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I wrote something on a bit of spare parchment and stuck it in the journal. Can anybody read it? Hmm, this worked last time there was something wrong with the journals....

Why aren't these things fixed already?? It's a TRAVESTY when a person's expectation of privacy is suddenly removed by a malfunctioning magical item. WHO WILL BITE THE BULLET AND TACKLE THIS PROBLEM HEAD-ON?????

I'm going flying with Honey!!! And if you don't see me after that, I'm probably studying. I need to get a LOT of studying done. Positively LOADS of it. SERIOUSLY. With BELLS on. YOSH!!!!!

[[Can people read random pieces of paper that have been stuck in the journals? YOU DECIDE. Feel free to see Gai going about his very surreptitious business, but if you try to follow him, you will probably get spotted.]]
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My last few weeks as a student here... it's enough to make a grown man weep. Summer will doubtless be choked with the assignments I need to fill my duty roster for the next half-year. I can't believe Kakashi's missing the end of the term. That must be some assignment -- but I'LL TRACK HIM DOWN IF IT TAKES ME ALL SUMMER!!!!

I must find that artifact. I WILL find that artifact. If I don't find that artifact, I'll double my NEWTs revisions every evening! If retracing my steps doesn't help, then... mind-magic? The Pensieve? *shudders* As unsettling as that would be, keeping the Eye of Rassilon out of enemy clutches is too important to leave any stone unturned.


What a blustery day this is -- with the wind pouring down from the mountains like this, it's a challenge to make any headway at all. *PROUD WINDSWEPT POSE* But when I return to the castle with the gale at my back, I'll probably get to set a new record for sp--

*slapped in the face by a lengthy sheet of parchment* SAKJHKFHDS?!!! *flails* Whose homework is this???
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*staggers into the Hufflepuff common room with his arms full of books and parchments*

NEWTS exams are imminent. Their proximity is inescapable now. Professor McGonagall gave us a long speech about them today. *clenches fist* But I'm going to ACE them -- I simply MUST, if I want to be considered for the Auror program.

[[Private; 20% hackable if you really try]]

What's the matter with Tatsuki!? Nobody's personality simply changes like that overnight. And I CANNOT BELIEVE that someone dared to prank Sir Integra. She's as incredible as ever, but younger than ME now, which is ABSURD. And she doesn't remember any of us, which is terribly heartbreaking depressing. All of her classes have been cancelled. She's going to go spare when she finds out. How could such an outrage have taken place!?


*catches a glimpse of his reflection in one of the windows*

Wait -- what the...!?

[[Due to a Transfiguration accident, Gai is now several inches shorter than usual. But yes, I'm BACK! Mostly, anyhow.]]
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Two days now. The fever's gone, he doesn't seem to be in pain.... why won't he wake up?

Honey -- thank you. Your notes are fantastic!!!

[[Private, 10% hackable by Gai's friends]]

I am not a vindictive man, but the vision of Uchiha's purple, swollen jaw when he came in here this morning will doubtless be a bright spot in my memories for years to come.


[[Filtered to Sakura]]

Was that you burning a pile of shoes outside? I could smell them from here. Your entry seemed... did you give Uchiha that bloody lip? What happened!?

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I think there's homework due today.....

*brave face*

I had a FANTASTIC time last night. Does anybody know when this hair thing is supposed to go away?

Private, unhackable )

*kicks his trunk, which, after last night's dancing, is the last straw for his sore ankle*


*limps down to the hospital wing*
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[[Actions visible only to people who are abroad at five-thirty in the morning]]

Gai wakes up early as usual, but for once doesn't sprint down to the Great Hall to work out. He dresses quickly in the dark and slips out of the curtains of his four-poster, shivering a bit at the morning chill. For a moment he stands still, listening for any sign of life from the other seventh-years. Hearing nothing, he reaches into the very back of his desk and brings out a thin packet of flimsy paper containing a length of ribbon which smells faintly of chocolate.

He sits for some minutes looking out the window, absently winding the ribbon around his fingers. Then he picks up a quill and a sheet of paper, its faded color the burnt red of rust or old blood. He writes on it quickly for several minutes.

When he reaches the end of the paper, he folds into an origami heart without stopping to look it over again. The first rays of sunlight steal through the window, and Gai murmurs a levitating charm, guides the folded paper out into the open air, and sets it on fire. It burns quickly and brightly, leaving only a trace of ash which drifts away on the wind.

Satisfied, Gai tucks the ribbon back into his desk, digs out the books for the day's classes, and ambles down to the common room to struggle over Arithmancy until breakfast.

[[Three inches of snow, and RATS my campus is closed, which means I'm stuck on the slow, slow landline today with five people competing for the computer.

Sakura-mun, Itachi-mun, what kind of a reaction were you looking for?

Also, I'm going to draw a picture of Gai at the ball... early on, before the inevitable chaos starts. Who else wants to be in it?]]
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..Whatever's been going on in this place while I was away, I don't want to know about it. I've got to catch up before Monday's classes. Anyone want to go over Arithmancy with me?

Gad, my leg is killing me. And it's the same one the Shrieker snagged in Professor Riddick's practical.... if there was ever a bad time to take on the Hogwarts stair system....

LEE-KUN! *strikes a triumphant pose* Now that you have been RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL WING, why don't we meet up after lunch and go over your physical therapy requirements and anything else that might be on your mind? I'll be in the Great Hall.

Oh, and while I've got my journal out..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OBITO!!!!!

[[Gai got back early, but will be limping for a few days as a result of a small mishap overseas.]]
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*stares at everyone's journals* Normally I'm all for youthful hijinks, but WHAT THE BLAZES?????

[[Filtered to the Headmaster]]

(A formal request for a weekend's leave, and permission to arrange transportation to Seoul.)


[[Private, 25% hackable]]

I got a weekend job! In Seoul! And they promised to get me back before classes start Monday! HAH! I knew it would all come together somehow!

It's going to be tough, though; I've only just gotten back in the loop after Lee's injury. A weekend without time to do homework is going make things hard. BUT I WILL FACE ADVERSITY WITH FIERCE DETERMINATION -- AND I WILL TRIUMPH, OR ELSE I'LL RUN UP AND DOWN ALL THE STAIRCASES IN THE CASTLE FIVE TIMES BEFORE LUNCHTIME ON MONDAY! SO THERE!!!!

..What will I tell Lee? *frets*


[[Gai's putting himself through school by working for a security agency based in Konoha. I.e. I won't be online until Monday. XD]]
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As of today, I am all caught up with my homework. Best of all, I FINISHED MY ESSAY FOR PROFESSOR MARIK!!!!! Twenty feet and six inches! How she's going to grade all of them, I have no idea.

It feels good to get back to my dorm, after all those nights in the hospital wing. But what feels better is knowing how fast Lee's recovering. I still see him several times a day, but I know he's lonely down there, even with Honey and Meru. Everyone, go down and visit them!!!!

And I got a new Exploding Snap deck. Who wants to play???


This masquerade thing will just about wipe out my earnings from that last assignment. I wonder if Hokage the Third can find me a quick weekend job.....


[[Gai has falcon-ordered a panther mask and a men's formal kimono for the ball. The kimono is impressed with alternating green leaf clusters, black-on-black jaguar marks, and a dappled pattern resembling tree-filtered sunlight. Since he didn't pick it out in person, it will be surprisingly tasteful.]]
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*scribbles madly* Man, this weekend has been insanely busy!!
--Honey, perhaps Usa-chan could help Osaka find Gregory?

--Haruko has a concussion! If anyone wants to send her flowers, she's in the hospital wing.

--Poor Light Yagami has received VERY BAD NEWS FROM HOME! He's currently at St. Mungo's, visiting his injured father. My House is having a whip-round to send them flowers or something. (Better suggestions, anyone?) Let's all take some time to sympathize and project good wishes in their direction.

--Professor Marik is... handing out enormous amounts of homework lately. *disinclined to contribute to TEH DRAMA here*

--We're having a mandatory Masquerade Ball on the 14th! That seems to crowd out Singles' Appreciation Day, but some people celebrate that on the 15th anyway. ^_0 And I know just what to wear.....

--That Uchiha character has gotten a journal. All the better to keep an eye on him.

--MY ETERNAL RIVAL KAKASHI-KUN HAS LIT OUT FOR PARTS UNKNOWN!!!!! Suddenly I feel awfully lonely. I wonder if he's on assignment or something?

[Filtered to professors]

Who can I talk to about starting meditation/self-defense/combat-ethics workshops for students of various years?


[[Gai is stalling; he has no idea what to wear. About that other thing, [ profile] truetensai, should we make a log of it? *really am getting AIM this week, that's a promise!*]]
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*staggers into the corridor, shaking off snow*

What a great workout! Thanks for the sparring match, Honey -- your speed and agility are impressive!

Heh... between sparring with Honey, Sir Integra's new training format, and yesterday's truly EPIC snowball fight, I've done more physical combat than paper homework this week -- and most of it outside! There are so many strong children here. *pats the castle wall* My alma mater is indeed a place of marvels! And so many different styles of combat! I wonder if anyone would be interested in a weekly martial arts club?

Anyhow, I'd better head up to my dorm and get changed before my icy clothes start dripping all over the place....

Wait a minute.


[[Between Haruko looking for her guitar and Osaka looking for Gregory, the Hufflepuff common room currently looks like a tornado has gone through it.]]
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Will you look at that SNOW! White and fluffy and damp -- it's absolutely perfect! Who has time to participate in an all-out no-holds-barred SNOW WAR in the courtyard after lunch?? Kakashi, I'm talking to YOU!!!

And DOES ANYBODY HAVE NOTES FOR ANCIENT RUNES? I didn't make it to class today because I was doing my Potions homework because I didn't get a chance to do it yesterday because I was researching Animagi in the library and..... um.

[[Feel free to have seen Gai in the library and wonder why he was researching Advanced Self-Transfiguration.]]
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*staggers into the school library*

Owwww... what a workout. My whole body is sore. Sgt Johnson's first class was more vigorous than ever, and then there was Sir Integra's training dummy simulation -- bracketed by two full taijutsu workouts, because this morning's one ran overtime! It's almost a relief to have nothing else but paper homework for the rest of the night.

Now where was that SAS Self-Defense Handbook...?

[Private, mood hackable]

I don't blame Sir Integra for being angry. It makes me sick knowing that some of my younger colleagues -- nay, comrades -- indulge in illicit, self-destructive behavior. Hasn't this world seen enough sorrow!? These are supposed to be the best years of their lives. It's bad enough when adults choose to ruin their minds and bodies, but when the youths who represent the shining future of our kind don't even give themselves the chance to gain their full potential... I, I.... *wipes away tears*

They're lucky it's not me that's taking them to task.

*dives furiously into research*
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It feels wonderful to be back in my old common room. The place is even yellower than I remembered! And what a busy day I've had -- talked to most of my teachers and gotten a massive list of assignments to make up. (Relashio, Evanesco, Incarcerous.... what was that fourth spell I had to practice for Sir Integra?) And there's a new sixth-year in my House -- Oruha, a wonderfully gentle free spirit and an excellent singer! She and her friends have apparently taken my Lee-kun under their wing. Such joyful news!

I wonder where Eiji and the others are? Everyone must be out of class by now. The third day of school is so relaxing. I've found all my classrooms, even the ones that MOVED while I was away, and the aches and pains of my assignment are starting to fade, and there are busy, industrious students all over the place.



[[Gai's collapsed in an armchair in his common room, soaking in the Hufflepuff ambience before going upstairs to unpack. I figure if he's been at Hogwarts for four years he should know most of his House by now, at least by sight, unless they've been away like [ profile] black_songbird. Who else is in his House?

If you still want to run into Gai on his first day back, try the previous post!]]
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A last-minute mission delayed my departure, so I could not accompany my PRECIOUS PROTOGE on his FIRST JOURNEY ABROAD. I'm glad now that he doesn't know I'm coming. Accomplishing the trip by himself will improve his concentration and confidence, and get him off to a good start for his first year at Hogwarts. What will he say when he finds out I've been studying there for three years!? Our community's rule of secrecy, as important as it's been with all the politics going around these days, has some definite drawbacks. But I started late, just as he's doing, and he has a good work ethic and a wizarding family to back him up. Now that his talent is developing, there's no way he can fail!

England is likely to be cold and damp. I'll barely have time to get to Platform 9-3/4 after my mission. Even I cannot Apparate that far from here. (Someday I will, though. That's a promise!!) Hokage the Third, our beloved chief wizard, prepared a Portkey to get me to England. In a few days I'll be standing outside the gates of the castle itself. THIS WILL BE THE YEAR OF A LIFETIME!!!!!!

I hope Lee settles in all right. Will he find a youthful rival to hone his spirits during his time of education? And which House will he end up in? Could it be mine?? But no -- I'm certain that such a proud spirit could only be Sorted into Gryffindor.

Must think of some new challenges to spring on my own eternal rival. He may be a genius with talent beyond his years, but as of our last competition, we're almost even!!!! Since he didn't have a mission, he'll probably get to the train before I do. That's another point to him.... well, I'll win it back inside of a week, or else I'll do TWICE the usual amount of Potions homework! Either way, I come out ahead!!


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