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*jogs from the Ministry entrance to a nearby park -- the same one he'd wandered through the previous night -- finds an unoccupied bench and pulls out his journal*

Filtered to Gai's friends and associates )

YOSH!!!! With my tests complete, it will soon be time to quit this happy town and begin the next month's EPIC WILDERNESS ADVENTURE, where the sights and scents of city living are replaced by insectile drones, wheeling buzzards, and the desiccating heat of the dusty desert air -- where senses must be sharp and spirits honed to the keen knife-edge of SURVIVAL!! LEE!!! Where will we be meeting? And farewell, my London friends -- MAY YOU ALL HAVE A FANTASTIC, PRODUCTIVE SUMMER!!!!!

And HEY!!!! Happy birthday, Tatsuki!!!!

[[Totally meant to post this yesterday. :D Anything else Gai does in England will have to happen in the next few days. And Tats will shortly receive an owl bearing a gift certificate for her favorite sports supply store.]]
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Farewell to Konoha the verdant -- Konoha in midsummer!!! Farewell to Japan and my friends and associates therein! That game was fantastic, Honey -- just like old times -- and it was great to see Mori too! Neji, KEEP SMILING. *THUMBS-UP* Tenten, I'm glad your grandmother is looking so well! Sakura, I'll see you in England! And LEE.... FACE THE FUTURE WITH STRAIGHT BACK AND SPARKLING EYE, and I'll rejoin you in approximately a week!!!!!

And now, time and life progress apace, and I must ESSAY FORWARD TO MEET THE NEW WORLD....


*appears in Diagon Alley with a loud POP and a swirl of forest-green robes*


*strides forth with a pack on his back and a glint in his teeth*

[[This week, Gai will begin his Auror entrance exams at the Ministry. During his stay overseas, he visited all the friends he could (feel free to be on the list), and also looked in on Hong Kong, where he grew up. If you're in Japan and don't want to miss his TEARFUL AND FERVENT FAREWELL, go ahead and have a word with him before he has actually apparated. ^^]]
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*pauses on the platform, looking back at the castle*

Same old castle... as proud and glorious as the day I first beheld it... Hogwarts the bold, seat of wisdom, font of justice, holding the power to move nations or minds.... I'll m-m-miss this place....

Shall I ever look down into that valley again, I wonder?

LEE!!! Have you got everything? No traces of that infernal potion left, I hope.... Where's Maito-kun? Assignments on hand? Lost objects found? Trunk properly labeled, and your FERVENT HEART PREPARED FOR THE SUMMER??? THEN LET US BE OFF!!


[[First strikeout taken directly from LOTR. XD Gai will be taking the train to London, wherein he will proceed to new lodgings near Diagon Alley. He will mostly be hanging out with his friends and Lee, though with everyone crammed onto the train, he could conceivably bump into anyone. XD]]
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No more Arithmancy! *dancing madly* THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING WITH ME, SAKURA!!! And the same to Ami's study group! I couldn't have done it without you... or if I had, it would've taken a whole lot longer!!!! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, GUYS, AND I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Only two exams left... and I'M READY!!!! Can you feel that? That TENSION in the air?? The GRIPPING, INVIGORATING FEELING that these moments are the turning point of your life????? It thrills, it chills, it REVITALIZES!!! IT'S THE END OF THE YEAR!! WAAAAAAAAAAHOOOO!!!

Now if only that poultice would work faster....

[[Feel free to have seen Gai slam into a wall (or to have been run over by him) because he was running toward the testing room with his nose in Arithmancy for Dummies. He now has a thick plaster over his left eyebrow, which pushes his fringe up and occasionally flickers with a weird blue light.]]
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[[Filtered to those working on the party for Honey]]

RINALIIIII!! I have the PERFECT idea for Honey's party -- we can Transfigure a box of biscuits into bunnies and then get them to TAPDANCE!!!!! With little hats and everything! What do you think???


NEWTS tomorrow! YOSH, I'm RARING TO GO!!! Even though they had to have classes the very day after our EPIC BATTLE. Hey, Mytho, do you still want any help with Transfiguration? Haruko, stop itching all over the place and get down to the Hospital Wing -- you probably picked up some poison ivy in the field yesterday. And Fuu -- why are you soaking wet!? This place is a MADHOUSE... well, more than usual.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO'S TAKING OWLs AND NEWTs. Just think -- by this time next week, you'll all be looking back on these frantic days with FOND NOSTALGIA!!!

[[I'm assuming that Gai was taken out at some point during the battle. He FOUGHT HARD and was a CREDIT TO HIS TRAINING, so he's happy. XD Rose, what do you think of a log taking place during training the morning after the battle so Gai and Lee get a chance to talk? Also, does anybody know if there's a NEWTs exam schedule, or can I just make up which tests Gai has on which days?]]
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I wrote something on a bit of spare parchment and stuck it in the journal. Can anybody read it? Hmm, this worked last time there was something wrong with the journals....

Why aren't these things fixed already?? It's a TRAVESTY when a person's expectation of privacy is suddenly removed by a malfunctioning magical item. WHO WILL BITE THE BULLET AND TACKLE THIS PROBLEM HEAD-ON?????

I'm going flying with Honey!!! And if you don't see me after that, I'm probably studying. I need to get a LOT of studying done. Positively LOADS of it. SERIOUSLY. With BELLS on. YOSH!!!!!

[[Can people read random pieces of paper that have been stuck in the journals? YOU DECIDE. Feel free to see Gai going about his very surreptitious business, but if you try to follow him, you will probably get spotted.]]
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[[Private, 20% hackable in the last paragraph]]

Only two more weeks.... *fretting like whoa*

Something's happened to Sir Integra, and she won't say what. Her shoulder is stiff in a certain way -- I've seen that type of movement before. How could she have sustained an injury like that? ..Who would attack a teacher!?

..It's just starting to sink in.

I'm graduating.

I'm going to leave Hogwarts.

This is the END.

*clutches hair*

My studies are going well. I can afford to hold off for a time. It would be a TRAVESTY to spend the last days of this GOLDEN PERIOD OF MY LIFE with my nose stuck in a book, cut off from the marvels with which my alma mater abounds. I am a wizard at Hogwarts! That is cause for CELEBRATION!!! I hereby resolve that I will spend my final days in this NOBLE INSTITUTION in close communion with nature, the castle, and my CHERISHED, PRECIOUS FRIENDS!!!!!


Filtered to Kimimaro )

*strides out MANFULLY into the castle corridors, his every sinew vibrating with FERVOR AND DETERMINATION*

[[*grumbles at comment notification lag* And now I get all the comments. Aaaargh!!! Hogwarts denizens, prepare to encounter Gai!!! Cella, we still need to do that spar. And Kage, if you'll be online later today, let's talk. Mwahahahaha.]]
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*clutches head* What was that!?

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

Egad... I'm sore all over but it's amazing we're both alive.... that was the hardest I've had to fight in years, but.... what possessed me -- what possessed all of us!? I remember knowing... something... and I had to stop him before....

..there was a reason, I know it!!!

*flips through journal* Gaara... the Kazekage!??? And that Seras girl -- why was she working for Sir Integra? And Haruko, Honey, Himawari.... that giant rolling thing... camping out on the fourth floor with the corridor warded in case of madness.... I can't believe all this really happened even though I've got the scars to prove it!


[[Vague, evasive don't-know-what-happened-yet post is a GO!! Due to overexertion and the confusion caused by the end of Canon Days, Gai will be groggy and confused and stick to the Hufflepuff common room for a bit. Feel free to have your character come and watch the ongoing Gai-Itachi fight. Lee-mun, we'll discuss the ending tomorrow, ok?]]
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Whew... she's stuck to the... big rolling whatever-it-is. That should put paid to her VILE SCHEME!!!!!


HAH, I have finally succeeded in properly filtering this journal!!

We're getting used to this strange world. When Sir Integra finds out where this castle is, we'll be able to send for help (but I still think we should get messages out right away, now that we've found the owls). Thanks to the spell-books in the Library, we're learning spells like WILDFIRE, but people keep getting lost (even with the new map) or stuck to that giant ball of STUFF that's rolling around. It's even caught that blue-haired villain who threatened Himawari. *growls* Why can't it catch all the missing-nin as well??

There are so many people here... from different places and times. I can't figure it out -- Lee-kun, Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke are all much older than I remember them, and Gaara of the Sand is somehow Kazekage (at his age!!!!), but Naruto is still his old self! And there's no sign of my other two genin....

Or of Kakashi. Sharingan Kakashi, the genius Hatake, my eternal rival, who would move heaven and earth to be here if he knew his students were in danger. I have to wonder, now, whether he still lives.


[[Filtered to Gai's Group]]

Our corridor is now warded against menaces! If anyone wants to roam the castle, DON'T DO IT ALONE. Stay together and keep practicing defensive spells, and we'll all come through this trial with FLYING COLORS!!!!!


[[Thanks to a group effort, anyone entering the fourth floor corridor with bad intent will receive an electric shock, have his gravity reversed, and end up stuck to the ceiling under a pile of piping hot croissants. Forgive them; they're just working with what they've got. XD And Gai still hasn't read his whole journal, so there may be more surprises in store for him.]]
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TAMAKI SUOH? I'm here with Honey Haninozuka, who says he saw you in the crowd. If you can meet us on the fourth floor, we might be able to pool our information on where we are and what's going on.

*words heavily scored into the parchment* Itachi, stay away from Haruno Sakura or you will never see another sunset.

[[Sporadically private -- he's not used to the system yet]]

We spent the night in a storeroom on the fourth floor. Sleeping bags and other supplies started appearing as soon as we'd settled down -- it was like MAGIC, which seems to exist here as well. So far we've explored... less than a fifth of the castle. Click for Gai's map! ) There's... stuff all over the place... as though hundreds of students simply dropped what they were doing and lost their memories. But there hasn't been any looting -- horrible creatures with huge ears and eyes appear out of nowhere and give thieves electric shocks!! Apparently something in this place knows what items are supposed to belong to which person, and isn't letting anyone claim another's belongings.

And this journal... it's all in my handwriting, but if I did write it, I must have been insane!!


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*emerging from Jareth's maze in a wide corridor near the Great Hall; has stripped off his Hogwarts robes to reveal the green training jumpsuit he wore for his spar with Grimmjow*

That's better... *examining the pink robes* What's all this about...!? Is this some kind of fortress? It must be a mission... but what? And for who? And why can't I remember? Is this a genjutsu? Did someone POISON me!? *clutches at throat, then decides not to worry about it unless he starts getting sick*

But my hands are different -- younger!? What is this place? Where's my team? WHAT'S GOING ON???

*stares around wildly, bellows*

[[Welcome to the Canon Days! In keeping with his canon character, Gai will think he's a 26-year-old jounin ninja sensei. It's a good thing he keeps spare jumpsuits in the school. XD]]
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Well, look at that. It's raining. The sky is a beautiful pearly grey. And that's a MASSIVE puddle down there -- goes all the way across the street. I wonder how deep it gets.

[[Filtered from Lee and Kimi]]

Honey's sending Lee some pictures of Hogwarts!! If anyone wants to send anything to Lee or Kimimaro, bring them to Hufflepuff House and he'll send them along!!!



They're saying both Lee and Kimi will be released some time this week!!!! I can't wait to get back to school... but what is being done about Gaara? I haven't heard from Temari. Or anyone at all. What are the professors doing while we're stuck in London? I wonder if Dumbledore even knows the five of us are still here.....

Off to the hospital again. Kimi seemed... upset this morning. They should be done with the tests or whatever it was by now. Maybe I'll get to talk to him.


[[Doesn't even think of asking for anything himself. Gai's so noble!! And since he considers weather (and deep puddles) a CHALLENGE, he will arrive at the hospital

And hey, I updated his info: it now includes relationships. Egad, that took all DAY!!!]]
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I'm currently installed in small hotel near St. Mungo's. If the paint is peeling... a lot... and the dust bunnies are lively enough to gnaw my leg-warmers to shreds... and the splits in the insulation are too wide to block off even with The Big, Huge, Massive Compendium of Magical Self-Expansion.... at least it has a marvelous view of... a bunch of chimney-pots, or would if there weren't so much fog!!!! But the best part is I'm on the fifteenth floor, so I get a lot of exercise between visiting Lee and Kimi!!!! Why waste Floo powder when I'm only three doors away?

..I miss my common room. *lip wobbles*

Lee was able to sit up today. He's eager to get back into his regular routine! I've had to promise threaten extra stamina work next week to get him to stay still. His MAGNIFICENT RESILIENCE is TRULY INSPIRING!!!!!

[[Private to Honey, hackable by Lee's friends]]

Honey, your idea of sending Lee a stuffed animal is grand!! What do you think of a giant Chinese dragon, representing his heritage and magical ambitions? And speaking of which, I've ordered Eiji's present. He should be getting it any day now. *shiny grin*


[[Private to Temari]]

Temari, how is Gaara holding up?


[[Honey and Gai got Eiji one of these for his birthday. Ph3ar teh sparkly cuteness of the seventh-year Hufflepuff. Gai also ordered a tortoise for Honey's birthday, to go along with Usa-chan.]]
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*hauls himself back into his cot, shaking and covered in sweat*

Thank heaven that's over.

Obito, you weren't planning to burn down the school, were you? 'Cos I like it the way it is.

By the way, Tatsuki, I meant to thank you for the card! I'LL TREASURE IT AS A TOKEN OF OUR FRIENDSHIP!!! *Nice Guy pose*

[[Private, 70% hackable because of his state of mind]]

*scrubbing tears off his face* Eight hours... he's sleeping peacefully now... I've seen worse, much worse... but this was Lee.....

They're discharging me tomorrow. I'm taking a room near the hospital until Lee's released, which should be some time this weekend. Confound his parents!! No visit... no owl... not a scrap of concern for their injured son. How could my precious Lee have come from such a cruel household!?

I'm glad SOMEBODY has the guts to take a stand about all this fighting. So many of my friends have been hurt lately. What happened to justice and honor? I have problems with Uchiha some people, but skilled fighters should have BETTER THINGS TO DO than to WASTE THEIR ZEAL on PETTY REVENGE. How can they be so disrespectful of their peers -- and dismissive of their own pride and potential!?

And according to Haruko, there's "something big and black" roaming the school. Just what we need -- another mystery.


[[First strike hackable only to Obito; others illegible. And by "somebody", he's refers to Johnson.]]
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*Writing from St. Mungo's*

I just realized that I missed a lot of birthdays!!! Well, then, a big shiny

glitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphicsglitter graphics

to... um... Light, Honey, Miranda.... who'd I miss?

[[Filtered to Sakura]]

And Sakura, I hear you're engaged!!! Or something like that!! *hearts&spangles* You must've somehow forgotten to tell me!! Can I be the... uh... 58th to congratulate the ADORABLE YOUNG COUPLE? *laughing his head off, yes indeed*


Hospital food stinks. Literally. Chinese checkers, anyone??

[[Filtered to Professor Constantine]]

Professor, I've got a few questions about the nature of the Dark Arts. Do you have any time to go over some of the textbook material with me?


[[In Boston with iffy web access right now. For the rest of the day, Gai will be visiting Lee, Kimi, and perhaps Temari and Gaara. He'll also be a bit more distracted and clueless than usual because of all the stuff he's dealing with.]]
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Honey, I want to see pictures. It's not fair, being stuck here. ^_^

Counselor Yukari, can you please not kill my friend Tatsuki?

They're going to let me see Lee today! Does anyone have a message for him?

Blasted cast. Stupid brace. At least I can walk now.

[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I wanted to ask you about something I saw during the fight. When Gaara was... enraged... he was talking about himself in the third person -- it seemed as though he was someone else entirely. Do you know of anything that could explain that?


[[Strikes not quite unreadable. I'll probably be offline until Monday -- sorry.]]
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*jogging around the lake, watching a purple sunset over the mountains as his breath freezes in the last rays of the setting sun*

[[Auuugh. Been one of those days where the words just don't fit together, so? Cue messing about on Photoshop. This takes place sometime before the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN. And now, back to your regularly scheduled drama.]]
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Two days now. The fever's gone, he doesn't seem to be in pain.... why won't he wake up?

Honey -- thank you. Your notes are fantastic!!!

[[Private, 10% hackable by Gai's friends]]

I am not a vindictive man, but the vision of Uchiha's purple, swollen jaw when he came in here this morning will doubtless be a bright spot in my memories for years to come.


[[Filtered to Sakura]]

Was that you burning a pile of shoes outside? I could smell them from here. Your entry seemed... did you give Uchiha that bloody lip? What happened!?

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[[Private, 10% hackable]]

So that Gaara kid is trying to find Lee... this could be bad. I've got to warn him.....

*dashes off*



[[Gai's going to be dashing about the castle searching for Lee until lights-out. There will be DRAMA tomorrow!!!]]
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[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari... can we talk? How's your brother doing?


YOSH!!! Now that the masquerade is out of the way, I'd like to announce a special weekly martial arts workshop for first to fifth years! If you're interested, fill out the form!

Application )

[[Forgot if there was still anyone I had to run this by, so can we say Dumbledore okayed it? XD Applications are screened; so far only Gai, Honey, Sakura, and Kimimaro can see them.

Gai will spend most of Sunday morning forty feet above the Quidditch pitch, doing chin-ups on a broomstick as a consequence of a self-imposed rule made during the masquerade. Feel free to gape.]]


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