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They should put this in the Hogwarts student introduction booklet: every year or so, you are all likely to go MAD!!!! IT SHOULD HAVE A NAME: the Annual... um, the Great Periodic.... SOMETHING, and then people would be prepared when the suddenly can't remember who they really are!!!

..BUT. My tactic of leaving instructions for myself last time this happened paid off handsomely. Thanks to writing everything down last time, I was more prepared for finding myself in what I thought was a strange place and learning to use magic all over again. SEE, LEE??? Taking notes is IMPORTANT!!!


And yet... people still got hurt. Could I have prevented it? Why wasn't I more careful!? It's a good thing Madame Pomfrey's memory came back when it did... the way the stitches reacted with those boys' innate magic, they could have... *shudders*

More material for next time. No... Muggle... first... aid....


Filtered to Ino )

*starts to write a note to Lee, Neji, and Tenten, but.....*

* not canon!Gai. Lacks the knowledge and experience to sit the three of them down and counsel them in their time of need. Has no authority to dictate their feelings, though Lee would probably listen if he offered a good reason. Does not, in this world, have the same unbreakable teacher-student bond with the other two as he felt he had only hours ago. Although now... he wants it.*

*scrubbing his face tiredly, strikes out the note and resolves to speak to each of them separately*

[[Sneaking a post in on someone else's computer. YOSH!! ^____^d]]
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[[Filtered to those Gai has made friends with so far]]

I say we all bunk down in the Hospital Wing. It has the most beds and only one door and is easier to defend. In the meantime, don't trust anybody who tries to take you aside by yourself.


[[Filtered to Konoha shinobi]]

No matter what mysterious force has brought us here again?... our path is certainly clear now. In a school full of civilian children under attack, we must use our skills to protect the innocent!!


Whoever wants a safe place to stay, come down to the Hospital Wing!!! *insert badly drawn map with directions* The safer everybody is, the better we can all concentrate on finding out where we are and how to get home. Some people have been injured already by going about alone. DON'T BE LIKE THEM!!!

AND WATCH OUT FOR VAMPIRES!!!! There is at least one in the school!     ..Ino, where are you....

Sawada... thank you for your ........... help. It would have been much harder without a second pair of hands.
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SAWADA!! We have someone injured here! You're a medical man, right? HURRY!!

*the rest of the page is crammed with scribbled notes, most of which are legible*

medical spells....

professor's office records at least five classes not accounted for with VAMPIRES on the loose among CHILDREN

Sakura, Hinata, have you found her? And TenTen -- REPORT!!!

Neji & Sai go with Lee find the second-years on this list
*followed by a dozen scribbled names*


Food = ok, appears at mealtimes, the only problem is if someone is hiding and doesn't know

MISA can you & Colette search the dungeons and make sure no children are lost down there? OH AND LILIE, you should go with them because there's safety in numbers AND DON'T FORGET YOUR WANDS!!!

the way they were looking at each other after reading those confounded tales of their alternate selves... if this affects their teamwork I will have to

KAKASHI no you did NOT disappear again WE NEED TO TALK--

[[Aftermath of this; stricken notes illegible. Harry-mun, I hope it's okay!]]
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*walks up the trail toward Hogwarts -- blinks and shakes his head a bit dizzily as he passes through the outer wards*

*slows to a halt and stares in shock at the majestic sky-spired castle in front of him.

This... is definitely not Konoha.


[[FIRST POST 8D Second Canon Days are a go -- HUZZAH! This nineteen-year-old Auror in training now thinks he's the twenty-six-year-old jounin sensei of a team of young ninjas. Go ahead, Hogwarts -- bewilder him. XDDD]]
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*on Boxing Day, an owl arrives at Hogwarts for Yamanaka Ino, carrying a parcel and a note.....*
Private to Ino )

Egad, ARE WE ON FIRST-NAME TERMS NOW!?? What did that 'Monster Energy' stuff DO!??? But to be fair, he was worried about my health... I didn't know he had it in him.

Ikki, it was great having you over!!! I HAD SO MUCH ENERGY YESTERDAY, IT WAS AMAZING. Those other drinks... had better be saved for very special occasions!!!! Erm... it looks like there's no cleaning up left to do around here? Except for the paper napkins the crab shredded to bits.... what do crabs eat, anyway?

[[Filtered to Professor Dalma]]

THANK YOU FOR THE CRAB!! I know it was you; this is the same little fellow that latched onto me last year..... ..but what do I do with him her?


[[Strikes are hackable with immense difficulty and only if you really, really want to. XDDDD TJ, I hope this is ok! :) KAGE WE MUST DO SOMETHING, HE'S THEY'RE BECOMING TOO FRIENDLY. And matters pertaining to Team Gai -- well, that would be telling... dun dun dunnnnn.....]]
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*words are coming a bit faster than he can scribble, but he does his best*


I feel like dancing -- SINGING -- SHOUTING OUT MY DYNAMIC ENTHUSIASM FROM THE TOP OF BIG BEN!! The world is spinning at a thousand miles an hour and the sunlit hours of our lives are FLASHING BY, and as we hurtle through the universe on this precious jewel of a planet, I can dimly sense the incredible marvels that lurk just in the future, barely out of reach of our yearning fingers!! It is time to stand up and seize the day -- to capture the wonders that are to come!!! For the celebration of YOUTH is a celebration of LIFE....


..Ikki... what is IN these drinks!???

And points if you get what he's sort of quoting!]]
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*slams fist into wall not too hard, though -- that would be irresponsible*

[[Private, loud part is hackable XD]]

Why does training have to be NOW!???? *cries* And I never did find out where everyone was getting cookies to send... WELL. I shall have to find an AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT way to make it up to everyone!!! At least they let me bring my journal this time.....


Private to Ino )

Private to Hinata )

Private to Jaggerjack )

Private to Fakir )

Private to Lee )

[[Gomen nasaiiiiiiiiiiii!! I really wanted to participate in this but... GAAH. Unfortunately Gai has been training too hard, studying too much, and traveling too often to get his act together about the festival. Funny how art imitates life. Wherever he is right now, he's thinking of all of you! <3]]
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*jogs from the Ministry entrance to a nearby park -- the same one he'd wandered through the previous night -- finds an unoccupied bench and pulls out his journal*

Filtered to Gai's friends and associates )

YOSH!!!! With my tests complete, it will soon be time to quit this happy town and begin the next month's EPIC WILDERNESS ADVENTURE, where the sights and scents of city living are replaced by insectile drones, wheeling buzzards, and the desiccating heat of the dusty desert air -- where senses must be sharp and spirits honed to the keen knife-edge of SURVIVAL!! LEE!!! Where will we be meeting? And farewell, my London friends -- MAY YOU ALL HAVE A FANTASTIC, PRODUCTIVE SUMMER!!!!!

And HEY!!!! Happy birthday, Tatsuki!!!!

[[Totally meant to post this yesterday. :D Anything else Gai does in England will have to happen in the next few days. And Tats will shortly receive an owl bearing a gift certificate for her favorite sports supply store.]]
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Yosh.... *feeble attempt at a thumbs-up*

Th-that was.......... well, it's done now. It's done.....

Private: hackable if you really try )

..can't stay in here any more. I need air....

[[What Gai doesn't know is that while he was at the Ministry, one of the proctors surreptitiously hit him with a slow-acting Dolorum Jinx. As they watch from afar, taking notes for this last, secret portion of the psychological exam, he will spend the rest of the evening wandering the streets of London while sinking into a deep, unnatural depression. The spell will wear off before morning, but Gai's an emotional man at the best of times, so this is not good. If your character notices this entry, do yell at him or something.]]
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Auror exams are going GREAT. The Ministry is full of the most INCREDIBLE people!! After five days, I still feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of that amazing place. It's practically an underground city all by itself!!

Met a lot of fellow Auror candidates at the exams. Some of them were nervous. I smiled a lot to try and BRACE UP THEIR COURAGE.

One more test on Sunday. Of course they do need to give us a psychological exam. It would be TERRIBLE if actual DARK WIZARDS managed to sneak past the application process!!! Well, I've worked HARD at being WELL-ADJUSTED, so I'm sure I can blaze through with NO TROUBLE AT ALL!!!!

[[Private, difficult to hack]]

Mwahahahaha. Kakashi won't know what hit him. He'll thank me later -- lying around with those books all day is NOT CONDUCIVE TO PERSONAL GROWTH!!!!


[[Over the weekend, Gai will try to find Kakashi to drag him off for some kind of challenging workout fun -- swimming, a climbing-wall race, rugby, what have you. He may or may not succeed in actually finding him -- up to you, Kakashi-mun.]]


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