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Hm... how could anybody have been so careless as to cut the bristles off so many of the school brooms!? Such awful pruning could serve no purpose! Fortunately a few good Reparos should serve for now, until someone can gather enough new twigs....

They've got to be tested, though, before they can be trusted with the safety of the students who will need to use them. And what better way to test them than.... BEATER PRACTICE!!!

Not!filtered to staff )

Not!filtered to Wolfwood )

Not!filtered to certain seventh-years )

[[A random number of the brooms that Gai has fixed will have responded less than well, and will make their displeasure known by bucking, twisting, turning upside down, and randomly spiraling down toward the ground or racing into the paths of various oncoming Bludgers. The seventh-years referred to are those who can be counted among Gai's particular friends, including but possibly not limited to Lee, Tenten, Osaka, Fakir, Rukia, and Tamaki. As it is, though, the whole school can see it. XDDD As, unfortunately, Wolfwood-and-Tenten-mun still can't be around, matters pertaining to her characters are mere stopgaps until she gets back.]]
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AAAUUGH!! Everything in my travel pack is soaking wet!! It looks like my journal bore the brunt of it -- what is it with me and journals?? *frowns* But this pack was supposed to be waterproof.... And speaking of which, I never knew rowing could be such a challenge -- what about that second time we almost tipped over, eh? Hoo-HAH!! But you two rallied MAGNIFICENTLY, and we made it a trip to remember, even after getting soaked! FAKIR!!! Didn't I tell you it would be worthwhile? There's no way you can look me in the eye and say that wasn't the best boating expedition ever!!

[[Private to Tenten]]

So I see you've met Ty Lee....? *SHINY GRIN~*


[[Fakir-mun, Ahiru-mun, I hope that suits! ^__^d]]
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So, Chrona, tell me what you were working on? Then we can start with a direction in mind!

*leafs over to his daily planner*

..Hah! Today's schedule is relatively small -- in fact, it's minuscule! And I don't even need a Portkey; it's so convenient, being able to Apparate directly to my destination....

..which is....

*gets this incredibly DEVIOUS look*


I wonder if he'll be home today? Hah, this is Fakir we're talking about, of course he will.... And that solves the problem of what to do with the rest of the day -- because what's a better way to spend an afternoon than getting out into the sunshine and bringing the spice of the unexpected into somebody's life? >D


[[Gai's mission: a rowing expedition down the nearest river. Ahiru, feel free to join in! XDDD]]
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TSUNADE-SENSEIIII!!! I tried that new Transfiguration you taught me on the targets, and it was amazing -- it even impressed Auror Bones. Now that's amazing!!! Everyone have a FANTASTIC time in Hogsmeade!!! And remember, the end of the year is coming up, so play hard and work hard and you'll be able to succeed and enjoy life!

Hirako, Ichigo... are you prepared for another thunderously epic installment in our exploration of the ultimate arcane limits of fifth-year Potions?? Golpalott's 84th Theorem awaits!

And besides all that... I have.... *drumroll* announcement. Starting now, I am no longer a simple security intern. I will still patrol the castle one night a week, as an addition to my Auror training. But that is not all. From now on, I am also your Charms TA -- an assistant to Professor Wolfwood!! So if anybody ever needs help in that class, fear not: you can always call upon Maito Gai!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

[[Not!filtered to Paul]]

WHERE ARE YOU??? I've been looking for you everywhere -- I have this great idea, and it's in your field and it's going to be fantastic -- you teach music, right? He'll have to agree, I can't wait to start it..... *peters off in excitable gibberish*


[[Not!filtered to Wolfwood]]

The time has come. >DDD Where should we start??

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I just barely made it back from London in time for my alma mater's dramatic performance.... AND NO VALA DON'T EVEN SAY IT THERE'S NO WAY YOU COULD THINK THAT.... ..and it was TREMENDOUS!!! The spirit -- the youthful PASSION!!! Even Shakespeare must dust his bones off and acclaim the triumph of that night!!!

Colette!! How are you settling in? Don't forget I'm still going to show you around the grounds!!!

Lots of birthdays lately, I hear... yes indeed.....

*stalks down a hallway, rubbing hands together gleefully*

[[Private, kinda sorta hackable]]

Since Dumbledore won't let me decorate the Great Hall I FOUND THE PERFECT SPOT. Mwahahahahaha.


[[Filtered to Lee's friends]]

You know what day is coming up, don't you? >DDDDDDDD

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*Students coming down to the Great Hall in the evening will see this banner over the door:*

glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text glitter textglitter text glitter textglitter text glitter textglitter textglitter textglitter textglitter text

*There are also little booster seats available so everyone can sit at their House or staff table comfortably.*

*musing* I wonder what happened to that DDR device....?

[[*hopes this is ok* ..No, I don't know how Gai did it. XDDDD]]
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And now.... Phase 1. *uncharacteristically devious grin*


Ow, ow, ow ow ow ow.....

*hikes up the stairs with a magically levitated packing case floating before him, trying to manage his wand with heavily bandaged hands*


[[Filtered to Hufflepuff House]]

HEY!! If somebody lost a broom-care kit with flashing yellow and black stripes, they should pick it up from me in the Great Hall after dinner!!

*brows rise* Hmm, speaking of which... when is Hufflepuff's first Quidditch match? There's no way I'm going to miss cheering for my former House!!!


[[Bandages are the result of this. Do feel free to gawk. XD]]
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[[Filtered to those working on the party for Honey]]

RINALIIIII!! I have the PERFECT idea for Honey's party -- we can Transfigure a box of biscuits into bunnies and then get them to TAPDANCE!!!!! With little hats and everything! What do you think???


NEWTS tomorrow! YOSH, I'm RARING TO GO!!! Even though they had to have classes the very day after our EPIC BATTLE. Hey, Mytho, do you still want any help with Transfiguration? Haruko, stop itching all over the place and get down to the Hospital Wing -- you probably picked up some poison ivy in the field yesterday. And Fuu -- why are you soaking wet!? This place is a MADHOUSE... well, more than usual.

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO'S TAKING OWLs AND NEWTs. Just think -- by this time next week, you'll all be looking back on these frantic days with FOND NOSTALGIA!!!

[[I'm assuming that Gai was taken out at some point during the battle. He FOUGHT HARD and was a CREDIT TO HIS TRAINING, so he's happy. XD Rose, what do you think of a log taking place during training the morning after the battle so Gai and Lee get a chance to talk? Also, does anybody know if there's a NEWTs exam schedule, or can I just make up which tests Gai has on which days?]]
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SAKURAAAAAAA! Thanks again for that Arithmancy book -- IT'S ALL MAKING SENSE NOW!!!!

Nothing like a busy day to work up a healthy, hearty appreciation for the wonder that is DINNERTIME. Mmmm, the potatoes are excellent this evening. And was that Jaggerjack I saw over at the Slytherin table....


*not laughing, no really*

Private, unhackable... right? )

Ow, that candle dripped wax on -- *flapping his hand to cool it, suddenly bolts upright* YIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! *dancing about and shaking his arm wildly*

[[Filtered to Professor Membrane]]

Aaaaah! What with Kimi's potion being so complicated, I completely forgot that this CRAB was still here!!! GET IT OFF ME Do you have time to take a look at it?


[[Yes, that crab of Professor Dalma's is still in Gai's sleeve. Speaking of which, feel free to notice that Gai's latest SECRET PROJECT is leaving dirt on his robes and worn patches at his knees. Itachi, WHAR IZ U????]]
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*slight creak, a gleam of white light, and a hoarse whisper*


*the wand-light is extinguished, leaving a shaft of indirect torchlight coming in from the hall, into which creeps a dim figure, pale and tired and streaked with grime; desks are visible nearby as obscure, shadowy shapes, and the light glints as it glances off some reflective surface*

*mutters* Good lord, I had no idea it was so late.....

*tiptoes over to a door, leans out and hears nothing*

*slight sound like the cracking of an egg -- a moment later a blurry shape slips out and hurries down the hall, well camouflaged and surprisingly quiet for its size*

[[Ooh, look who's out after hours. None of this is actually written, so the only way to know that this is happening is to come across Gai in the hall. He's partially Disillusioned, which gives him a sort of chamelionic ability to blend in with the background, especially if he's standing still (OotP), and is heading straight back to the Hufflepuff common room five flights down. Kage, this is by way of background for what we were talking about.]]
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I wrote something on a bit of spare parchment and stuck it in the journal. Can anybody read it? Hmm, this worked last time there was something wrong with the journals....

Why aren't these things fixed already?? It's a TRAVESTY when a person's expectation of privacy is suddenly removed by a malfunctioning magical item. WHO WILL BITE THE BULLET AND TACKLE THIS PROBLEM HEAD-ON?????

I'm going flying with Honey!!! And if you don't see me after that, I'm probably studying. I need to get a LOT of studying done. Positively LOADS of it. SERIOUSLY. With BELLS on. YOSH!!!!!

[[Can people read random pieces of paper that have been stuck in the journals? YOU DECIDE. Feel free to see Gai going about his very surreptitious business, but if you try to follow him, you will probably get spotted.]]
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[[30% hackable to close friends]]



*light from his wand flickers over the rough stone slabs that shore up the dripping ceiling*

Still works... though it's gotten damper in here..... *shivers and represses the urge to yell for an echo*


*a hatch creaks open* Ah.... sunlight at last!!!! Though why are there muffins floating around the ceiling!?


[[This occurs during school hours, in one of the seventh-year free periods. Feel free to notice Gai has been conspicuously absent, or see him coming down the stairs, boots muddied and hands scratched from feeling his way along the wall.]]
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[[Private, slightly hackable]]

What WAS that sudden weakness that struck me in Jareth's maze!? *pulls out that darned artifact* It's got to be connected with this. But what is it -- what does it do!? Professor Jackson must have never gotten my note... I'll have to leave him another if I don't see him around the castle.

Must find time today for the intensive Beater practice I took on as a consequence of being in that bad mood. But first..... *rubs hands gleefully*


[[Filtered to the Sakura's-Birthday conspirators]]



[[Only one Gai left now, sorry, people. But EEEEEE, some generous soul granted this journal a lot of new icon space!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! *hugs whoever you are and goes off to upload scads of icons*
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*happy tears* Thank you for the card, Honey!! It’s so GREEN and VIBRANT and SPARKLING!! Hey, Tsukasu (and Hikaru) -- that chocolate hit the spot! And Kimimaro, thanks for the gardenia!

Looking forward to so many things... dancing with Sakura-san, hearing Oruha's beautiful voice, knowing Lee's nearly back to his PROUD, DYNAMIC SELF... finding out who else got my random cards, seeing Sir Integra in a party gown.... This is gonna be an AWESOME masquerade!!!!!

*dashes off to dress up*

[[Strike SO illegible. XDDDD

Gaah, it’s official -- snowed in with nothing but the land-line, so no chat for me today. And just when I’d figured out how to use AIM. *hammers at slow computer* Gai will be around when nobody else is using the computer or the phone.

The rest of the anonymous Just A Reminder That You’re Special! cards will have come in by the time the ball starts. He’ll soft-shoe with Sakura, cheer for Oruha, get his hair dyed red, and eventually start breakdancing before being distracted by TEH DRAMA.]]
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*looking around the Great Hall*


Huh... looks like some of those owls were a bit too enthusiastic. At least they didn't all get delivered today.....


Man, this rain... it's washing all the snow away. There's something oppressive about the atmosphere... as if something's going to happen... but if there were any truth to that kind of feeling, it would be so constant around here that nobody would notice it anymore.

*notices Lee at the other end of the hall, thinks* That look on his face... something's bothering him. LEE!! Weren't we going to go over your physical therapy regimen today?


Feb. 12th, 2007 04:43 pm
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[[On Valentine's Day, the school will be invaded by dozens of untraceable owls bearing small cards covered with flashing hearts and stars, each addressed to "Random Recipient" and containing the simple legend Just A Reminder That You're Special!!!!! Feel free to say your character got one.]]


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