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Have you got everything, Lee? We don't want to lose track of Maito-kun at the station. Though he'd probably find us anyway! *shiny grin* First stop, the underground to King's Cross. We'll have the Hogwarts Express practically to ourselves -- just us and whatever school cargo is being shipped tonight. YOSH!! What a MAGNIFICENT COMMENCEMENT of our TRIUMPHANT RETURN!!!!

Thank you all, mediwizards of St. Mungo's! Your noble, ceaseless efforts on behalf of our recovery will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!!!

[[Private, unhackable]]

I'm glad the mediwizards haven't cleared us for Floo travel yet. After being nearly crushed by a wave of sand, the sight of a jar of Floo powder gives me the shivers. I can't imagine what it's like for Lee. But that's a phobia to work on when we have time.

Still haven't heard what's going to happen with Gaara. The poor boy... trapped by the hatred of a parasite he never agreed to host. What do you do, when you wake up having almost killed someone you care for? And Lee, with the knowledge that he can't go near the person who was once his most precious friend.... They need to talk, but it would be madness to risk the creature taking control again. Perhaps... an exchange of messages through the journal system?

I want to talk with Dumbledore. He's a great man, but on complicated matters like this, it's possible for even a genius to miss the boat. By hook or by crook, I will know what's going on.


[[Totally made that up because I'm in the mood for a nice long train ride. It would be SO GREAT if Kimi, Gaara, and Temari were coming back on the same train.

Remembering that Osaka gave him pet rocks on Valentine's Day, Gai sent her a box of rock candy. He also sent Oruha an origami rose, both for her birthday and as a tribute to her singing.

Since I didn't manage to post yesterday, let's assume Honey's box already made it to London. The convalescents received, among other things: photos of Hogwarts and its people in the winter, photos of Kimimaro's kitten curled up with Rinali's kitten, a plush Chinese dragon for Lee, a potted plant for Kimi, and various stuff from Osaka, Haruko, and others. Feel free to have sent a card of object along.]]
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*hauls himself back into his cot, shaking and covered in sweat*

Thank heaven that's over.

Obito, you weren't planning to burn down the school, were you? 'Cos I like it the way it is.

By the way, Tatsuki, I meant to thank you for the card! I'LL TREASURE IT AS A TOKEN OF OUR FRIENDSHIP!!! *Nice Guy pose*

[[Private, 70% hackable because of his state of mind]]

*scrubbing tears off his face* Eight hours... he's sleeping peacefully now... I've seen worse, much worse... but this was Lee.....

They're discharging me tomorrow. I'm taking a room near the hospital until Lee's released, which should be some time this weekend. Confound his parents!! No visit... no owl... not a scrap of concern for their injured son. How could my precious Lee have come from such a cruel household!?

I'm glad SOMEBODY has the guts to take a stand about all this fighting. So many of my friends have been hurt lately. What happened to justice and honor? I have problems with Uchiha some people, but skilled fighters should have BETTER THINGS TO DO than to WASTE THEIR ZEAL on PETTY REVENGE. How can they be so disrespectful of their peers -- and dismissive of their own pride and potential!?

And according to Haruko, there's "something big and black" roaming the school. Just what we need -- another mystery.


[[First strike hackable only to Obito; others illegible. And by "somebody", he's refers to Johnson.]]
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Gad, I'm done in. This physical therapy isn't half as effective as the exercises I learned on the job, but at least my spine is back to normal. If I never see that brace again, it'll still be too soon.


[[Filtered to his other favorite Hufflepuff troublemaker]]

All right, Haruko, what's going on!?


[[Private, 30% hackable]]

Got about half my homework done. Most of the teachers are very understanding. But Lee... Lee's taking the bone regrowth potion tonight.

That Gaara. I've made little progress researching the Dark Creature that's sharing his soul. They say he's on the other side of the hospital, hardly injured at all.

I hope he's too far away to hear my poor boy scream.
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Honey, I want to see pictures. It's not fair, being stuck here. ^_^

Counselor Yukari, can you please not kill my friend Tatsuki?

They're going to let me see Lee today! Does anyone have a message for him?

Blasted cast. Stupid brace. At least I can walk now.

[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I wanted to ask you about something I saw during the fight. When Gaara was... enraged... he was talking about himself in the third person -- it seemed as though he was someone else entirely. Do you know of anything that could explain that?


[[Strikes not quite unreadable. I'll probably be offline until Monday -- sorry.]]
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*Writing from St. Mungo's: scrawly, because they're still mending his right hand*

[[Filtered to professors and anyone else involved with the Lee-Gaara conflict]]

By now you've probably heard about what happened yesterday. I'm all right, but they won't let me come back to school until my spine regenerates. It's not supposed to take over a week.

If Lee's parents can't bother to come over from Japan to see their son, I might be here longer.

To everyone who helped... thank you so much. *defiant scribble* Hopefully we'll be back in a week to thank you in PERSON!!!


[[Private, hackable because his privacy spell is somewhat shaky]]

They won't let me see him.... rrgh, those nerve potions are disgusting..... why won't they let me see him? NO!! He'll be fine! There's no way that magnificent spirit could quit!

Kimi, Sakura... what did he do to you?....

Why is the room so cold?


[[Strike heavily blacked out with some ink spatters where the quill broke. OK, the fight is still going on in chat. Will post again when we work out exactly what happened. XD]]
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*stretches, creaks* Aauuuugh, Arithmancy..... all those little numbers.....

*shoves his book aside, picks up his journal, flips through it and stops short*

Wh-- what!?

[[Filtered to the protect-Lee-from-Gaara people]]

Lee was going out to the greenhouses today, and it looks like Gaara might be following him!! Temari, if you don't know where he is, I'll meet you down there!

Sir Integra, Professor Constantine -- we might need help--!!


*charges out of the common room, students scattering in his wake*

[[And let the chaos begin! Teachers, feel free to notice Gai dashing down to the greenhouses and assist/delay/gape.]]
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Professor Marik, didn't get a chance to tell you -- that field trip was FABULOUS!!! I learned a lot, especially about thestrals! And Demyx, we have to do that again sometime. *big wide grin*

LEE!!! Training in the Great Hall in the morning? *macho workout stance*


That picture in Lee's textbook....

There's no question now. Gaara's his childhood friend, the one he speaks of with such affection. It's certain that Lee has no idea of the rift between them now. And if Gaara's escaped from the Hospital Wing.... well, I'm glad Kimi was looking after him during my field trip.

This... I don't know if it changes anything. The fact is that Gaara threatened to kill him, and nobody has any idea why. Whatever happened to him in those two years... he was long out of Lee's life by then. Why wouldn't Lee tell me his friend's name? It's as though something in his instincts has already told him what he doesn't want to face. Oh, Lee... don't you know that will only make it worse?

I wonder if Dumbledore knows about this too.


[[Temporally uncertain -- how long did the field trip last?
I'll hopefully be online tomorrow.]]
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*can be seen at odd hours all around the castle -- reading, talking to teachers, doing homework, but always, almost coincidentally, in the vicinity of Rock Lee*

[[Private, unhackable, parchment wrinkled from his grip]]

Dumbledore's finally taking an interest -- thank heaven! He's meeting Lee tomorrow. After that... well, this whole business may come to a close sooner than anyone expects.

Between myself, Temari, and Sakura whenever she's not hung-over -- what's with that!?, we've got Lee's schedule pretty well covered, escorting him between classes and making sure there are enough people in the vicinity to discourage an attack. I'm just nervous about History of Magic. One of us will have to miss a class to sit with him during that period. It's not as though Professor Binns could do anything about a disruption in his classroom....

I have to think of this as an assignment. Just another mission, standing guard and protecting someone from harm. How frightening it is that this should happen at a school, where young lives are supposed to be nurtured and protected!! Where was this Gaara for the two years he was missing -- what happened to make him the cold creature he is now? Who would dare to kidnap a child and raise such terrible demons in his heart?


[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I've got to ask you -- please don't let Lee try to talk to you about your brother. We'll work everything out after Gaara is found, but right now I don't want him thinking about this... this so-called bond they seem to have. Did you know his sleeping pattern went haywire at approximately the same time Gaara came to Hogwarts!? Did yours, by any chance? Did anyone's, other than Lee's?

Tell him... I don't know. Don't tell him your full name, anyway. If he recognized it... if Gaara is really his friend from all those years ago, I don't know if Lee will be able to understand how much he's changed.

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[[Unhackable; filtered to the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Sir Integra, and Sabaku no Temari; flagged as Mortally Urgent]]

Professor Dumbledore, if you're in, I need to talk to you urgently about the safety of a student in this school. )


[[Filtered to close friends -- Honey, Sakura, etc]]

If you don't see me today, I'm keeping an eye on something. You can reach me through my journal.


[[Until something else develops, Gai, Temari, or both will be unobtrusively in Lee's vicinity. Feel free to notice that Gai's being uncharacteristically curt.]]
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[[Private, 10% hackable]]

So that Gaara kid is trying to find Lee... this could be bad. I've got to warn him.....

*dashes off*



[[Gai's going to be dashing about the castle searching for Lee until lights-out. There will be DRAMA tomorrow!!!]]


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