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..This has gone on for long enough. It was a tempting job when I took it, but what's happened has made everything clear.

[[Filtered to Noin]]

How are you finding the classes?

Meet me at the Quidditch shed tomorrow after the morning session. There is something we must discuss.


[[Filtered to Hufflepuff House and away from Minato]]

I am overwhelmingly proud of the magnificent outpouring of fellow feeling you have all shown for your fellow Hufflepuff in this crisis. Loyalty is the true measure of what we stand for -- not to our House, not to blood status, but to those who are most precious to us -- and all of you have come through for Minato this week. *proud smile*

Now it is more important than ever not to let yourselves or your friends fall into danger. If you are worried about someone, find one of us and let us help. If you are afraid, come to me or to your Defense teachers and learn to be strong. The best thing you can do now is not to hide, nor to lash out, but to raise yourselves up, to become strong, competent wizards with no need to fear the darkness. And if there is any way I can aid you in learning to lift that load, tell me, and we shall become strong together!


*may be seen, after hours, patrolling the grounds as he did last year, and heaven help the wrongdoer who falls into his hands*

[[Strike not hackable. This should have been up, and is thus backdated to, Wednesday, but Stuff Came Up. *bricks RL*]]
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