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At last, my practicals are finished!!! KAKASHIIIIII!!! How about that day of winter training? Tomorrow? Friday?

January 5.... only a few more days.....

[[Filtered to Counselor Yukari]]

Counselor, I need to speak with you -- it's a matter of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND FUTURE HAPPINESS UNDER FIRE!!!


*bursts into the Great Hall, his robes shedding snow; DYNAMIC STANCE*


[[Strike unhackable.]]
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..*sitting in the Great Hall, has coffee and scorched robes to go with his scorched hair and massive dark patches under his eyes, GRUMBLES*


..Whoever let those Whizbang Backarappers loose in the Owlery last night, it was NOT FUNNY. *headdesk* ..confounded all-night patrols at a time like this.....

[[Edit: at least now the name represents a firework rather than a candy.... ^^;]]
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I just barely made it back from London in time for my alma mater's dramatic performance.... AND NO VALA DON'T EVEN SAY IT THERE'S NO WAY YOU COULD THINK THAT.... ..and it was TREMENDOUS!!! The spirit -- the youthful PASSION!!! Even Shakespeare must dust his bones off and acclaim the triumph of that night!!!

Colette!! How are you settling in? Don't forget I'm still going to show you around the grounds!!!

Lots of birthdays lately, I hear... yes indeed.....

*stalks down a hallway, rubbing hands together gleefully*

[[Private, kinda sorta hackable]]

Since Dumbledore won't let me decorate the Great Hall I FOUND THE PERFECT SPOT. Mwahahahahaha.


[[Filtered to Lee's friends]]

You know what day is coming up, don't you? >DDDDDDDD

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*Students coming down to the Great Hall in the evening will see this banner over the door:*

glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter text glitter textglitter text glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text

*There are also little booster seats available so everyone can sit at their House or staff table comfortably.*

*musing* I wonder what happened to that DDR device....?

[[*hopes this is ok* ..No, I don't know how Gai did it. XDDDD]]
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[[Filtered from Heather]]

The owls are leaving with Heather's basket this afternoon! So far we have:

      bread non-floating sandwich rolls, charmed for freshness
      a coloring book (since it came off so well last time)
      flowers and cards

If anyone wants to add something, let me know!!!!!



Sir Integra's new schedule is replacing two-thirds of my regular training regimen, and with Lee running alone in the mornings, I hardly see him anymore. Got to schedule some one-on-one practice with him before exams are upon us. And McGonagall would choose this week to hit us with extra Transfiguration work. The new textbook helps -- though I should have waited until the next Hogsmeade weekend. All of this worry and chaos is uncomfortably reminiscent of days when rule-breaking was a matter of survival. I shouldn't be resorting to that mentality here in CIVILIZATION!!!!

I wonder, though... that tunnel's got a dangerous reputation these days... so why were there fresh footprints before I went in???


If there's one thing this school's got right, it's breakfast. And -- ah, here comes the mail! *leaps out of his seat to intercept a small scroll before it lands on his pudding*

*pulls it open -- expression flashes from surprised to appalled to highly disturbed*

*lets the scroll roll up and bolts for the corridor*

[[Dreaded Evanescence caption whut!!]]
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*emerging from Jareth's maze in a wide corridor near the Great Hall; has stripped off his Hogwarts robes to reveal the green training jumpsuit he wore for his spar with Grimmjow*

That's better... *examining the pink robes* What's all this about...!? Is this some kind of fortress? It must be a mission... but what? And for who? And why can't I remember? Is this a genjutsu? Did someone POISON me!? *clutches at throat, then decides not to worry about it unless he starts getting sick*

But my hands are different -- younger!? What is this place? Where's my team? WHAT'S GOING ON???

*stares around wildly, bellows*

[[Welcome to the Canon Days! In keeping with his canon character, Gai will think he's a 26-year-old jounin ninja sensei. It's a good thing he keeps spare jumpsuits in the school. XD]]
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*stares out the Great Hall window into a wall of dampness*

Fog?? Heh -- one must expect such things during spring in Scotland. It'll be a challenge, getting to class through the outer portions of the castle. We'll probably have to use Point Me to get down to the creature shed for COMC.

Lee-kun!!! Even though you're preparing for OWLs and I'm preparing for NEWTs, it's never worthwhile to neglect one's health. Prepare yourself for some self-defense training!!! Meet me in the Whomping Willow courtyard before your afternoon classes!


Sir Integra.... is reading a novel. Unbelievable. She even said she'd lend it to me when she's done. It's long, it's archaic, and if I don't get through it in record time, I'll start over in the original Japanese!!!!

She's so different at this age -- so quiet and unconfrontational. She doesn't even react when Snape glares at her. It's... almost like when Gaara turned young again.... What could cause such a change in a person? Is it something in her past -- something that's now her future?

I wonder what she'll remember later on....


Where is Chizuru, anyway? And has anyone seen Tatsuki?? Why is everyone disappearing around here? I know it's a foggy day, but this is ridiculous!

[[To prepare for Lee's DADA OWLs, Gai will work with him on blocking various jinxes, hexes, and curses through using taijutsu and working with his environment. Lee's job will be to lose Gai in the mist, lure him under the Whomping Willow, catch him off-guard, and otherwise counter his magical attacks.]]
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[[Private to Temari]]



[[Hope this is OK, Gaara-mun. XD]]
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*swaggers down to the Great Hall in his green training uniform*

YOSH!!! Ah, the proud towers and vaulted ceilings of Scotland's most magical edifice bring a tear to my eye. It's MARVELOUS to be back.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!!!!!

[[Finally got a moment to post! *waves at y'all*]]
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Professor Marik, didn't get a chance to tell you -- that field trip was FABULOUS!!! I learned a lot, especially about thestrals! And Demyx, we have to do that again sometime. *big wide grin*

LEE!!! Training in the Great Hall in the morning? *macho workout stance*


That picture in Lee's textbook....

There's no question now. Gaara's his childhood friend, the one he speaks of with such affection. It's certain that Lee has no idea of the rift between them now. And if Gaara's escaped from the Hospital Wing.... well, I'm glad Kimi was looking after him during my field trip.

This... I don't know if it changes anything. The fact is that Gaara threatened to kill him, and nobody has any idea why. Whatever happened to him in those two years... he was long out of Lee's life by then. Why wouldn't Lee tell me his friend's name? It's as though something in his instincts has already told him what he doesn't want to face. Oh, Lee... don't you know that will only make it worse?

I wonder if Dumbledore knows about this too.


[[Temporally uncertain -- how long did the field trip last?
I'll hopefully be online tomorrow.]]
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*looking around the Great Hall*


Huh... looks like some of those owls were a bit too enthusiastic. At least they didn't all get delivered today.....


Man, this rain... it's washing all the snow away. There's something oppressive about the atmosphere... as if something's going to happen... but if there were any truth to that kind of feeling, it would be so constant around here that nobody would notice it anymore.

*notices Lee at the other end of the hall, thinks* That look on his face... something's bothering him. LEE!! Weren't we going to go over your physical therapy regimen today?
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..Whatever's been going on in this place while I was away, I don't want to know about it. I've got to catch up before Monday's classes. Anyone want to go over Arithmancy with me?

Gad, my leg is killing me. And it's the same one the Shrieker snagged in Professor Riddick's practical.... if there was ever a bad time to take on the Hogwarts stair system....

LEE-KUN! *strikes a triumphant pose* Now that you have been RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL WING, why don't we meet up after lunch and go over your physical therapy requirements and anything else that might be on your mind? I'll be in the Great Hall.

Oh, and while I've got my journal out..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OBITO!!!!!

[[Gai got back early, but will be limping for a few days as a result of a small mishap overseas.]]

Any takers?

Feb. 6th, 2007 07:44 pm
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SPONTANEOUS EXPLODING SNAP TOURNAMENT IN THE GREAT HALL!!! Who wants to join in? *shuffles cards with practiced caution*

[[Filtered to Oruha]]

Oh, and Oruha... I have a letter for you from Lee.....

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Seven o'clock A.M.... and what a beautiful day. Crisp, clear, and ten degrees below freezing! A perfect time to warm up with a hefty exercise routine!

*looks around the Great Hall*

What a fine area to practice in. Broad, majestic, plenty of room in front of the head tables, and there are never any real crowds until breakfast starts. But if by chance everyone does get here early, I will persist! I will endure! I WILL COMPLETE MY TRAINING, OR ELSE I'LL DO THE WHOLE THING AGAIN DURING MY FIRST FREE PERIOD!!

Two hundred pushups for starters, I think -- and then... I don't know... taijutsu drills? Laps around the castle? Stances and stretches? Decisions, decisions!

And a one... two... three... four....

[[Gai will be training in the Great Hall until breakfast is served.]]


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