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*strides up a Hong Kong street at five in the morning, whistling and carrying his rucksack and far too cheerful and alert for the time of day*

*finished his mission a day ahead of schedule, got all his reports in and owled off everyones' presents, and is on his way uptown to surprise TenTen and Lee*

*ah, life is good~*

Gai's Incredible and Amazing Gift List )

[[Gai has been out of touch and hasn't received any mail yet, but will do tomorrow or thereabouts. ^^ Jumping on the bandwagon to say that if I've missed anyone who should be on Gai's list, give me a poke!]]
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[[unhackable, on a security-charmed paper tucked away in his journal]]

Of all people, to take advice from him... but it's true. If my journals always go wrong, they're not secure enough to trust with what's important -- like mysteries and apologies and Lee and Neji's safety. Madame Vance still doesn't know who the pit was intended for. We've all taken dangerous and sensitive assignments. It might have been them. It might have been me. If she finds paper airplanes in there, I shall EXPLODE.

A few hours of patrolling, and then.....


Everyone who still likes zombie movies after that last one egad.... you should know that REAL zombies are VERY DIFFERENT from the ones on the computer screen!!! They're called Inferi, and an Inferius is a very scary thing... a dead person without a mind or a heart, completely controlled by somebody steeped in Dark magic! *sepulchural voice* But if you see an Inferius stalking the noble corridors of Hogwarts today, do not be afraid, for the Proud Green Inferius of Hogwarts answers to nobody except Sgt. Johnson, and is sworn to protect this castle and its occupants from BEYOND. THE. GRAVE. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Filtered to Kakashi )

Filtered to Ahiru )

Filtered to Haruko )

*feels his way out into the hall* ..AAAAUUUUGH, I CAN'T SEE!!!!

[[Hello, candygram prank. XD Not that Gai minds much -- he's experienced enough English Halloweens to consider this part of the fun. Now watch him bump into everyone in the castle FOR GREAT JUSTICE! Strikes, btw, are erased right out of the journal.]]
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[[Filtered to those working on the party for Honey]]

RINALIIIII!! I have the PERFECT idea for Honey's party -- we can Transfigure a box of biscuits into bunnies and then get them to TAPDANCE!!!!! With little hats and everything! What do you think???


NEWTS tomorrow! YOSH, I'm RARING TO GO!!! Even though they had to have classes the very day after our EPIC BATTLE. Hey, Mytho, do you still want any help with Transfiguration? Haruko, stop itching all over the place and get down to the Hospital Wing -- you probably picked up some poison ivy in the field yesterday. And Fuu -- why are you soaking wet!? This place is a MADHOUSE... well, more than usual.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO'S TAKING OWLs AND NEWTs. Just think -- by this time next week, you'll all be looking back on these frantic days with FOND NOSTALGIA!!!

[[I'm assuming that Gai was taken out at some point during the battle. He FOUGHT HARD and was a CREDIT TO HIS TRAINING, so he's happy. XD Rose, what do you think of a log taking place during training the morning after the battle so Gai and Lee get a chance to talk? Also, does anybody know if there's a NEWTs exam schedule, or can I just make up which tests Gai has on which days?]]
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[[Private, 20% hackable in the last paragraph]]

Only two more weeks.... *fretting like whoa*

Something's happened to Sir Integra, and she won't say what. Her shoulder is stiff in a certain way -- I've seen that type of movement before. How could she have sustained an injury like that? ..Who would attack a teacher!?

..It's just starting to sink in.

I'm graduating.

I'm going to leave Hogwarts.

This is the END.

*clutches hair*

My studies are going well. I can afford to hold off for a time. It would be a TRAVESTY to spend the last days of this GOLDEN PERIOD OF MY LIFE with my nose stuck in a book, cut off from the marvels with which my alma mater abounds. I am a wizard at Hogwarts! That is cause for CELEBRATION!!! I hereby resolve that I will spend my final days in this NOBLE INSTITUTION in close communion with nature, the castle, and my CHERISHED, PRECIOUS FRIENDS!!!!!


Filtered to Kimimaro )

*strides out MANFULLY into the castle corridors, his every sinew vibrating with FERVOR AND DETERMINATION*

[[*grumbles at comment notification lag* And now I get all the comments. Aaaargh!!! Hogwarts denizens, prepare to encounter Gai!!! Cella, we still need to do that spar. And Kage, if you'll be online later today, let's talk. Mwahahahaha.]]
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*clutches head* What was that!?

[[Private, 20% hackable]]

Egad... I'm sore all over but it's amazing we're both alive.... that was the hardest I've had to fight in years, but.... what possessed me -- what possessed all of us!? I remember knowing... something... and I had to stop him before....

..there was a reason, I know it!!!

*flips through journal* Gaara... the Kazekage!??? And that Seras girl -- why was she working for Sir Integra? And Haruko, Honey, Himawari.... that giant rolling thing... camping out on the fourth floor with the corridor warded in case of madness.... I can't believe all this really happened even though I've got the scars to prove it!


[[Vague, evasive don't-know-what-happened-yet post is a GO!! Due to overexertion and the confusion caused by the end of Canon Days, Gai will be groggy and confused and stick to the Hufflepuff common room for a bit. Feel free to have your character come and watch the ongoing Gai-Itachi fight. Lee-mun, we'll discuss the ending tomorrow, ok?]]
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Whew... she's stuck to the... big rolling whatever-it-is. That should put paid to her VILE SCHEME!!!!!


HAH, I have finally succeeded in properly filtering this journal!!

We're getting used to this strange world. When Sir Integra finds out where this castle is, we'll be able to send for help (but I still think we should get messages out right away, now that we've found the owls). Thanks to the spell-books in the Library, we're learning spells like WILDFIRE, but people keep getting lost (even with the new map) or stuck to that giant ball of STUFF that's rolling around. It's even caught that blue-haired villain who threatened Himawari. *growls* Why can't it catch all the missing-nin as well??

There are so many people here... from different places and times. I can't figure it out -- Lee-kun, Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke are all much older than I remember them, and Gaara of the Sand is somehow Kazekage (at his age!!!!), but Naruto is still his old self! And there's no sign of my other two genin....

Or of Kakashi. Sharingan Kakashi, the genius Hatake, my eternal rival, who would move heaven and earth to be here if he knew his students were in danger. I have to wonder, now, whether he still lives.


[[Filtered to Gai's Group]]

Our corridor is now warded against menaces! If anyone wants to roam the castle, DON'T DO IT ALONE. Stay together and keep practicing defensive spells, and we'll all come through this trial with FLYING COLORS!!!!!


[[Thanks to a group effort, anyone entering the fourth floor corridor with bad intent will receive an electric shock, have his gravity reversed, and end up stuck to the ceiling under a pile of piping hot croissants. Forgive them; they're just working with what they've got. XD And Gai still hasn't read his whole journal, so there may be more surprises in store for him.]]
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Have you got everything, Lee? We don't want to lose track of Maito-kun at the station. Though he'd probably find us anyway! *shiny grin* First stop, the underground to King's Cross. We'll have the Hogwarts Express practically to ourselves -- just us and whatever school cargo is being shipped tonight. YOSH!! What a MAGNIFICENT COMMENCEMENT of our TRIUMPHANT RETURN!!!!

Thank you all, mediwizards of St. Mungo's! Your noble, ceaseless efforts on behalf of our recovery will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!

[[Private, unhackable]]

I'm glad the mediwizards haven't cleared us for Floo travel yet. After being nearly crushed by a wave of sand, the sight of a jar of Floo powder gives me the shivers. I can't imagine what it's like for Lee. But that's a phobia to work on when we have time.

Still haven't heard what's going to happen with Gaara. The poor boy... trapped by the hatred of a parasite he never agreed to host. What do you do, when you wake up having almost killed someone you care for? And Lee, with the knowledge that he can't go near the person who was once his most precious friend.... They need to talk, but it would be madness to risk the creature taking control again. Perhaps... an exchange of messages through the journal system?

I want to talk with Dumbledore. He's a great man, but on complicated matters like this, it's possible for even a genius to miss the boat. By hook or by crook, I will know what's going on.


[[Totally made that up because I'm in the mood for a nice long train ride. It would be SO GREAT if Kimi, Gaara, and Temari were coming back on the same train.

Remembering that Osaka gave him pet rocks on Valentine's Day, Gai sent her a box of rock candy. He also sent Oruha an origami rose, both for her birthday and as a tribute to her singing.

Since I didn't manage to post yesterday, let's assume Honey's box already made it to London. The convalescents received, among other things: photos of Hogwarts and its people in the winter, photos of Kimimaro's kitten curled up with Rinali's kitten, a plush Chinese dragon for Lee, a potted plant for Kimi, and various stuff from Osaka, Haruko, and others. Feel free to have sent a card of object along.]]
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*hauls himself back into his cot, shaking and covered in sweat*

Thank heaven that's over.

Obito, you weren't planning to burn down the school, were you? 'Cos I like it the way it is.

By the way, Tatsuki, I meant to thank you for the card! I'LL TREASURE IT AS A TOKEN OF OUR FRIENDSHIP!!! *Nice Guy pose*

[[Private, 70% hackable because of his state of mind]]

*scrubbing tears off his face* Eight hours... he's sleeping peacefully now... I've seen worse, much worse... but this was Lee.....

They're discharging me tomorrow. I'm taking a room near the hospital until Lee's released, which should be some time this weekend. Confound his parents!! No visit... no owl... not a scrap of concern for their injured son. How could my precious Lee have come from such a cruel household!?

I'm glad SOMEBODY has the guts to take a stand about all this fighting. So many of my friends have been hurt lately. What happened to justice and honor? I have problems with Uchiha some people, but skilled fighters should have BETTER THINGS TO DO than to WASTE THEIR ZEAL on PETTY REVENGE. How can they be so disrespectful of their peers -- and dismissive of their own pride and potential!?

And according to Haruko, there's "something big and black" roaming the school. Just what we need -- another mystery.


[[First strike hackable only to Obito; others illegible. And by "somebody", he's refers to Johnson.]]
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Gad, I'm done in. This physical therapy isn't half as effective as the exercises I learned on the job, but at least my spine is back to normal. If I never see that brace again, it'll still be too soon.


[[Filtered to his other favorite Hufflepuff troublemaker]]

All right, Haruko, what's going on!?


[[Private, 30% hackable]]

Got about half my homework done. Most of the teachers are very understanding. But Lee... Lee's taking the bone regrowth potion tonight.

That Gaara. I've made little progress researching the Dark Creature that's sharing his soul. They say he's on the other side of the hospital, hardly injured at all.

I hope he's too far away to hear my poor boy scream.
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As of today, I am all caught up with my homework. Best of all, I FINISHED MY ESSAY FOR PROFESSOR MARIK!!!!! Twenty feet and six inches! How she's going to grade all of them, I have no idea.

It feels good to get back to my dorm, after all those nights in the hospital wing. But what feels better is knowing how fast Lee's recovering. I still see him several times a day, but I know he's lonely down there, even with Honey and Meru. Everyone, go down and visit them!!!!

And I got a new Exploding Snap deck. Who wants to play???


This masquerade thing will just about wipe out my earnings from that last assignment. I wonder if Hokage the Third can find me a quick weekend job.....


[[Gai has falcon-ordered a panther mask and a men's formal kimono for the ball. The kimono is impressed with alternating green leaf clusters, black-on-black jaguar marks, and a dappled pattern resembling tree-filtered sunlight. Since he didn't pick it out in person, it will be surprisingly tasteful.]]
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[Private, now unhackable]

What a terrible thing to happen... to think that one of my own schoolmates would injure another so grievously! Sakura was right about the dangers of indiscriminate combat. *clenches fist in determination* But that only makes it more urgent that students who might be set upon learn to defend themselves -- and learn how narrow are the circumstances in which it might be acceptable to harm another student!


[Filtered to everyone except Light]

Here's the ULTIMATE CARE PACKAGE we've put together for Light!!! )..Not to mention sympathy cards and such. Does anybody want to add something before we owl it off?


[Filtered to Doctor Kurosaki]

Almost forgot -- can you check if there's anything in there Light might be allergic to?

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*scribbles madly* Man, this weekend has been insanely busy!!
--Honey, perhaps Usa-chan could help Osaka find Gregory?

--Haruko has a concussion! If anyone wants to send her flowers, she's in the hospital wing.

--Poor Light Yagami has received VERY BAD NEWS FROM HOME! He's currently at St. Mungo's, visiting his injured father. My House is having a whip-round to send them flowers or something. (Better suggestions, anyone?) Let's all take some time to sympathize and project good wishes in their direction.

--Professor Marik is... handing out enormous amounts of homework lately. *disinclined to contribute to TEH DRAMA here*

--We're having a mandatory Masquerade Ball on the 14th! That seems to crowd out Singles' Appreciation Day, but some people celebrate that on the 15th anyway. ^_0 And I know just what to wear.....

--That Uchiha character has gotten a journal. All the better to keep an eye on him.

--MY ETERNAL RIVAL KAKASHI-KUN HAS LIT OUT FOR PARTS UNKNOWN!!!!! Suddenly I feel awfully lonely. I wonder if he's on assignment or something?

[Filtered to professors]

Who can I talk to about starting meditation/self-defense/combat-ethics workshops for students of various years?


[[Gai is stalling; he has no idea what to wear. About that other thing, [ profile] truetensai, should we make a log of it? *really am getting AIM this week, that's a promise!*]]
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*staggers into the corridor, shaking off snow*

What a great workout! Thanks for the sparring match, Honey -- your speed and agility are impressive!

Heh... between sparring with Honey, Sir Integra's new training format, and yesterday's truly EPIC snowball fight, I've done more physical combat than paper homework this week -- and most of it outside! There are so many strong children here. *pats the castle wall* My alma mater is indeed a place of marvels! And so many different styles of combat! I wonder if anyone would be interested in a weekly martial arts club?

Anyhow, I'd better head up to my dorm and get changed before my icy clothes start dripping all over the place....

Wait a minute.


[[Between Haruko looking for her guitar and Osaka looking for Gregory, the Hufflepuff common room currently looks like a tornado has gone through it.]]
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Will you look at that SNOW! White and fluffy and damp -- it's absolutely perfect! Who has time to participate in an all-out no-holds-barred SNOW WAR in the courtyard after lunch?? Kakashi, I'm talking to YOU!!!

And DOES ANYBODY HAVE NOTES FOR ANCIENT RUNES? I didn't make it to class today because I was doing my Potions homework because I didn't get a chance to do it yesterday because I was researching Animagi in the library and..... um.

[[Feel free to have seen Gai in the library and wonder why he was researching Advanced Self-Transfiguration.]]


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