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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ARITHMANCY TEXTBOOK??? It's not here -- it's not ANYWHERE!!!! I know I had it yesterday after class! Maybe it got left in the library? Or the Great Hall? Has anyone seen it??


...I've definitely been doing too much Transfiguration revision. Now I'm even dreaming about it. What the blazes is cold and green and six feet long, and why were there vampires involved?? But at least I finished Sir Integra's book!!! It was, well, I didn't understand it, but the notes on the side were an EXCITING OPPORTUNITY to get a look at the mechanics of practical spell construction. I took a whole ream of notes. Maybe someday, I'll be able to create spells of my own!!!

Five Es, at least. That's all I need, theoretically -- but the Auror program only takes the best. *paces* Arithmancy is going to be the biggest problem -- and Illusions -- that stuff is hard. But as we keep learning from Counselor Yukari, all work and no recreation contributes to STRESS, and in the unfortunate instances when recreation can't be combined with work, one must find a way to compensate.



[[Strike illegible. Per the clarified rules, Gai's Transfiguration research is secret from everybody except McGonagall, who knew from the start; and he still has a ways to go before achieving his Animagus form.

For the record: Gai's classes. )
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*grumbles* Didn't realize I was running out of crayons... I'd better Transfigure a few more. It's all good practice, anyway. *rubs hands gleefully* At least Dr. Kurosaki's Pepper-Up Potion took care of my hay-fever.... so I can face the day with CLEAR-HEADED ZEAL!!!

Ordinary black robes are far too pedestrian for the BRIGHT PROMISE OF THIS GLORIOUS SEASON.

Sakura, you really should reconsider. Pink DOES go well with green.

[[In honor of springtime, Gai will be casting Orchideous at random points around the school, as well as surreptitiously Transfiguring suits of armor into youthfully cute pastel versions of their former selves. Due to lack of time between activities, he will attend class wearing his usual training outfit (green jumpsuit and orange legwarmers), along with a yellow and black Hufflepuff tie, under a newly Transfigured set of bright pink robes. There's also pink paint in his hair. JARETH, THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. XDDDD

Edit: Thanks to Kurosaki, now there's smoke pouring out of his ears as well. If anyone wants to rib Gai's fashion sense, this is definitely the time.]]
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[[Private, hackable by people helping to guard Lee]]

Only missed two classes so far. I wonder how Lee's meeting with the Headmaster went.....

Just another mission. Got to keep thinking that. Lee....


[[Filtered to teachers]]

Sir Integra, Professor Constantine -- does the school have any resources on how to combat uncontrolled wandless magic?


*notices a commotion near the Slytherin area* ..That noise... what's going on? *runs*

[[Somebody fill me in?]]
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*can be seen at odd hours all around the castle -- reading, talking to teachers, doing homework, but always, almost coincidentally, in the vicinity of Rock Lee*

[[Private, unhackable, parchment wrinkled from his grip]]

Dumbledore's finally taking an interest -- thank heaven! He's meeting Lee tomorrow. After that... well, this whole business may come to a close sooner than anyone expects.

Between myself, Temari, and Sakura whenever she's not hung-over -- what's with that!?, we've got Lee's schedule pretty well covered, escorting him between classes and making sure there are enough people in the vicinity to discourage an attack. I'm just nervous about History of Magic. One of us will have to miss a class to sit with him during that period. It's not as though Professor Binns could do anything about a disruption in his classroom....

I have to think of this as an assignment. Just another mission, standing guard and protecting someone from harm. How frightening it is that this should happen at a school, where young lives are supposed to be nurtured and protected!! Where was this Gaara for the two years he was missing -- what happened to make him the cold creature he is now? Who would dare to kidnap a child and raise such terrible demons in his heart?


[[Filtered to Temari]]

Temari, I've got to ask you -- please don't let Lee try to talk to you about your brother. We'll work everything out after Gaara is found, but right now I don't want him thinking about this... this so-called bond they seem to have. Did you know his sleeping pattern went haywire at approximately the same time Gaara came to Hogwarts!? Did yours, by any chance? Did anyone's, other than Lee's?

Tell him... I don't know. Don't tell him your full name, anyway. If he recognized it... if Gaara is really his friend from all those years ago, I don't know if Lee will be able to understand how much he's changed.

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..Whatever's been going on in this place while I was away, I don't want to know about it. I've got to catch up before Monday's classes. Anyone want to go over Arithmancy with me?

Gad, my leg is killing me. And it's the same one the Shrieker snagged in Professor Riddick's practical.... if there was ever a bad time to take on the Hogwarts stair system....

LEE-KUN! *strikes a triumphant pose* Now that you have been RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL WING, why don't we meet up after lunch and go over your physical therapy requirements and anything else that might be on your mind? I'll be in the Great Hall.

Oh, and while I've got my journal out..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OBITO!!!!!

[[Gai got back early, but will be limping for a few days as a result of a small mishap overseas.]]
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*stares at everyone's journals* Normally I'm all for youthful hijinks, but WHAT THE BLAZES?????

[[Filtered to the Headmaster]]

(A formal request for a weekend's leave, and permission to arrange transportation to Seoul.)


[[Private, 25% hackable]]

I got a weekend job! In Seoul! And they promised to get me back before classes start Monday! HAH! I knew it would all come together somehow!

It's going to be tough, though; I've only just gotten back in the loop after Lee's injury. A weekend without time to do homework is going make things hard. BUT I WILL FACE ADVERSITY WITH FIERCE DETERMINATION -- AND I WILL TRIUMPH, OR ELSE I'LL RUN UP AND DOWN ALL THE STAIRCASES IN THE CASTLE FIVE TIMES BEFORE LUNCHTIME ON MONDAY! SO THERE!!!!

..What will I tell Lee? *frets*


[[Gai's putting himself through school by working for a security agency based in Konoha. I.e. I won't be online until Monday. XD]]
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Lee's recovering so quickly... I could SHOUT FOR JOY!!! Thank you, everyone, for coming by to visit. Your friendship fills our hearts with gratitude.

..I've been down here for three days. But with Lee awake and Honey here too, the time has just flown. And IT SNOWED AGAIN! The air outside is sparkling with beautiful, tiny flakes of snow. No good for packing, though -- it's just as well for Sakura-san that this kind of snowfall happened while I wasn't going outside anyway. *reminiscent grin*

Dr. Kurosaki has approved some physical therapy for Lee, specifically a semi-intense breathing kata redesigned for someone who isn't standing up yet. That will keep his stamina up and his muscles in condition without wearing him out. He's promised not to over-exert himself, and I'll see that he sticks to that. But his natural resilience is making the healing process incredibly rapid. Not that I expected any less from his gallant, unbreakable spirit!!!

Could someone send my Arithmancy book down here? I think I left it in the common room.

[[With Lee on the mend, Gai's back to his old exuberant self. In fact, he's BUBBLING OVER WITH YOUTHFUL HAPPINESS. He's now doing pushups in the Hospital Wing while Lee works on the breathing form. Feel free to whack him on the head or something. ;D]]
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There's nothing like an after-class mug of thick hot chocolate in the Great Hall. It's amazing how a few good classes and a semi-decent night's sleep can put things back in perspective. Speaking of which -- Lee, how was your outing?? Inquiring minds want to know!

Counselor Yukari, can I drop in at your office tomorrow and talk about my post-grad options?

[Filtered to seventh-years]

Only a few more months... can you believe it? I can't wait to test for the Auror program. Who else has post-graduation plans?


OI, KAKASHI! Care for a game of noughts and crosses? If I don't win back those two points, I'll.... wait, I said that already.
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*staggers into the school library*

Owwww... what a workout. My whole body is sore. Sgt Johnson's first class was more vigorous than ever, and then there was Sir Integra's training dummy simulation -- bracketed by two full taijutsu workouts, because this morning's one ran overtime! It's almost a relief to have nothing else but paper homework for the rest of the night.

Now where was that SAS Self-Defense Handbook...?

[Private, mood hackable]

I don't blame Sir Integra for being angry. It makes me sick knowing that some of my younger colleagues -- nay, comrades -- indulge in illicit, self-destructive behavior. Hasn't this world seen enough sorrow!? These are supposed to be the best years of their lives. It's bad enough when adults choose to ruin their minds and bodies, but when the youths who represent the shining future of our kind don't even give themselves the chance to gain their full potential... I, I.... *wipes away tears*

They're lucky it's not me that's taking them to task.

*dives furiously into research*
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It feels wonderful to be back in my old common room. The place is even yellower than I remembered! And what a busy day I've had -- talked to most of my teachers and gotten a massive list of assignments to make up. (Relashio, Evanesco, Incarcerous.... what was that fourth spell I had to practice for Sir Integra?) And there's a new sixth-year in my House -- Oruha, a wonderfully gentle free spirit and an excellent singer! She and her friends have apparently taken my Lee-kun under their wing. Such joyful news!

I wonder where Eiji and the others are? Everyone must be out of class by now. The third day of school is so relaxing. I've found all my classrooms, even the ones that MOVED while I was away, and the aches and pains of my assignment are starting to fade, and there are busy, industrious students all over the place.



[[Gai's collapsed in an armchair in his common room, soaking in the Hufflepuff ambience before going upstairs to unpack. I figure if he's been at Hogwarts for four years he should know most of his House by now, at least by sight, unless they've been away like [ profile] black_songbird. Who else is in his House?

If you still want to run into Gai on his first day back, try the previous post!]]
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*strikes a pose on the train platform*

RIGHT! This is a great day -- an iconic day -- for it is the day that I, Maito Gai, have returned to Hogwarts!!

I can't BELIEVE I'm a whole day late. Why did that assignment have to go overtime!? There ought to be a law! I missed all the introductions and first classes! But I'll catch up within a day, or else I shall volunteer to clean the Owlery until it SPARKLES!!!!

*starts up the hill to the castle gates, with four huge trunks floating along behind him*

Why is the place so quiet? Class must be in session. I wonder who I'll run into first...?


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