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[[Private; hackable to friends and partially to Ministry folks]]

What could have done that to Jade? The Forest must be far more dangerous than I knew.... there was no sign of such dangerous creatures last week, though we didn't go far in. But if something could harm him that badly, then Shinji and I.... was a terrible risk to take. And I didn't even know it.

This is too similar to my seventh year. Even with all my training, there is no way to protect everybody... there would be no way, except to turn this school into an armed camp. And that.... that is no solution either.


FAKIR! Raimei! Out of the Hospital Wing yet? If so, it's time to show what you've studied while you were temporarily incapacitated! And everyone else: EXCELLENT work on the Auror Training practical! If you have any questions about the work, don't hesitate to ask!

*will be off to visit the Hospital Wing right after class*

[[School eats me for three days and the comm goes wild? XDDD OH YOU PEOPLE. BRB tomorrow night to answer tags. *ded*]]
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All this reminds me of when.... no, it couldn't be. The Hokage should have it safely hidden away. Besides, last time it only affected Lee and I..... that is, I think....



WELCOME to all our guests this week!!! It is tremendously exciting to have so many interested people here to observe our fantastic school! And if any student is harmed because of this, you'll have to answer to me.

Speaking of observing, I am thrilled at the work all of my former students have been doing since Noin took over the class. I've seen you out as I patrolled the grounds, and you've all been doing splendidly!!~

However, abandoning full-time teaching has left me with a gaping hole in my daily activities, and we all know what that means. Desultory inaction is not for the glorious, proud Green Beast of Hogwarts. As of today, I am now the Teacher's Assistant for the Pre-Auror Training class!!! Between myself and Professor Albarn, we'll make sure that all of you are fully prepared for the challenges to come!

[[Strike barely hackable (attitude more so). Whee!]]
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..This has gone on for long enough. It was a tempting job when I took it, but what's happened has made everything clear.

Filtered to Noin )
Filtered to Hufflepuff House, except Minato )

*may be seen, after hours, patrolling the grounds as he did last year, and heaven help the wrongdoer who falls into his hands*

[[Strike not hackable. This should have been up, and is thus backdated to, Wednesday, but Stuff Came Up. *bricks RL*]]
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STUDENTS!! Tomorrow, be prepared for a practical test of your abilities, from regulating speed to braking and sharp turns. And for extra credit, the quickest three people in each class who can properly strip down a broomstick and retie the bristles will get full marks! It's important to keep your equipment in perfect condition in weather like this -- the better it is, the less likely you'll stall in midair. See you all BRIGHT and EARLY, and if you have an questions don't hesitate to ask!!


*feels a parchment rustling in the pocket of his robes -- yet another missive from the Ministry's temperamental Auror program* To think, by this time next week I might be doing something entirely different... it just goes to show how important it is to live every moment to its fullest!!


*tucks his journal under his robes and strides out, grinning at all and sundry, for his daily invigorating run up and down the staircases*

[[Fancy house points? *SHINY GRIN~* Comment here to say how your character will do on the practical! Points will go from five (not so good) to twenty (very awesome). And don't worry, Gai's not going anywhere!]]
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*walks into his temporary quarters after a heavy workout and a shower, a towel draped over his neck, glancing out at the bright Tahiti sunlight... he wants missions like these more often, especially when Lee and Tenten get to come along as part of his cover story*

*eyedart left and right, opens a secret panel and checks his journal, which is hidden away along with other proof of his identity*

..Hm, the students will be enjoying the beginning of their much-needed break this week, gathering their strength and TAKING PART IN THE FESTIVITIES OF THEIR YOUTH... I hope the presents I sent have all arrived on--


Wait -- casualties at Hogsmeade? Death Eaters!? WHAT'S GOING ON??

[[Gai's gift-list will be coming up soon when I manage to write it. For now, they are delayed in the owl post. And YOSH, I'm back! Will be posting with the rest of my characters within the next few days.]]
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[[Private; hackable by Lee and maybe Wolfwood]]

This assignment will likely be the hardest yet. Undercover work is so... so... SURREPTITIOUS. Pretending to be somebody who is entirely unlike me.... rrrgh, I'm sick of it already! I can take it -- I can take TWICE that time limit -- but there are reasons to return as fast as possible. And for the sake of those reasons, I will work twice as hard and five times as efficiently, and bring this to a close in a third of the time required. That's a promise from Maito Gai!!

Lee... don't forget all we've worked on. I won't forget you.


*dispatches an ENTHUSIASTIC, CHEERFUL letter to Sophie's new location and looks around his London flat, which is almost bare*

Every beginning must come with an ending. But there isn't any reason to worry! Even if my new training schedule doesn't allow me to get back to England for the beginning of school, I will never forget my amazing comrades at Hogwarts. Students!! Make the most of your remaining vacation -- these are the best days of your lives!

[[And so Gai goes off on his most advanced Auror mission yet. DX Wish him luck!]]
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[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

Hey, Professor Wolfwood Nicholas!! I'm going over to tutor young Makenshi for a few days and help her with her summer homework. Is there a form or something I have to use to clear it with her parents guardian?

..And.... *hesitates, frowns, unsure of whether to ask Wolfwood what he knows about Chrona's home situation*


And the summer wears on -- full of blazing LIFE!! There's a London Quidditch team that needs a coach... a club that needs a bouncer -- hm, no, it's bound to fail; that trampoline isn't strong enough for everyone.... a security operation for the Blackheath fireworks.... a delivery run over the weekend, another mission assignment from the Agency, and part-time Auror training, and.... hahaha, it's unbelievable that one man's existence could be so full and rich. I haven't even been back to my flat for a full day since the break began. At least no one else is renting it this time.... How are the rest of you doing? Is this a MAGNIFICENT summer or what? *SHINY GRIN*
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Ah, to be in London again!! It brings TEARS to my eyes or maybe it's just the humidity! Tomorrow: summer training in Brighton -- that's the seaside, probably? Why Professor Bones is taking us to the seaside... it boggles the mind, but whatever it is, I'M READY!!!!

Assignments for today... hrm, California, Timbuktu, Tokyo, Hawaii, New Guinea, Holland, Norway... good grief, how many Portkeys am I going to need!? HEY, LEE!! What are you doing today? ^____^d

[[Plotless stopgap post in which, if you like, Gai unexpectedly shows up WHERE YOU ARE. XDDDD My computer's still in the shop, but they're talking end-of-this-week or early-next-week, so... hm. Miss you all!]]
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*groans, lowering himself onto a handy bench before pulling out his journal; his right hand is still in a sling, so he sets the quill upright on the page and dictates as it writes*

Nineteen patrols in four days... in addition to preparing for summer training, there's barely been time to eat or sleep! But it's all worth it. Once I showed up, all the preparations for the school's summer started going incredibly smoothly! *grin is tired, but still shiny*

I was thinking to take the train tomorrow, but... there was some reason, wasn't there, to Floo from town, or.... hmph, what was it again?

[[Private; partly hackable, especially to friends]]

Another year almost over. My first year out of school, working hard and striding into the bright future. It will... *GAPING YAWN* ..never be forgotten.....


*the journal slips out of his hands, hitting the floor as he dozes off*
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HaHAH!! Out of the field at last, and with the restrictions taken off my journal, so as long as I don't say anything classified..... I'M BACK!!! What an intense, grueling, interminable experience... they said being undercover this mission was going to be stressful, and they were right! But JUSTICE prevailed in the end -- and... *ink drips on the page as he pauses, trying to think of something to say about the mission that isn't classified* ..I really, really need more clean socks....

CONGRATULATIONS, HOGWARTS, on completing your finals!! *SHINY, SHINY GRIN* Another year is almost over, and you've all surpassed your limits and grown amazingly!

NICHOLAS!! I'M BACK!!! >D How did our precious pupils do on the Charms final?

..Too bad there was no time to get THE PROJECT off the ground. I'll have to ask Paul about it later.... he's had time since that probation stopped, whatever it was..... and I never got in touch with Reggie....

Private )

All right, what's everyone been doing while I was away? Tell me all about it! *scribbled smile-face with a thumbs-up*

[[Strikes unhackable. Gai's right arm will be in a sling for the next few days. This post will ICly be set a few hours after his return to the castle.]]
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TSUNADE-SENSEIIII!!! I tried that new Transfiguration you taught me on the targets, and it was amazing -- it even impressed Auror Bones. Now that's amazing!!! Everyone have a FANTASTIC time in Hogsmeade!!! And remember, the end of the year is coming up, so play hard and work hard and you'll be able to succeed and enjoy life!

Hirako, Ichigo... are you prepared for another thunderously epic installment in our exploration of the ultimate arcane limits of fifth-year Potions?? Golpalott's 84th Theorem awaits!

And besides all that... I have.... *drumroll* announcement. Starting now, I am no longer a simple security intern. I will still patrol the castle one night a week, as an addition to my Auror training. But that is not all. From now on, I am also your Charms TA -- an assistant to Professor Wolfwood!! So if anybody ever needs help in that class, fear not: you can always call upon Maito Gai!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

[[Not!filtered to Paul]]

WHERE ARE YOU??? I've been looking for you everywhere -- I have this great idea, and it's in your field and it's going to be fantastic -- you teach music, right? He'll have to agree, I can't wait to start it..... *peters off in excitable gibberish*


[[Not!filtered to Wolfwood]]

The time has come. >DDD Where should we start??

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I never expected this....

BUT NO MATTER!! In fact, this is a positive development *BLUSHES* experience -- I shall have to take today's exam under unexpected and baffling conditions, which is an excellent opportunity to transcend my limitations and DO MY BEST!!

..and also practice Transfiguring clothing to different, uh, measurements.....

*stares in the mirror* Egad, I'm gorgeous. *SHINY GRIN*

[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

I hadn't looked at my journal the other night, but -- you say you need an assistant? Well, when I get back from my exams, I might have something to say about that

..but you should know that at the moment, I am, erm, female. For some reason. Which I will FIGURE OUT BY THE TIME I GET BACK, or... or I shall add an extra thirty pushups to my normal training routine because somehow, bafflingly, my arms currently lack their usual steely strength!!!


[[For once I'm taking part in a gender-based plot. *snicker* In today's episode, the part of Gai will be played by Wendy Hamilton. Lucky man. He She will also be returning to Hogwarts before curfew, so feel free to notice his her stunning womanly beauty~!!!]]
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*at the sparsely seated staff table in the Great Hall, writing a journal entry before his evening patrol of the castle*

HAH, my memory is coming back!! Good grief, I even remember those thestrels that interrupted my last duel with... with.... ANYWAY -- Hufflepuff won -- or was it Ravenclaw? And I was -- WELL DONE, HUFFLEPUFF, ALL THAT HARD WORK PAID OFF -- I was running toward the--

*briefly interrupted by the mediwitch*

..Yes. Loss of memory is a common side-effect of concussion; they said that in the first-responder course. How ironic that with all I have been through in life, I receive such an injury on a day when everyone is having fun!

And I can't remember how it ended.....

..gaah. If I can't have those memories back, I will just have to make new ones. Tomorrow's London exam comes first, but after that, if I fail to make a series of splendid new memories by the weekend, I shall scale every tower of the London Bridge without magic!!

..They tell me Uchiha graduated early. *snort* But where did he go? What is he doing? Does anybody know!? Not likely. It must be some nefarious--


That's what happened. Slime, why did it have to be slime!!!

[[Strikes illegible. Mwahahaha. For those who don't know yet, Gai patrols Hogwarts for three random nights a week as a public service requirement for his Auror course, so if your character is out after curfew, feel free to encounter (or avoid) him!]]
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Private )

Filtered to Tenten )

Professor Conrad!! Thanks a MILLION for straightening out all those dueling customs -- the knowledge saved my life at least twice this weekend! And THAT, boys and girls, is why you should study history with a vengeance -- if you don't understand the nuances of other cultures, what you don't know is likely to come back and BITE YOU.

Speaking of which, it does my heart good to see such enthusiasm over the sporting events that are coming up. After this cold, sedentary winter, it's time to get your blood pumping and your eyes shining again... and then you can set to your studies with renewed vigor!

..And. LEE. Have you settled in with your revised class schedule yet? Now that we are both representing Gryffindor for Sports Day, we have to make time for training as well! With hard work and zealous dedication, there is NO WAY WE CAN LOSE!!!
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*due to magical bleed-through where Reparo didn't do such a good job on Gai's ripped-up journal, a few words from his private notes are accidentally open to all readers....* the Apparition point knows me by sight!! And for good reason; it's been
                    waiting is the hardes
          mbledore said (but it was as confusing this time as


..I should probably use that charm again. In class. On the targets. The turning of the year shouldn't be dreary and droopy. Even Auror training and especially Professor Marchbanks needs a little perking up up once in a while!! >D

[[Hello, exceedingly vague can-has-no-details post. ^^ Just a placeholder for certain matters. Oh, look, something shiny!]]
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Filtered to Grimmjow )
Filtered to Sophie )
Owl to Lee )

My dear friends and comrades, vibrant associates and former classmates... this charade has gone on long enough. No secret can be kept for long in such a fervent, close-knit community as ours. Whatever you may have seen or heard in the past few days, it is time... for me to tell you.... THE TRUTH. )

Private )

Last but not least, to everybody who has run into whoever it was shooting off spells in the hall, I would just like to say: Finite Incantatem!! *SHINY GRIN*

[[Which may or may not work. XDDD Backdated to just after Yusuke's wand went haywire because I really should have gotten this out yesterday. Bonus points if you get the subject line! ^___^]]
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*finishes writing his thank-yous just as the train pulls up onto the castle grounds*

Notes to Mikage, Hirako, Vivi, Emilia, Sophie, Rinali, Misa, Ikki, and Hinata )

AHAHAHA, I finally have time to look at my journal! HELLO, HOGWARTS!!!~ *PROUD GREEN POSE* This month has been so busy that I have barely been able to snatch time to write -- but I PASSED MY STEALTH AND TRACKING PRACTICALS and now there's only Piffle and Circumspection before the midwinter term is over!! HEY, EVERYBODY!!! *SHINY GRIN* What have you all been up to lately?

A brief stop in my quarters, and then there will be just time to touch bases with everyone befo--

..but... but wait....



[[Notes are only visible to the people therein addressed. And feel free to have seen the graffiti before Gai gets rid of it!]]
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At last, my practicals are finished!!! KAKASHIIIIII!!! How about that day of winter training? Tomorrow? Friday?

January 5.... only a few more days.....

[[Filtered to Counselor Yukari]]

Counselor, I need to speak with you -- it's a matter of LIFE, LIBERTY, AND FUTURE HAPPINESS UNDER FIRE!!!


*bursts into the Great Hall, his robes shedding snow; DYNAMIC STANCE*


[[Strike unhackable.]]
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Ah, 2007. I have never had such a full, active year except for those heady days of '97.... Its changes, its challenges, the terror and beauty of the passing of time... Goodbye, 2007, we knew ye well!! And hello to the brand new year which even now rolls onto our calendars! 2008 -- ah, 2008!! What MYSTIC CHORDS OF FORTITUDE AND GRACE are heralded by this brand new calendar page? By the London parades on these cold, damp nights?

I know one thing and one thing only.

As one year ends, another begins. I've lived every second of 2007 to the limit, but NO MORE. This... is the END. And as I put one year behind me, another begins anew!!! Today marks another blazing milestone in magical history, for the Wizarding World's prideful green Auror trainee has NOW TURNED NINETEEN!!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

..and we have a stealth training practical today. So I have to spend my birthday in a state of utter invisibility.


But if it gets me closer to my goal, IT'S WORTH IT!!!

[[Backdated to New Year's Day. Happy birthday to Gai!]]
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Well, I'm back on the job... wrapped snugly in the soft wool of my oh-so-fluffy brand new scarf and bright orange legwarmers!! THANK YOU, SYAORAN AND RINALI!!! Of course, Neji, I am saving yours for a special occasion!!!!

We have to do twice as much as usual this week, so nothing is left over for the New Year break and there's a series of special Stealth and Tracking lectures coming up and a rain curse flooded out a lot of rooms on the fifth level, so it's c-c-c-COLD in here and everyone is running around like headless chic MANIACS!!!

My youthful friends at Hogwarts -- EXPECT MY PRESENCE AMONGST YOU IN THIS COMING WEEK!!!!

Private )

*continues guiding a chain of hovering crates from one end of the Ministry to the other, unaware that the tune he's humming is registering on his journal*

No-eyed four-armed mutant ninja Santa monster,
No-eyed four-armed mutant ninja Santa monster,
No-eyed four-armed mutant ninja Santa monster,
Don't you touch that tree.....

[[Rose, Jen, poke me if I should change this.]]


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