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[[Private; hackable to friends and partially to Ministry folks]]

What could have done that to Jade? The Forest must be far more dangerous than I knew.... there was no sign of such dangerous creatures last week, though we didn't go far in. But if something could harm him that badly, then Shinji and I.... was a terrible risk to take. And I didn't even know it.

This is too similar to my seventh year. Even with all my training, there is no way to protect everybody... there would be no way, except to turn this school into an armed camp. And that.... that is no solution either.


FAKIR! Raimei! Out of the Hospital Wing yet? If so, it's time to show what you've studied while you were temporarily incapacitated! And everyone else: EXCELLENT work on the Auror Training practical! If you have any questions about the work, don't hesitate to ask!

*will be off to visit the Hospital Wing right after class*

[[School eats me for three days and the comm goes wild? XDDD OH YOU PEOPLE. BRB tomorrow night to answer tags. *ded*]]
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Make the most of this important chance to learn life skills that will be valuable to you even if you don't become a parent! You never know when you'll be glad not to be completely clueless about what to do when a weeping infant is placed in your arms. It may mean the difference between LIFE AND DEATH!!!

And to the students who took part in the flying test the other day -- you'll never know how proud I am of your courage and skill!! You have improved in leaps and bounds, but it is important not to become complacent. Flying is an art that will always serve you well, so keep up the excellent work!

Filtered to Noin )
Filtered to Fakir )

[[If Noin is unlucky, she'll have her journal on audio when she gets Gai's message. He means well; he's just HAPPY. XD]]
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CONGRATULATIONS, GRYFFINDOR!!! Your courage and zeal won the day. But don't feel bad, my fellow Hufflepuffs -- with hard work, you will surely surpass your best efforts next time!!

I also have an ANNOUNCEMENT. For today's flying lessons, we will be joined by an able assistant who will answer your questions and grace us with the benefit of his experience. You know him as the Slytherin Quidditch captain, FAKIR!!!

[[Filtered to Lee]]

Lee!! To accomplish your detention tomorrow, you will check all the tiles on the roofs of Gryffindor Tower, and repair them as needed for the winter! And when you are two-thirds from the top, I SHALL JOIN YOU ON THE WINDSWEPT HEIGHTS, and we shall complete the work together!!!


[[Forward-dated to this evening, with mod approval, as I won't be online for a day or two. Fakir will have a full, busy day following Gai around. At least he doesn't have to stay in Hufflepuff House!~~]]
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Hm... how could anybody have been so careless as to cut the bristles off so many of the school brooms!? Such awful pruning could serve no purpose! Fortunately a few good Reparos should serve for now, until someone can gather enough new twigs....

They've got to be tested, though, before they can be trusted with the safety of the students who will need to use them. And what better way to test them than.... BEATER PRACTICE!!!

Not!filtered to staff )

Not!filtered to Wolfwood )

Not!filtered to certain seventh-years )

[[A random number of the brooms that Gai has fixed will have responded less than well, and will make their displeasure known by bucking, twisting, turning upside down, and randomly spiraling down toward the ground or racing into the paths of various oncoming Bludgers. The seventh-years referred to are those who can be counted among Gai's particular friends, including but possibly not limited to Lee, Tenten, Osaka, Fakir, Rukia, and Tamaki. As it is, though, the whole school can see it. XDDD As, unfortunately, Wolfwood-and-Tenten-mun still can't be around, matters pertaining to her characters are mere stopgaps until she gets back.]]
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AAAUUGH!! Everything in my travel pack is soaking wet!! It looks like my journal bore the brunt of it -- what is it with me and journals?? *frowns* But this pack was supposed to be waterproof.... And speaking of which, I never knew rowing could be such a challenge -- what about that second time we almost tipped over, eh? Hoo-HAH!! But you two rallied MAGNIFICENTLY, and we made it a trip to remember, even after getting soaked! FAKIR!!! Didn't I tell you it would be worthwhile? There's no way you can look me in the eye and say that wasn't the best boating expedition ever!!

[[Private to Tenten]]

So I see you've met Ty Lee....? *SHINY GRIN~*


[[Fakir-mun, Ahiru-mun, I hope that suits! ^__^d]]
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So, Chrona, tell me what you were working on? Then we can start with a direction in mind!

*leafs over to his daily planner*

..Hah! Today's schedule is relatively small -- in fact, it's minuscule! And I don't even need a Portkey; it's so convenient, being able to Apparate directly to my destination....

..which is....

*gets this incredibly DEVIOUS look*


I wonder if he'll be home today? Hah, this is Fakir we're talking about, of course he will.... And that solves the problem of what to do with the rest of the day -- because what's a better way to spend an afternoon than getting out into the sunshine and bringing the spice of the unexpected into somebody's life? >D


[[Gai's mission: a rowing expedition down the nearest river. Ahiru, feel free to join in! XDDD]]
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*strides up a Hong Kong street at five in the morning, whistling and carrying his rucksack and far too cheerful and alert for the time of day*

*finished his mission a day ahead of schedule, got all his reports in and owled off everyones' presents, and is on his way uptown to surprise TenTen and Lee*

*ah, life is good~*

Gai's Incredible and Amazing Gift List )

[[Gai has been out of touch and hasn't received any mail yet, but will do tomorrow or thereabouts. ^^ Jumping on the bandwagon to say that if I've missed anyone who should be on Gai's list, give me a poke!]]
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*emerges from the Ministry telephone booth and throws a sheaf of papers up in the air with glee*


*darts around the square in a fit of excess energy, catching each page before it touches the ground; wipes away a few TEARS OF JOY, clasping the papers to his heart* Ah, Professor Constantine and Sir Integra would be proud of me today!! And the next section is Stealth and Tracking. With my training, it should go by like a mild summer breeze!!!!

*strides down the sidewalk, oblivious to the stinging rain, grinning at all and sundry, and pulls out his journal, which has naturally caught every word preceding*

Hahaha, now to get back to the school a whole day early!!! I can't wait to see Lee's face... and Hirako says it's snowing up north... I wonder if the Drama Club decided what they're going to do next... or whether Fakir found his stalker yet.... and winter break is coming right up.... in the snow.... I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!

[[Strike nearly unhackable, especially to Lee, because Gai wants to surprise him. ^^ He'll be walking back up the Hogwarts steps shortly before curfew.]]
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*sitting on a Muggle train, staring off into the rainy darkness*

*pulls out his journal and smiles at all the usual weirdness* Where did Gintoki GET that picture, anyway!???

..Lee's mother... after all these years....

[[Filtered to Hirako]]

Well? Did the Drama Club come up with something new yet?


... *uneasy and doesn't know why*

[[First strike hackable to Fakir, Ahiru, Mytho, and Gintoki. XDDDD]]
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*traipsing through the school in search of Hirako's missing owl, sporadically accompanied by a frog-boy, a scantily clad puppy-girl, and various tag-alongs*
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*slams fist into wall not too hard, though -- that would be irresponsible*

[[Private, loud part is hackable XD]]

Why does training have to be NOW!???? *cries* And I never did find out where everyone was getting cookies to send... WELL. I shall have to find an AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT way to make it up to everyone!!! At least they let me bring my journal this time.....


Private to Ino )

Private to Hinata )

Private to Jaggerjack )

Private to Fakir )

Private to Lee )

[[Gomen nasaiiiiiiiiiiii!! I really wanted to participate in this but... GAAH. Unfortunately Gai has been training too hard, studying too much, and traveling too often to get his act together about the festival. Funny how art imitates life. Wherever he is right now, he's thinking of all of you! <3]]
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*nearly finished packing his rucksack for the trip to London, swaggers down to the Great Hall and scribbles in his journal over lunch*

My Auror training starts tomorrow!! From then on, I will only be at school part-time, so Sgt. Johnson will be seeing to all your disciplinary requirements -- but if anybody needs to contact me, you have only to write!!!

Now... how am I going to get there? I suppose running would take too long.

*hollers across the Hall* ALL RIGHT THERE, FAKIR?

[[Private, hackable with difficulty to everyone but first-years]]

What is WITH all these little kids in the Hospital Wing lately!? There isn't some kind of first-year jinx operating, is there? If I didn't know better, I'd suspect the Wing of soliciting business from the rest of the castle!!

*glances around uneasily at the ominous stone walls*

Strange.... I haven't seen much of... he couldn't be avoiding me, could he? But he knew I'd be going to London! I wish there was another way.....


[[Strike illegible. Poor Gai thinks Lee's upset about his leaving.]]
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*parchment is stained, scuffed, and marred with what seem to be talon scratches; the brown impression of some dry desert fern has somehow baked itself between the pages*

A roaring fire, a hearty meal of trail provisions, boon companions at my side and the stars spread like jewels from horizon to horizon... what more fitting end to a long and arduous day?

I'll take the first watch, Lee -- you and the others get some rest. We have an EVEN LONGER DAY TOMORROW!!! *ever-so-shiny grin*

At least those vultures aren't around at night.....

[[Accidentally posted this on the main community at first. *sheepish* Sorry about that.]]


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