata, have you found her? And TenTen -- REPORT!!!

Neji & Sai go with Lee find the second-years on this list
*followed by a dozen scribbled names*


Food = ok, appears at mealtimes, the only problem is if someone is hiding and doesn't know

MISA can you & Colette search the dungeons and make sure no children are lost down there? OH AND LILIE, you should go with them because there's safety in numbers AND DON'T FORGET YOUR WANDS!!!

the way they were looking at each other after reading those confounded tales of their alternate selves... if this affects their teamwork I will have to

KAKASHI no you did NOT disappear again WE NEED TO TALK--

[[Aftermath of this; stricken notes illegible. Harry-mun, I hope it's okay!]]
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*finishes writing his thank-yous just as the train pulls up onto the castle grounds*

Notes to Mikage, Hirako, Vivi, Emilia, Sophie, Rinali, Misa, Ikki, and Hinata )

AHAHAHA, I finally have time to look at my journal! HELLO, HOGWARTS!!!~ *PROUD GREEN POSE* This month has been so busy that I have barely been able to snatch time to write -- but I PASSED MY STEALTH AND TRACKING PRACTICALS and now there's only Piffle and Circumspection before the midwinter term is over!! HEY, EVERYBODY!!! *SHINY GRIN* What have you all been up to lately?

A brief stop in my quarters, and then there will be just time to touch bases with everyone befo--

..but... but wait....



[[Notes are only visible to the people therein addressed. And feel free to have seen the graffiti before Gai gets rid of it!]]
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Whatever this curse is, it's been interesting -- I never knew Hogwarts was full of such sheer talent!! Hahahaha, Hirako, that monkey worked as well as you said it did! XD Misa... that song was so nice! MUGEN, I WANT THE LYRICS!!! And... uhm... Sgt. Johnson... I still have your guitar....?

[[Filtered to Tatsuki and Grimmjow]]

I wish it hadn't happened... but... that was an AWESOME battle. How are you two feeling?


Shouldn't have left Hinata's present back in London.... Anybody have a razor? The usual spells aren't working and I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I was my own evil double!!!

[[This is why the razor. >D Assuming it didn't last all night, this is Gai's unspecific "and then it was later" post. Anybody who wants to attack him with random unscheduled songs, this is the time! XD Sophie, Hirako, here or in the log community?]]
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Madame Pomfrey took a picture of Lee and I in the Hospital Wing, the evening after Lee's triumphant return to consciousness.

Click here. )

Thanks again, Misa, for bringing down my Arithmancy book!
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Lee's recovering so quickly... I could SHOUT FOR JOY!!! Thank you, everyone, for coming by to visit. Your friendship fills our hearts with gratitude.

..I've been down here for three days. But with Lee awake and Honey here too, the time has just flown. And IT SNOWED AGAIN! The air outside is sparkling with beautiful, tiny flakes of snow. No good for packing, though -- it's just as well for Sakura-san that this kind of snowfall happened while I wasn't going outside anyway. *reminiscent grin*

Dr. Kurosaki has approved some physical therapy for Lee, specifically a semi-intense breathing kata redesigned for someone who isn't standing up yet. That will keep his stamina up and his muscles in condition without wearing him out. He's promised not to over-exert himself, and I'll see that he sticks to that. But his natural resilience is making the healing process incredibly rapid. Not that I expected any less from his gallant, unbreakable spirit!!!

Could someone send my Arithmancy book down here? I think I left it in the common room.

[[With Lee on the mend, Gai's back to his old exuberant self. In fact, he's BUBBLING OVER WITH YOUTHFUL HAPPINESS. He's now doing pushups in the Hospital Wing while Lee works on the breathing form. Feel free to whack him on the head or something. ;D]]
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Someone was taking pictures when I returned from break a day late and met Lee for the first time in the castle halls. And they sent me doubles!

Visual Mementos of a Joyful and Fervent Reunion )

Light's basket has been dispatched to St. Mungo's! It took three owls to carry it! (Not filtered because he'll be getting it any minute anyway.) We've switched the crayons for colored pencils and added a Muggle sudoku book (Dr. Kurosaki), a chocolate cake (Misa), and a bottle of Sprite (Angie). Thanks to everyone who helped put it together. Such a wonderful show of solidarity will surely lift our school-fellow's spirits in this trying time.

All this talk about Valentine's Day... Must everybody pair off for this Masquerade Ball? Doesn't that defeat the purpose for those of us who have sadly not found our true soulmates?

..We're still having a party on the fifteenth, for anyone who wants to have a good time with their friends and avoid the romantic overtones.

Filtered to Sir Integra )

[[Original art is here. Feel free to say you took the photos or contributed something to Light's basket.]]
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[Private, now unhackable]

What a terrible thing to happen... to think that one of my own schoolmates would injure another so grievously! Sakura was right about the dangers of indiscriminate combat. *clenches fist in determination* But that only makes it more urgent that students who might be set upon learn to defend themselves -- and learn how narrow are the circumstances in which it might be acceptable to harm another student!


[Filtered to everyone except Light]

Here's the ULTIMATE CARE PACKAGE we've put together for Light!!! )..Not to mention sympathy cards and such. Does anybody want to add something before we owl it off?


[Filtered to Doctor Kurosaki]

Almost forgot -- can you check if there's anything in there Light might be allergic to?



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