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[[Private; partially hackable]]

Hmmmmm. I wonder how the dueling lessons are going. Perhaps they need a helping hand.

Nobody could blame Madame Bones for being so angry -- that's what comes of letting the Daily Prophet run the investigation.... Nngh!! The head of the Aurors shouldn't let herself be pushed around like that! As it is, if they don't get serious soon, who knows where those evildoers will flee to?

..And when it all happened.... where was the Headmaster? I'm going to have to have a long talk with that man.



School break is almost over! Soon we will all be converging upon Hogwarts once again. Now, more than ever, this is the time for dedication and HARD WORK! I hope you're all prepared for the most intense spring term ever!!!

Filtered to Yamino )
Filtered to Misa )
Filtered to Jade )

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HaHAH!! Out of the field at last, and with the restrictions taken off my journal, so as long as I don't say anything classified..... I'M BACK!!! What an intense, grueling, interminable experience... they said being undercover this mission was going to be stressful, and they were right! But JUSTICE prevailed in the end -- and... *ink drips on the page as he pauses, trying to think of something to say about the mission that isn't classified* ..I really, really need more clean socks....

CONGRATULATIONS, HOGWARTS, on completing your finals!! *SHINY, SHINY GRIN* Another year is almost over, and you've all surpassed your limits and grown amazingly!

NICHOLAS!! I'M BACK!!! >D How did our precious pupils do on the Charms final?

..Too bad there was no time to get THE PROJECT off the ground. I'll have to ask Paul about it later.... he's had time since that probation stopped, whatever it was..... and I never got in touch with Reggie....

Private )

All right, what's everyone been doing while I was away? Tell me all about it! *scribbled smile-face with a thumbs-up*

[[Strikes unhackable. Gai's right arm will be in a sling for the next few days. This post will ICly be set a few hours after his return to the castle.]]
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..All right, who turned the world upside down!? >O

And why is there a little symbol floating below my head?? :[

HAH!! 8D It must be an April First joke!!! \o7 Ahahahaha, the things people come up with!!! ^__^d Although if Professor McGonagall ever finds out who turned her hair pink, I don't give much for the poor bloke's chances.... x_X

[[Private note to Lee: attached]]
[[Private note to Lee's mum: dispatched by owl]]
[[Private Howler to Dumbledore: will unfortunately be opened in his office, out of sight]]


An assignment over the weekend... I should have expected it after this dry spell. There will barely be enough time to get there from this week's last training session in London. But this is not a good time to leave Lee alone.....

..Life would be simpler if nobody had to pay bills. Or if there were no international crime lords to chase around the world.

But then... life would not be such a CHALLENGE!!!!


[[Yet another victim of Watari -- as well as an unknown prankster. Feel free to spot Gai walking briskly on the ceiling, or even to take credit for this particular prank, though gravity reversal is probably a higher-level bit of magic. XDDD]]
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Between Lee, Sakura, and Allen, and now hopefully Neji, our morning workout is becoming a VIBRANT SOCIAL EVENT!!! Nonetheless, we must continue to surpass ourselves in striving for excellence. As springtime hastens to fling the newborn sun over a landscape hungry for warmth, so will we hasten to greet the day with ENTHUSIASTIC VIGOR!! The sunrise has gotten earlier -- INSTEAD OF FIVE-THIRTY, WE WILL NOW TRAIN AT FIVE O'CLOCK!!!!


*pacing* I hope she'll be all right... Madame Pomfrey knows her business... the school has everything she needs... she's strong and healthy... they'll take care of her... must turn thoughts to other matters... Tim didn't have that artifact after all... but Dumbledore says it's still in the castle... perhaps I missed it earlier in the week.... maybe it fell out in Jareth's old maze.... which is near the Hospital Wing... no, think of something else... Uchiha seems under the weather... perhaps I harmed him more than I thought... but he would have sought attention... he usually does... I don't understand that man at all... Professor Masters yelled at everyone today... tempers are running high... Dark Wizards encroaching... and this place, with all its children... THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE.....


[[Due to the low survival rate among children where Gai grew up, he's overly worried by the events in progress.]]
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Why doesn't the library have an extra copy of Cultures of Power?? *frets* Does anyone have a copy I can borrow?

I wouldn't have guessed Professor Moonstone to be one of those Dark Magic gangsters. He was quiet and... sad sometimes... but a Dark wizard... it goes to show how little people really know of one another. And who's this Voldemort, and why do peoples' voices drop when they say his name?? Heaven help us if such people have begun to gather again. Time to owl the Ministry about their Auror training program.....

[[Private, hackable to really, really persistent friends]]

I can't find it -- looked all over the Great Hall, but to no avail. I'll have to tell Dumbledore. He'll be FURIOUS... no, he'll probably be disappointed, which is worse.

And WHY do I keep bumping into Uchiha!? It seems like he's in every room I walk into lately, or if he's not there, he arrives eventually -- and often in a worse temper than usual. If a teacher hadn't intervened last time, we might have come to blows.

But I told Sakura would take the HIGH ROAD and not react. And I will. For exactly as long as he does.


Has anybody seen a sort of round copper amulet with a spinning figure-eight in the center?

[[XD He still doesn't know Itachi has the artifact. Strikes illegible, and mood reads as 'irritated' except to whoever can hack.]]
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Appended hereunto, and strictly filtered from either Gai, is a message from the Headmaster, with a strict directive against revealing Hogwart!Gai's activities to the Gai who is still in London -- on the pain of consequences too dire to imagine.

Private, thirty percent hackable )

Filtered to Kimimaro )

Lee, Kimi, Temari -- I'll be by later today, if you need anything.

Private, especially from everyone still in St. Mungo's )

Filtered to Professor Jackson )

If anybody needs me, I'll be down by the lake, training with Lee.
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What's this... whatever-it-is... doing in my jumpsuit pocket? It looks like... some kind of pocket-watch, but with a copper piece wired in the middle instead of the face, spinning slowly by itself.....

Wait -- this is the jumpsuit I took along on that last assignment!! One of the delegates must have planted this peculiar artifact on me during the chaos after the explosion. I knew that smiling warlock was up to no good!!

And who's been writing in my journal!? I can't have tripped over Jaggerjack -- I'm still here in London!

Madame Pomfrey, I'm escorting Angie down to the hospital wing and.... WAIT, WHO'S WRITING IN MY JOURNAL?!?!?!?

[[Yessss. Now you know where the Green Beasts have been all this time. They're in BOTH PLACES AT ONCE!! Green!Gai is in London, Azure!Gai is in Hogwarts, and that magical artifact is quite a bit more than it seems. Hooray for last-minute plottage!]]
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Honey, I want to see pictures. It's not fair, being stuck here. ^_^

Counselor Yukari, can you please not kill my friend Tatsuki?

They're going to let me see Lee today! Does anyone have a message for him?

Blasted cast. Stupid brace. At least I can walk now.

[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I wanted to ask you about something I saw during the fight. When Gaara was... enraged... he was talking about himself in the third person -- it seemed as though he was someone else entirely. Do you know of anything that could explain that?


[[Strikes not quite unreadable. I'll probably be offline until Monday -- sorry.]]
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Professor Marik, didn't get a chance to tell you -- that field trip was FABULOUS!!! I learned a lot, especially about thestrals! And Demyx, we have to do that again sometime. *big wide grin*

LEE!!! Training in the Great Hall in the morning? *macho workout stance*


That picture in Lee's textbook....

There's no question now. Gaara's his childhood friend, the one he speaks of with such affection. It's certain that Lee has no idea of the rift between them now. And if Gaara's escaped from the Hospital Wing.... well, I'm glad Kimi was looking after him during my field trip.

This... I don't know if it changes anything. The fact is that Gaara threatened to kill him, and nobody has any idea why. Whatever happened to him in those two years... he was long out of Lee's life by then. Why wouldn't Lee tell me his friend's name? It's as though something in his instincts has already told him what he doesn't want to face. Oh, Lee... don't you know that will only make it worse?

I wonder if Dumbledore knows about this too.


[[Temporally uncertain -- how long did the field trip last?
I'll hopefully be online tomorrow.]]
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[[Private, hackable by people helping to guard Lee]]

Only missed two classes so far. I wonder how Lee's meeting with the Headmaster went.....

Just another mission. Got to keep thinking that. Lee....


[[Filtered to teachers]]

Sir Integra, Professor Constantine -- does the school have any resources on how to combat uncontrolled wandless magic?


*notices a commotion near the Slytherin area* ..That noise... what's going on? *runs*

[[Somebody fill me in?]]
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*can be seen at odd hours all around the castle -- reading, talking to teachers, doing homework, but always, almost coincidentally, in the vicinity of Rock Lee*

[[Private, unhackable, parchment wrinkled from his grip]]

Dumbledore's finally taking an interest -- thank heaven! He's meeting Lee tomorrow. After that... well, this whole business may come to a close sooner than anyone expects.

Between myself, Temari, and Sakura whenever she's not hung-over -- what's with that!?, we've got Lee's schedule pretty well covered, escorting him between classes and making sure there are enough people in the vicinity to discourage an attack. I'm just nervous about History of Magic. One of us will have to miss a class to sit with him during that period. It's not as though Professor Binns could do anything about a disruption in his classroom....

I have to think of this as an assignment. Just another mission, standing guard and protecting someone from harm. How frightening it is that this should happen at a school, where young lives are supposed to be nurtured and protected!! Where was this Gaara for the two years he was missing -- what happened to make him the cold creature he is now? Who would dare to kidnap a child and raise such terrible demons in his heart?


[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I've got to ask you -- please don't let Lee try to talk to you about your brother. We'll work everything out after Gaara is found, but right now I don't want him thinking about this... this so-called bond they seem to have. Did you know his sleeping pattern went haywire at approximately the same time Gaara came to Hogwarts!? Did yours, by any chance? Did anyone's, other than Lee's?

Tell him... I don't know. Don't tell him your full name, anyway. If he recognized it... if Gaara is really his friend from all those years ago, I don't know if Lee will be able to understand how much he's changed.

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[[Unhackable; filtered to the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, Sir Integra, and Sabaku no Temari; flagged as Mortally Urgent]]

Professor Dumbledore, if you're in, I need to talk to you urgently about the safety of a student in this school. )


[[Filtered to close friends -- Honey, Sakura, etc]]

If you don't see me today, I'm keeping an eye on something. You can reach me through my journal.


[[Until something else develops, Gai, Temari, or both will be unobtrusively in Lee's vicinity. Feel free to notice that Gai's being uncharacteristically curt.]]


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