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After being away for over a week, it will be interesting to see how the school has changed in my absence! Now that the fall season has started, are the leaves changing colours? Have the Halloween decorations gone up yet? Hmmm... must find out how our Charms students are doing... and see what supplies are in the Quidditch shed.... and.... Change is one of the incredible, unstoppable facts of life. So it's important to meet it head-on and make the most of it!

For example.

BEHOLD, MY NEW JOURNAL!!!! Did anyone else's ever spontaneously catch on fire AND melt AND explode all at the same time, or does that only happen to me?


And I'm going to need it -- this is amazing, FANTASTIC, wait'll Lee finds out, I AM SO ECSTATIC I COULD OUTRUN THIS TRAIN ALL THE WAY TO HOGWARTS... and... well, why not? It will be a great way to test myself! Even if I don't make it, it will still be fantastic training, and for every mile I miss, I can add two to my daily set of laps around the lake!!!


[[And he's BACK!! As much of last year's plottage has been retconned, I'm partially opting out of the current event -- Gai's previous entries will be unavailable for perusal. Srsly, this is his third or fourth journal in two years..... However, everything from this post until the end of the event will be open for all to see!]]
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[[Private; hackable by Lee and maybe Wolfwood]]

This assignment will likely be the hardest yet. Undercover work is so... so... SURREPTITIOUS. Pretending to be somebody who is entirely unlike me.... rrrgh, I'm sick of it already! I can take it -- I can take TWICE that time limit -- but there are reasons to return as fast as possible. And for the sake of those reasons, I will work twice as hard and five times as efficiently, and bring this to a close in a third of the time required. That's a promise from Maito Gai!!

Lee... don't forget all we've worked on. I won't forget you.


*dispatches an ENTHUSIASTIC, CHEERFUL letter to Sophie's new location and looks around his London flat, which is almost bare*

Every beginning must come with an ending. But there isn't any reason to worry! Even if my new training schedule doesn't allow me to get back to England for the beginning of school, I will never forget my amazing comrades at Hogwarts. Students!! Make the most of your remaining vacation -- these are the best days of your lives!

[[And so Gai goes off on his most advanced Auror mission yet. DX Wish him luck!]]
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*standing on a high wall, watching the sunset over the school lake*

..I feel stronger now than ever before. Constant training and activity will do that! Yesterday, I surpassed my previous speed record by thirty-six seconds!! BEAT THAT, MY ETERNAL RIVAL. Wherever you are..... It is amazing that even though our numbers are scattered throughout the earth, we will shortly come together again for another glorious year in each others' presence!! Speaking of which, who needs to catch up on summer homework? The days go by faster than you think!

[[Look at that, he didn't cite any of the trigger topics. Let's see how long that lasts! XD]]
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AAAUUGH!! Everything in my travel pack is soaking wet!! It looks like my journal bore the brunt of it -- what is it with me and journals?? *frowns* But this pack was supposed to be waterproof.... And speaking of which, I never knew rowing could be such a challenge -- what about that second time we almost tipped over, eh? Hoo-HAH!! But you two rallied MAGNIFICENTLY, and we made it a trip to remember, even after getting soaked! FAKIR!!! Didn't I tell you it would be worthwhile? There's no way you can look me in the eye and say that wasn't the best boating expedition ever!!

[[Private to Tenten]]

So I see you've met Ty Lee....? *SHINY GRIN~*


[[Fakir-mun, Ahiru-mun, I hope that suits! ^__^d]]
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So, Chrona, tell me what you were working on? Then we can start with a direction in mind!

*leafs over to his daily planner*

..Hah! Today's schedule is relatively small -- in fact, it's minuscule! And I don't even need a Portkey; it's so convenient, being able to Apparate directly to my destination....

..which is....

*gets this incredibly DEVIOUS look*


I wonder if he'll be home today? Hah, this is Fakir we're talking about, of course he will.... And that solves the problem of what to do with the rest of the day -- because what's a better way to spend an afternoon than getting out into the sunshine and bringing the spice of the unexpected into somebody's life? >D


[[Gai's mission: a rowing expedition down the nearest river. Ahiru, feel free to join in! XDDD]]
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[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

Hey, Professor Wolfwood Nicholas!! I'm going over to tutor young Makenshi for a few days and help her with her summer homework. Is there a form or something I have to use to clear it with her parents guardian?

..And.... *hesitates, frowns, unsure of whether to ask Wolfwood what he knows about Chrona's home situation*


And the summer wears on -- full of blazing LIFE!! There's a London Quidditch team that needs a coach... a club that needs a bouncer -- hm, no, it's bound to fail; that trampoline isn't strong enough for everyone.... a security operation for the Blackheath fireworks.... a delivery run over the weekend, another mission assignment from the Agency, and part-time Auror training, and.... hahaha, it's unbelievable that one man's existence could be so full and rich. I haven't even been back to my flat for a full day since the break began. At least no one else is renting it this time.... How are the rest of you doing? Is this a MAGNIFICENT summer or what? *SHINY GRIN*
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Ah, to be in London again!! It brings TEARS to my eyes or maybe it's just the humidity! Tomorrow: summer training in Brighton -- that's the seaside, probably? Why Professor Bones is taking us to the seaside... it boggles the mind, but whatever it is, I'M READY!!!!

Assignments for today... hrm, California, Timbuktu, Tokyo, Hawaii, New Guinea, Holland, Norway... good grief, how many Portkeys am I going to need!? HEY, LEE!! What are you doing today? ^____^d

[[Plotless stopgap post in which, if you like, Gai unexpectedly shows up WHERE YOU ARE. XDDDD My computer's still in the shop, but they're talking end-of-this-week or early-next-week, so... hm. Miss you all!]]
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*groans, lowering himself onto a handy bench before pulling out his journal; his right hand is still in a sling, so he sets the quill upright on the page and dictates as it writes*

Nineteen patrols in four days... in addition to preparing for summer training, there's barely been time to eat or sleep! But it's all worth it. Once I showed up, all the preparations for the school's summer started going incredibly smoothly! *grin is tired, but still shiny*

I was thinking to take the train tomorrow, but... there was some reason, wasn't there, to Floo from town, or.... hmph, what was it again?

[[Private; partly hackable, especially to friends]]

Another year almost over. My first year out of school, working hard and striding into the bright future. It will... *GAPING YAWN* ..never be forgotten.....


*the journal slips out of his hands, hitting the floor as he dozes off*
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HaHAH!! Out of the field at last, and with the restrictions taken off my journal, so as long as I don't say anything classified..... I'M BACK!!! What an intense, grueling, interminable experience... they said being undercover this mission was going to be stressful, and they were right! But JUSTICE prevailed in the end -- and... *ink drips on the page as he pauses, trying to think of something to say about the mission that isn't classified* ..I really, really need more clean socks....

CONGRATULATIONS, HOGWARTS, on completing your finals!! *SHINY, SHINY GRIN* Another year is almost over, and you've all surpassed your limits and grown amazingly!

NICHOLAS!! I'M BACK!!! >D How did our precious pupils do on the Charms final?

..Too bad there was no time to get THE PROJECT off the ground. I'll have to ask Paul about it later.... he's had time since that probation stopped, whatever it was..... and I never got in touch with Reggie....

Private )

All right, what's everyone been doing while I was away? Tell me all about it! *scribbled smile-face with a thumbs-up*

[[Strikes unhackable. Gai's right arm will be in a sling for the next few days. This post will ICly be set a few hours after his return to the castle.]]
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[[Very, very private]]

*nostalgic sigh* Not even an hour to spend here, and Hogwarts... I can't risk it until I get rid of... *illegible* rules about using journals *grumble* overseas classified business *scribble* of all the ridiculous convoluted....

*stares at calendar*

And I won't be there.....

NO!! Can it be said that my friends will move to their next year at Hogwarts -- and some on to the glorious anticipation of their future lives -- without acknowledgment from Konoha's proud green beast!? Impossible -- a TRAVESTY!! Let it not be said that Maito Gai allows the bond between himself and his friends to be broken by mere distance!!! My beloved comrades, though personal obligations may rend us asunder, I am with you in spirit wherever you may go!!!


*looms over the writing-desk at his London flat, and with a DYNAMIC flourish of his wand... well, let's just say he'll probably never get all the ink and shredded parchment out of the walls and ceiling....*

*and within a week, shortly after exams, each of his friends and comrades back at Hogwarts will receive a glitzy, shiny, eye-searingly flashy and utterly heartfelt bright green HOWLER proclaiming Gai's pride in their accomplishment in terms that will no doubt be heard in Timbuktu!*

[[Consider this a stopgap post as I find my way back into the game. The letters include upbeat personalized messages, can probably be muffled by Silencio if the spell is really powerful, and may come at any time and reach their intended recipients -- including staff members -- anywhere, so have fun picking just the right moment for your character to be bowled over by one~!

OOC note for continuity purposes )]]
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Anyone who has completed the Charms review sheet can handle it in to me or the astounding Professor Wolfwood before your next class!

[[Filtered to Reggie]]

Psssst. Are you up for THE CHALLENGE OF A LIFETIME????


*is swaggering around to a LOUD rockin' rendition of the Proud Wild Green Beast Theme, but hardly notices it because his brain is such a DYNAMIC place anyway*


May. 6th, 2008 12:16 am
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That fountain of hot chocolate down in that one dark corridor near the Slytherin common room?

..Um. I did that. I think.

Everyone, use Lumos to get through the mess until someone can figure out how to undo the Transfiguration!! And don't worry, there's a cleaning charm that will get rid of chocolate stains ...isn't there? -- I'll be right there after as soon as I'm done with this--!! *trails off as his attention is snagged by whatever he was busy with*

[[Result of this. So not only is there a flood of hot tepid and slowly-turning-cold-and-turgid formerly hot chocolate in that particular hall, but it's coming from where a torch used to be, so people who don't watch their step in the poorly lit area might get their feet wet. XDDD]]
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TSUNADE-SENSEIIII!!! I tried that new Transfiguration you taught me on the targets, and it was amazing -- it even impressed Auror Bones. Now that's amazing!!! Everyone have a FANTASTIC time in Hogsmeade!!! And remember, the end of the year is coming up, so play hard and work hard and you'll be able to succeed and enjoy life!

Hirako, Ichigo... are you prepared for another thunderously epic installment in our exploration of the ultimate arcane limits of fifth-year Potions?? Golpalott's 84th Theorem awaits!

And besides all that... I have.... *drumroll* announcement. Starting now, I am no longer a simple security intern. I will still patrol the castle one night a week, as an addition to my Auror training. But that is not all. From now on, I am also your Charms TA -- an assistant to Professor Wolfwood!! So if anybody ever needs help in that class, fear not: you can always call upon Maito Gai!!! *PROUD GREEN POSE*

[[Not!filtered to Paul]]

WHERE ARE YOU??? I've been looking for you everywhere -- I have this great idea, and it's in your field and it's going to be fantastic -- you teach music, right? He'll have to agree, I can't wait to start it..... *peters off in excitable gibberish*


[[Not!filtered to Wolfwood]]

The time has come. >DDD Where should we start??

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I never expected this....

BUT NO MATTER!! In fact, this is a positive development *BLUSHES* experience -- I shall have to take today's exam under unexpected and baffling conditions, which is an excellent opportunity to transcend my limitations and DO MY BEST!!

..and also practice Transfiguring clothing to different, uh, measurements.....

*stares in the mirror* Egad, I'm gorgeous. *SHINY GRIN*

[[Filtered to Wolfwood]]

I hadn't looked at my journal the other night, but -- you say you need an assistant? Well, when I get back from my exams, I might have something to say about that

..but you should know that at the moment, I am, erm, female. For some reason. Which I will FIGURE OUT BY THE TIME I GET BACK, or... or I shall add an extra thirty pushups to my normal training routine because somehow, bafflingly, my arms currently lack their usual steely strength!!!


[[For once I'm taking part in a gender-based plot. *snicker* In today's episode, the part of Gai will be played by Wendy Hamilton. Lucky man. He She will also be returning to Hogwarts before curfew, so feel free to notice his her stunning womanly beauty~!!!]]
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*at the sparsely seated staff table in the Great Hall, writing a journal entry before his evening patrol of the castle*

HAH, my memory is coming back!! Good grief, I even remember those thestrels that interrupted my last duel with... with.... ANYWAY -- Hufflepuff won -- or was it Ravenclaw? And I was -- WELL DONE, HUFFLEPUFF, ALL THAT HARD WORK PAID OFF -- I was running toward the--

*briefly interrupted by the mediwitch*

..Yes. Loss of memory is a common side-effect of concussion; they said that in the first-responder course. How ironic that with all I have been through in life, I receive such an injury on a day when everyone is having fun!

And I can't remember how it ended.....

..gaah. If I can't have those memories back, I will just have to make new ones. Tomorrow's London exam comes first, but after that, if I fail to make a series of splendid new memories by the weekend, I shall scale every tower of the London Bridge without magic!!

..They tell me Uchiha graduated early. *snort* But where did he go? What is he doing? Does anybody know!? Not likely. It must be some nefarious--


That's what happened. Slime, why did it have to be slime!!!

[[Strikes illegible. Mwahahaha. For those who don't know yet, Gai patrols Hogwarts for three random nights a week as a public service requirement for his Auror course, so if your character is out after curfew, feel free to encounter (or avoid) him!]]
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*sits bolt upright and nearly falls off a narrow cot in the Hospital Wing*

I... what... did I hit my head that hard? How did I get here? WHAT DAY IS IT?? *fumbles for his journal to find out who won the last match*
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*lacing up his sports shoes, his BRIGHT orange legwarmers clashing horribly with his Gryffindor red*

Well done, Slytherin, for a glorious and well-fought battle... AND!! Congratulations to Ravenclaw House for their WIN!!! Don't look now, Rinali, because after this match, you'll be up against ME!!! *THUMBS-UP*

Good thing we have a trained mediwitch on the premises.... *winces*
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Private )

Filtered to Tenten )

Professor Conrad!! Thanks a MILLION for straightening out all those dueling customs -- the knowledge saved my life at least twice this weekend! And THAT, boys and girls, is why you should study history with a vengeance -- if you don't understand the nuances of other cultures, what you don't know is likely to come back and BITE YOU.

Speaking of which, it does my heart good to see such enthusiasm over the sporting events that are coming up. After this cold, sedentary winter, it's time to get your blood pumping and your eyes shining again... and then you can set to your studies with renewed vigor!

..And. LEE. Have you settled in with your revised class schedule yet? Now that we are both representing Gryffindor for Sports Day, we have to make time for training as well! With hard work and zealous dedication, there is NO WAY WE CAN LOSE!!!
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*sitting at the staff table as the list of program participants is read out... mouth drops open as the name of the Gryffindor representative is read*

*and guess who cheers loudest and longest for Rock Lee?*

[[Failcomputer is being fail, and I'm also traveling again; please bear with me if my response time is down over this weekend. ;_;

Moar importanter stuff to follow once computer ceases being FAIL.]]
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..All right, who turned the world upside down!? >O

And why is there a little symbol floating below my head?? :[

HAH!! 8D It must be an April First joke!!! \o7 Ahahahaha, the things people come up with!!! ^__^d Although if Professor McGonagall ever finds out who turned her hair pink, I don't give much for the poor bloke's chances.... x_X

[[Private note to Lee: attached]]
[[Private note to Lee's mum: dispatched by owl]]
[[Private Howler to Dumbledore: will unfortunately be opened in his office, out of sight]]


An assignment over the weekend... I should have expected it after this dry spell. There will barely be enough time to get there from this week's last training session in London. But this is not a good time to leave Lee alone.....

..Life would be simpler if nobody had to pay bills. Or if there were no international crime lords to chase around the world.

But then... life would not be such a CHALLENGE!!!!


[[Yet another victim of Watari -- as well as an unknown prankster. Feel free to spot Gai walking briskly on the ceiling, or even to take credit for this particular prank, though gravity reversal is probably a higher-level bit of magic. XDDD]]


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