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Name:Maito Gai
[[This account is MIRRORED from a roleplaying journal for a retired character from [info]sortinghat_rp.
It will not be updated; the player is keeping it around for the memories.]]

Maito Gai was born into a poor and very pedestrian Muggle family near Konoha, Asia. His parents died when he was very young, leaving him a homeless orphan. His neighborhood was in bad shape at the time; communications were disrupted and schooling almost forgotten, and hundreds of children fell through the cracks. Britain's wizarding community offered to take up some of the slack, and Gai's Hogwarts letter -- his first hint of the magical world -- arrived when he was fourteen. Some say he still hasn't recovered from the shock.

The delay in his education set him back a fair bit, but failure is not in Gai's vocabulary. He strongly believes that dedication and perseverance will put him on top, no matter who he's up against, and his incessant study has made him a competent, if not excellent, wizard. He's no bookworm, though -- a rampant extrovert with a loud voice and a fashion sense that can be most charitably described as weird, he's easily distracted and prone to overreactions and comically earnest emotional outbursts. He wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn't care who knows it. The idea of judging people by their props instead of their morals is completely foreign to him -- if you oppose evil, he's automatically on your side, and can't imagine any reason why you wouldn't be on his.

Gai is intensely loyal to his friends, and soft-hearted to the point of absurdity. His difficult upbringing cost him his youth, his community, and practically all of his kin, and he cherishes the ideal of a strong-minded and honorable childhood. This makes him very popular with some younger students, who turn to him for advice and mentorship, but he is chivalrous to a fault and his frequently naive dedication to Doing the Right Thing puts him at a disadvantage in other relationships.

His wand is knotwood, twenty inches, with a dragon heartstring core. He doesn't keep a familiar, but he's on good terms with the school's owls. He also doesn't know what his Animagus is yet, but he's determined to find out as soon as possible! His Patronus is a Komodo dragon, which, he supposes, is as close as one can get to a magical creature without actually being one. It certainly scares the heck out of his classmates. His Boggart... well, let's just say that living on the wrong side of the fence tends to leave plenty of fruit for nightmares. He may also be slightly nearsighted, but prefers to ignore that. (If he had glasses, he'd probably lose them anyway.) His worst subject at Hogwarts was History of Magic, in which he tended to fall asleep; but along with Defense Against the Dark Arts, which he practices with a passion, he is adept at the grueling forms of physical combat he learned on the street, and supports himself by freelancing in the security industry whenever he has time. Becoming an Auror is his most immediate goal, and he has mastered many difficult and devastating spells, though he wouldn't dream of using them outside of combat situations. His greatest ambition is to return to Konoha a full-fledged wizard, dedicated to defending the innocent and healing his fractured homeland.

When not training, Gai can most often be found... well, training. That's just the kind of guy he is.

Name: Maito Gai
Birthday: January 1
Age: Twenty (as of 2009)
Occupation: Pre-Auror Training TA
Lineage: Muggle-born
House: Hufflepuff
How's-my-driving post:here


You guys are the epitome of adolescence!!!!

Hard work comes to nothing without self-confidence.

Youth is a time of joys, tears, and never-ending challenges.

If you would be free of your sorrows, you must be decisive!

Aaagh! Your laconic new-age attitude TICKS ME OFF!!!

OOC: This is really the sock-puppet journal with which [info]infiniteviking plays Maito Gai on the [info]sortinghat_rp roleplaying community, whose premise involves adapting characters from other sources into the Potterverse and placing them at Hogwarts as teachers or students. Maito Gai, from the comic book Naruto, is the property of Masashi Kishimoto, and Hogwarts and all appertaining thereto are the property of J.K. Rowling.

In writing Gai, I prefer to keep all his interactions solidly in the PG arena. In other words, he's not going to be involved in anything that you wouldn't find in the actual HP books. But don't worry -- there's still plenty of potential for rampant absurdity! See you in the game!

Update: After his triumphant graduation from Hogwarts, Gai moved to London, where he applied for the Auror program. He spends much of his free time on assignment for the security agency, which may or may not be a front for an association of ninja-wizards for hire, and has divided the rest between Auror training and volunteering at Hogwarts for a public service internship to round out his experience, patrolling the grounds and acting as flying teacher for first to fourth years. This year, he's switched to TAing for Pre-Auror Studies, but still patrols the grounds as well.Expect him when you see him... or even when you don't.

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