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They should put this in the Hogwarts student introduction booklet: every year or so, you are all likely to go MAD!!!! IT SHOULD HAVE A NAME: the Annual... um, the Great Periodic.... SOMETHING, and then people would be prepared when the suddenly can't remember who they really are!!!

..BUT. My tactic of leaving instructions for myself last time this happened paid off handsomely. Thanks to writing everything down last time, I was more prepared for finding myself in what I thought was a strange place and learning to use magic all over again. SEE, LEE??? Taking notes is IMPORTANT!!!


And yet... people still got hurt. Could I have prevented it? Why wasn't I more careful!? It's a good thing Madame Pomfrey's memory came back when it did... the way the stitches reacted with those boys' innate magic, they could have... *shudders*

More material for next time. No... Muggle... first... aid....


Filtered to Ino )

*starts to write a note to Lee, Neji, and Tenten, but.....*

* not canon!Gai. Lacks the knowledge and experience to sit the three of them down and counsel them in their time of need. Has no authority to dictate their feelings, though Lee would probably listen if he offered a good reason. Does not, in this world, have the same unbreakable teacher-student bond with the other two as he felt he had only hours ago. Although now... he wants it.*

*scrubbing his face tiredly, strikes out the note and resolves to speak to each of them separately*

[[Sneaking a post in on someone else's computer. YOSH!! ^____^d]]
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[[Filtered to those Gai has made friends with so far]]

I say we all bunk down in the Hospital Wing. It has the most beds and only one door and is easier to defend. In the meantime, don't trust anybody who tries to take you aside by yourself.


[[Filtered to Konoha shinobi]]

No matter what mysterious force has brought us here again?... our path is certainly clear now. In a school full of civilian children under attack, we must use our skills to protect the innocent!!


Whoever wants a safe place to stay, come down to the Hospital Wing!!! *insert badly drawn map with directions* The safer everybody is, the better we can all concentrate on finding out where we are and how to get home. Some people have been injured already by going about alone. DON'T BE LIKE THEM!!!

AND WATCH OUT FOR VAMPIRES!!!! There is at least one in the school!     ..Ino, where are you....

Sawada... thank you for your ........... help. It would have been much harder without a second pair of hands.
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SAWADA!! We have someone injured here! You're a medical man, right? HURRY!!

*the rest of the page is crammed with scribbled notes, most of which are legible*

medical spells....

professor's office records at least five classes not accounted for with VAMPIRES on the loose among CHILDREN

Sakura, Hinata, have you found her? And TenTen -- REPORT!!!

Neji & Sai go with Lee find the second-years on this list
*followed by a dozen scribbled names*


Food = ok, appears at mealtimes, the only problem is if someone is hiding and doesn't know

MISA can you & Colette search the dungeons and make sure no children are lost down there? OH AND LILIE, you should go with them because there's safety in numbers AND DON'T FORGET YOUR WANDS!!!

the way they were looking at each other after reading those confounded tales of their alternate selves... if this affects their teamwork I will have to

KAKASHI no you did NOT disappear again WE NEED TO TALK--

[[Aftermath of this; stricken notes illegible. Harry-mun, I hope it's okay!]]
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[[Filtered to those working on the party for Honey]]

RINALIIIII!! I have the PERFECT idea for Honey's party -- we can Transfigure a box of biscuits into bunnies and then get them to TAPDANCE!!!!! With little hats and everything! What do you think???


NEWTS tomorrow! YOSH, I'm RARING TO GO!!! Even though they had to have classes the very day after our EPIC BATTLE. Hey, Mytho, do you still want any help with Transfiguration? Haruko, stop itching all over the place and get down to the Hospital Wing -- you probably picked up some poison ivy in the field yesterday. And Fuu -- why are you soaking wet!? This place is a MADHOUSE... well, more than usual.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO'S TAKING OWLs AND NEWTs. Just think -- by this time next week, you'll all be looking back on these frantic days with FOND NOSTALGIA!!!

[[I'm assuming that Gai was taken out at some point during the battle. He FOUGHT HARD and was a CREDIT TO HIS TRAINING, so he's happy. XD Rose, what do you think of a log taking place during training the morning after the battle so Gai and Lee get a chance to talk? Also, does anybody know if there's a NEWTs exam schedule, or can I just make up which tests Gai has on which days?]]
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Between Lee, Sakura, and Allen, and now hopefully Neji, our morning workout is becoming a VIBRANT SOCIAL EVENT!!! Nonetheless, we must continue to surpass ourselves in striving for excellence. As springtime hastens to fling the newborn sun over a landscape hungry for warmth, so will we hasten to greet the day with ENTHUSIASTIC VIGOR!! The sunrise has gotten earlier -- INSTEAD OF FIVE-THIRTY, WE WILL NOW TRAIN AT FIVE O'CLOCK!!!!


*pacing* I hope she'll be all right... Madame Pomfrey knows her business... the school has everything she needs... she's strong and healthy... they'll take care of her... must turn thoughts to other matters... Tim didn't have that artifact after all... but Dumbledore says it's still in the castle... perhaps I missed it earlier in the week.... maybe it fell out in Jareth's old maze.... which is near the Hospital Wing... no, think of something else... Uchiha seems under the weather... perhaps I harmed him more than I thought... but he would have sought attention... he usually does... I don't understand that man at all... Professor Masters yelled at everyone today... tempers are running high... Dark Wizards encroaching... and this place, with all its children... THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE.....


[[Due to the low survival rate among children where Gai grew up, he's overly worried by the events in progress.]]
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*clutches head* What was that!?

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

Egad... I'm sore all over but it's amazing we're both alive.... that was the hardest I've had to fight in years, but.... what possessed me -- what possessed all of us!? I remember knowing... something... and I had to stop him before....

..there was a reason, I know it!!!

*flips through journal* Gaara... the Kazekage!??? And that Seras girl -- why was she working for Sir Integra? And Haruko, Honey, Himawari.... that giant rolling thing... camping out on the fourth floor with the corridor warded in case of madness.... I can't believe all this really happened even though I've got the scars to prove it!


[[Vague, evasive don't-know-what-happened-yet post is a GO!! Due to overexertion and the confusion caused by the end of Canon Days, Gai will be groggy and confused and stick to the Hufflepuff common room for a bit. Feel free to have your character come and watch the ongoing Gai-Itachi fight. Lee-mun, we'll discuss the ending tomorrow, ok?]]
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What's this... whatever-it-is... doing in my jumpsuit pocket? It looks like... some kind of pocket-watch, but with a copper piece wired in the middle instead of the face, spinning slowly by itself.....

Wait -- this is the jumpsuit I took along on that last assignment!! One of the delegates must have planted this peculiar artifact on me during the chaos after the explosion. I knew that smiling warlock was up to no good!!

And who's been writing in my journal!? I can't have tripped over Jaggerjack -- I'm still here in London!

Madame Pomfrey, I'm escorting Angie down to the hospital wing and.... WAIT, WHO'S WRITING IN MY JOURNAL?!?!?!?

[[Yessss. Now you know where the Green Beasts have been all this time. They're in BOTH PLACES AT ONCE!! Green!Gai is in London, Azure!Gai is in Hogwarts, and that magical artifact is quite a bit more than it seems. Hooray for last-minute plottage!]]
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Two days now. The fever's gone, he doesn't seem to be in pain.... why won't he wake up?

Honey -- thank you. Your notes are fantastic!!!

[[Private, 10% hackable by Gai's friends]]

I am not a vindictive man, but the vision of Uchiha's purple, swollen jaw when he came in here this morning will doubtless be a bright spot in my memories for years to come.


[[Filtered to Sakura]]

Was that you burning a pile of shoes outside? I could smell them from here. Your entry seemed... did you give Uchiha that bloody lip? What happened!?

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At least I don't need my ankle to do chin-ups.

Amazing... this place was full last week, and now everyone's all healed up. Well, almost everyone.

*limps into Hospital Wing*

Dr. Kurosaki... anyone in here?
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I think there's homework due today.....

*brave face*

I had a FANTASTIC time last night. Does anybody know when this hair thing is supposed to go away?

Private, unhackable )

*kicks his trunk, which, after last night's dancing, is the last straw for his sore ankle*


*limps down to the hospital wing*
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*grumble* Somebody needs to install revolving doors and a snack bar in the Hospital Wing, given how many people have landed there in the past week.....

[[Private to Oruha]]

Would you look at that sunset! The colors of the clouds reflecting from the snowy hills, liquid yellow and ruddy gold.... a beautiful end to a baffling day.

So... you wanted to tell me something about Lee's letter?

[[This takes place last night, and explains how Gai missed the whole candy mountain thing. I swear, I go home for the day and everybody decides to post..... XD]]
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As of today, I am all caught up with my homework. Best of all, I FINISHED MY ESSAY FOR PROFESSOR MARIK!!!!! Twenty feet and six inches! How she's going to grade all of them, I have no idea.

It feels good to get back to my dorm, after all those nights in the hospital wing. But what feels better is knowing how fast Lee's recovering. I still see him several times a day, but I know he's lonely down there, even with Honey and Meru. Everyone, go down and visit them!!!!

And I got a new Exploding Snap deck. Who wants to play???


This masquerade thing will just about wipe out my earnings from that last assignment. I wonder if Hokage the Third can find me a quick weekend job.....


[[Gai has falcon-ordered a panther mask and a men's formal kimono for the ball. The kimono is impressed with alternating green leaf clusters, black-on-black jaguar marks, and a dappled pattern resembling tree-filtered sunlight. Since he didn't pick it out in person, it will be surprisingly tasteful.]]
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Madame Pomfrey took a picture of Lee and I in the Hospital Wing, the evening after Lee's triumphant return to consciousness.

Click here. )

Thanks again, Misa, for bringing down my Arithmancy book!
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Lee's recovering so quickly... I could SHOUT FOR JOY!!! Thank you, everyone, for coming by to visit. Your friendship fills our hearts with gratitude.

..I've been down here for three days. But with Lee awake and Honey here too, the time has just flown. And IT SNOWED AGAIN! The air outside is sparkling with beautiful, tiny flakes of snow. No good for packing, though -- it's just as well for Sakura-san that this kind of snowfall happened while I wasn't going outside anyway. *reminiscent grin*

Dr. Kurosaki has approved some physical therapy for Lee, specifically a semi-intense breathing kata redesigned for someone who isn't standing up yet. That will keep his stamina up and his muscles in condition without wearing him out. He's promised not to over-exert himself, and I'll see that he sticks to that. But his natural resilience is making the healing process incredibly rapid. Not that I expected any less from his gallant, unbreakable spirit!!!

Could someone send my Arithmancy book down here? I think I left it in the common room.

[[With Lee on the mend, Gai's back to his old exuberant self. In fact, he's BUBBLING OVER WITH YOUTHFUL HAPPINESS. He's now doing pushups in the Hospital Wing while Lee works on the breathing form. Feel free to whack him on the head or something. ;D]]
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LEE'S AWAKE!!!!! And he's making sense! Thank heavens the danger seems to have passed.

Filtered to whoever's in charge of the ball )

Filtered to Sakura )

Filtered to Sir Integra )
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*stage whisper that can be heard all over the hospital wing* DR. KUROSAKI!! COME QUICK, LEE-KUN'S WAKING UP!!!!!
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*stumbles exhausted down the stairs, fresh from a midnight-till-three Astronomy exam*

..The heck!? What happened while I was in class?

*dashes to the Hospital Wing with his heart in his throat*


What happened to him, Dr. Kurosaki? How did he get like this!? WHAT'S GOING ON???
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*scribbles madly* Man, this weekend has been insanely busy!!
--Honey, perhaps Usa-chan could help Osaka find Gregory?

--Haruko has a concussion! If anyone wants to send her flowers, she's in the hospital wing.

--Poor Light Yagami has received VERY BAD NEWS FROM HOME! He's currently at St. Mungo's, visiting his injured father. My House is having a whip-round to send them flowers or something. (Better suggestions, anyone?) Let's all take some time to sympathize and project good wishes in their direction.

--Professor Marik is... handing out enormous amounts of homework lately. *disinclined to contribute to TEH DRAMA here*

--We're having a mandatory Masquerade Ball on the 14th! That seems to crowd out Singles' Appreciation Day, but some people celebrate that on the 15th anyway. ^_0 And I know just what to wear.....

--That Uchiha character has gotten a journal. All the better to keep an eye on him.

--MY ETERNAL RIVAL KAKASHI-KUN HAS LIT OUT FOR PARTS UNKNOWN!!!!! Suddenly I feel awfully lonely. I wonder if he's on assignment or something?

[Filtered to professors]

Who can I talk to about starting meditation/self-defense/combat-ethics workshops for students of various years?


[[Gai is stalling; he has no idea what to wear. About that other thing, [ profile] truetensai, should we make a log of it? *really am getting AIM this week, that's a promise!*]]


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